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Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review – Can It Improve Your Erections?

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review – Can It Improve Your Erections?

In this article, Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review, I do exactly that and review that very product in terms of its relationship and potential to help men that are experiencing erectile difficulties.

Despite the fact that the manufacturers Zhou nutrition don’t particularly target the erectile dysfunction market with their range of products and supplements, some of them are extremely well formulated for helping men with erectile difficulties and problems.

Principally speaking the target market for Zhou Nutrition and their supplements is the bodybuilder and gym enthusiast that is seeking greater gains down the gym in terms of performance, fat loss and of course muscle mass!

If you want to know If Zhou N.O Nitric Oxide Supplement could help your erectile dysfunction, keep reading to find out more!

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review

Zhou N.O Nitric Oxide Supplement Review with L Arginine, Citrulline Malate, AAKG and Beet Root - Powerful N.O. Booster and Muscle Builder for Strength, Blood Flow and Endurance - 120 Veggie Capsules
List Price: $24.60
Price: $24.60
Guarantee: Yes!
My Rating: 9.4/10
Dosage: Take 4 vegetable capsules daily.
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: This product could be ideal for men who’s principal cause of poor or weak erections is due to or principally caused by low nitric oxide levels, poor circulation and poor blood flow.

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review – Product Overview

As previously stated this particular company does not specialise nor target the male sexual dysfunction market in any way at all. Their target market is indeed gym bunnies and health and fitness enthusiasts.

This gives us the lovely bonus of 100% discreet products that give away absolutely no clue whatsoever that we could be using their products to help to correct and improve a male sexual disorder such as erectile dysfunction.

Being available and sold on amazon you can also rest assured that the product is delivered discreetly also. Absolutely nobody at all will know what is inside the very familiar manilla coloured amazon box.

The Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement contains 4 effective and proven ingredients that could help you to improve your circulation and the flow of blood to your penis which may very well result in better and harder erections for you.

Of those 4 ingredients, there are two different forms of the amino acid L Arginine, the amino acid L Citrulline and Beetroot.

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review

The 4 Effective Ingredients In Detail

Let’s now talk about the 4 ingredients in this product in greater detail and explain their functionality and modus operandi in relation to how they could help to improve your circulation, health and of course, lead to better and harder erections!.

L Arginine HCL: This is a borderline essential or conditionally essential amino acid that has a number of health benefits including improved circulation and delivery of nutrients all across your body to where they are needed most and is VERY good for your heart and circulatory health as well as your kidney health.

It’s function comes from the L Arginine getting converted into Nitric Oxide, which medics have dubbed the miracle molecule. The conversion into Nitric Oxide (or N.O for short) by an enzyme that is released by the endothelium, the smooth muscle lining veins and arteries that open and close them.

That enzyme is appropriately called the endothelium Nitric Oxide Synthase enzyme (or the eNOS enzyme for short).

Nitric Oxide is a molecule that improves circulation, blood flow and helps to regulate blood pressure [1]. Thus directly augmenting the amount of nitric oxide in your body has an effect that improves your circulation.

It is also good for detoxifying your kidneys of Ammonia, which could result in better kidney health and of course greater production of testosterone as the adrenal glands which are also responsible for the production of the male sex hormone sits directly on top of your kidneys.

Perhaps this is the very reason as to why in Traditional Chinese Medicine they place particular focus on kidney health and Jing energy which is located in the kidney area when dealing with male sexual dysfunction and issues.

In high doses L Arginine is associated with the stimulated production of the human growth hormone and in quantities of 6-12 grams daily for 6 to 12 weeks is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, helping men to obtain harder and better quality erections! [2].

In a Hydrochloride (HCL) format, L Arginine is easier absorbed by your body.

L Arginine AKG: L Arginine AKG  is not quite the amino acid L Arginine as such but a salt of it.  The AKG stands for Alpha ketoGlutarate. AKG is a medium in the citric or kerbs cycle and the metabolism of Nitric Oxide, which is one of the principal ways in which your body produces energy.

It is often used for disorders of the intestinal tract and stomach and can also treat liver and kidney problems.

