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Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body Reviews

In this article, Old School New Body Reviews, I give you exactly that – a review of a popular workout program aimed for men and women that are on the other side of 35 and help to them obtain and maintain a desirable and healthy physique and youthfulness.

Let’s rock and roll and get on with reviewing this rather popular workout Program.

Old School New Body Reviews

Product: Old School New Body Youth Enhancing Body Shaping System for Men and Women

Price: $20

Guarantee: Yes, 60-day full money back guarantee.

My Rating: 9.3/10

Best Place to buy:

Good For: Ideal for all men and women who need to diet, lose weight and get in shape. Getting in shape and losing                          excess body weight and fat helps to improve your quality of life, sex drive and erectile function and                                 firmness as well as lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and improving blood flow.

Old School New Body Reviews

Old School New Body Product Overview

Essentially speaking Old school new body is a fitness and workout program for us adults that are no longer spring chickens, but not quite old roosters yet! to say, those of us that are  mid 30’s and beyond.

The Product owners Steve Holman and his wife Becky created the program to assist people in getting into shape quickly and more importantly safely.

I’m pretty sure you will agree that the safely is just as important as quickly. It is pretty much based on an age-old tried and tested formula of eating healthily, exercising regularly and consistently, and getting enough good quality sleep.

Old School new body focuses mainly on the second part – exercising regularly and consistently as well as edging into the dietary aspect of eating correctly and healthily.

I make no secret of it here that I am a huge fan of proper nutrition and getting the right nutrients in our body to help us in various aspects and conditions related to erectile dysfunction and to help turbocharge the herbs we are using by giving them a sound platform to work from.

Old School New Body Reviews

Reasons to push past excuses! Don’t be an excuser!

And when it comes to sleep, this is very important as insomnia and poor sleep quality can actually cause ED and bring about a downturn in our sex drive and performance, – I’m pretty sure you have all heard the expression “too tired to f*ck!” at least once!

Besides, when we sleep, this is when our testosterone producing factory switches on!

What is F4X?

The core of old school new body is based around a system called F4X, which simply means Focus on Four Exercises, (yes, just 4 exercises!). These are the four essential exercises that are the most effective for obtaining that new body and getting in shape.

Of those four essential exercises, I had to cheat with one, the squats. That is simply due to my road accident and having my knee completely rebuilt and unable to extend it beyond 105 degrees without snapping it! With this limited movement, I am unlikely to build much in the way of quads anyway.

However, If I can adapt to the program and adjust accordingly and use that quad pressing machine at the gym, then you can too.

Plus point is my knee is actually a little bit stronger and on the other leg very much so. I could only really workout using one leg to maximum effect.

The other exercises presented no particular issues or problems, except the use of the instructor or friend as a spotter for safety purposes as one exercise involves a particular type and style of pressing.

The training is very well broken down into three phases, which include the easy to follow and easy to do 4  exercises. Those three phases are based around what most people’s goals for the program, which are: Lean, Shape and build.

Regardless of which program you follow none of them take more than 60 mins to complete. The lean workout program is 30 min workout 3 times per week. Which is great for us who are limited time wise due to leading busy lives and hits that sweet spot of 30mins minimum of workout time, to increase your nitric oxide levels and thus helping to enhance your erection quality.

Old School New Body Reviews Reviews

Old School New Body is aimed at helping people of all ages.

Old School New Body Product Reviews, The Pros, And The Cons

To give a quality and balanced review it is very important for the reviewer to talk about what they liked and did not like in regards to a particular product. This allows the reader to make their own and better-informed decision about the product.

The Pros

What I liked about Old School New Body.

  • Top quality workout plans that are easy to do and follow as well as being time efficient – half an hour for lean, three-quarters of an hour for shaping up and an hour for building and bulking up.
  • Lasting results with only four exercises!
  • Very affordable at only $20 special offer!
  • Great for all ages and young, middle-aged and older. Good for Women as well as men and is  very easy on the joints, no impact training at all. I got a seriously bust and rebuilt left knee and hip, I experienced no pain from performing the workouts.
  • The diet plan is very interesting and informative. It is also very effective and easy to follow
  • The Additional Free bonuses of the reports and interviews add value and help to keep you focused on your goals.
  • Money Back Guarantee! Nice for peace of mind. I seriously doubt that you will ever need to use it!
  • The keep the drive alive free bonus ebook is well worth the price of the entire product alone. Essentially it is about keeping that spark and sex drive in your relationship. Some nice anti-wrinkle anti-ageing tips in that book also!
Old School New Body Reviews

Free bonus book well worth the price of the entire product alone.

The Cons

What I did not like about the Old School New body Program.

  • Supplement information is average, at best! There is far better more detailed on here!. Use the search facility on this site for more detailed information about some of the herbs mentioned in the book after you purchase the product for greater clarity on how they work and interact with your body – and where to get them with a 365-day money back guarantee!
  • Although the exercises are very easy to follow there could have been some additional photos or images – better still link out to videos for greater clarity.

My Verdict

9.3/10  Buy It And Try It! As a workout plan to be used to get lean, get in shape and to bulk up and increase muscle I consider Old School New body to be first class and evidently effective. I have noticed and can see some nice results both physically and numbers wise after using for almost 3 months now.

I’m down 6kg (about 13 pounds, one stone) and strength wise the numbers are significantly up.

And I am looking much better for it.

Working out losing excess body fat and getting in shape is important for not only your general health but can help you to improve your erectile function as it is a cause of erectile dysfunction and a number of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, poor circulation and high blood pressure which can all lead to erectile dysfunction.

I suggest that you try the old school new body program to get you in shape, banish the bedroom blues and get back those excellent erections!

Old School New Body Reviews

If you have and Questions About Old School New Body Reviews, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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