In your body Arginine Alpha-ketoGlutarate (AAKG) is separated into the two individual compounds L Arginine and Alpha KetoGlutarate and is comparable and akin to taking both of these substances separately.

The benefits of Arginine Alpha KetoGlutarate are increased strength, circulation and improved cardiovascular health.

L Citrulline Malate: Like L Arginine it is an amino acid and functions in a very similar way but in my opinion is slightly better than the aforementioned substance and works much better when used in conjunction with L Arginine as it assists to create more bioavailable L Arginine and for a much longer duration.

The result of combining both of these amino acids together is better and improved circulation and for longer!

In your body as much as 80% of L Citrulline is converted into bioavailable L Arginine and then the eNOS pathway as described above takes over and the circulation enhancing compound Nitric Oxide is produced.

L citrulline—>L Arginine—>Nitric Oxide.

Using both these conditionally essential amino acids together could very well result in greater kidney, liver and heart health as well as improved circulation and harder, longer lasting erections.

L Citrulline Malate is a better form of L Citrulline due to the fact that the malic acid that is added to the compound enhances the absorption of the amino acid in your body and helps your body to use more of it.

Beetroot: Beetroot is a vegetable that you ought to get a heck of a lot more of as it is one of those vegetables that are high in nitrates, which is a compound that can help to improve your circulation by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in your body by means of the nitrate-nitrite pathway.

When you eat beetroot or any food high in nitrates, the nitrates get converted into nitrite. This conversion takes place in your mouth, thanks to friendly healthy oral bacterias., then in your stomach, the gastrointestinal bacterias convert nitrite into nitric oxide the very substance and molecule that improves your circulation and could help you to get more rigid erections.

Peak amounts of nitric oxide occur around 3 hours after consuming beetroot or other similar foods high in nitrates.

Sidebar: Good oral health could reduce the conversion of nitrates to nitrites and thus inhibit you from achieving peak nitric oxide levels as the use of regular or alcohol based mouthwash could destroy the good as well as the bad oral bacterias.

I recommend replacing your regular mouthwash with the age old natural method of maintaining oral hygiene of using coconut oil (best natural or organic and extra virgin) and oil pulling.

Oil pulling is essentially using Coconut oil as a mouthwash and swishing it around for 2mins. The result, a nice clean mouth, fresh coconut scented breath and NOT destroying the friendly oral bacterias that you need to convert nitrates into nitrites.

To freshen breath you can always suck on or chew the nitrate rich parsley! which is very well known as a natural solution for halitosis!

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement

Beetroot could be very effective at helping to raise your nitric oxide levels and help you to get better and harder erections.

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review – The Pros

What I Liked about Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement:

  • It is very affordable to use on a continued and on going basis
  • It is certified as GMO free and manufactured using good manufacturing practices (GMP) at an FDA approved facility.
  • It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • It is highly rated on Amazon and well reviewed by verified buyers.
  • It is a natural product consisting of amino acids and beetroot which are proven to raise nitric oxide levels.
  • It could very well lead you to better erections and an improved performance in the bedroom!

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review

The Cons

 What I did not like about Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement:

  • May not be suitable for men using medication to treat high blood pressure as this product may interact negatively with the meds and cause severe low blood pressure.

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review – The Final Verdict!

9.4/10 Buy It And Try It!. Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement is very well designed and formulated with two different forms of an amino acid L Arginine that is very well documented to improve your circulation and nitric oxide levels.

It is coupled with L Citrulline, which researchers have proven can increase quantities of bioavailable L Arginine, a form much easier for your body to use, and to prolong the availability of L Arginine for conversion into the blood flow enhancing nitric oxide.

Add to this the addition of the nitrate rich beetroot and your N.O levels have a sustained peak, a sustained high level. If poor circulation and blood flow are at the heart or root cause of your sexual dysfunction I highly suggest that you buy Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement to help you to get harder, better erections and regain your sex life!.

Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement Review

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If you have any questions regarding this Zhou N.O Pro Nitric Oxide Supplement, leave a comment below and I will get right back to you as soon as I can.

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