Recommended products

Recommended products

This page is simply to make this site a little bit more user-friendly and aid you, the reader and visitor to find with greater ease the recommended products that I recommend that you try in order for you to make significant inroads to improving and curing your erectile dysfunction.

My top-rated all-in-one herbal formulas for Erectile Dysfunction

The products listed below are my top rated and highly recommended herbal formulas for helping you bring life back to your nether regions.

Proenhance Patch: A natural herb based male enhancement patch recommended by Doctors, Ideal for those who forget to take supplements. Simple patch based system that you place on the stomach and replace every 72 hrs.

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Vigrx Plus: Quite a stunning formulation of 9 herbs that deals with a number of the underlying causes of Erectile Dysfunction in men. Designed for on going use and can reverse blocked arteries and high blood pressure. Can lead to reversing of your erectile dysfunction if taken long term. Great for your lady as it can help her to orgasm more easily.

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My Top Rated Testosterone Boosters

The products listed here are powerful testosterone boosters and libido enhancers that can bring back an extra vitality and energy. If Low T is your problem, these bad boys may very well be your answer!

Pine Pollen Powder: An immensely powerful superstar of the herbal and nutritional world. 200+ nutrients including all the vitamins and minerals required to increase your testosterone levels as well as 4 types of the male sex drive hormone Testosterone and all 20 amino acids!

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Pine Pollen Tincture: Very powerful natural hormone replacement therapy, much more potent than the Powder form, the difference between the two is that the tincture is a more direct testosterone boost while the powder is much more nutritional based.

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Tongkat Ali: A renowned Asian super herb that is a potent testosterone booster and libido enhancer that is effective in treating erectile dysfunction and enhancing female libido too.

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Horny Goat Weed: Not a testosterone booster as such but does mimic testosterone in the “cojones”. Works in a very similar way to Viagra. Said to make the “mushroom head” of the male genitalia more sensitive during sex. Said to be effective for female libido enhancement also.

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My Top Rated Nitric Oxide Boosters.

Nitric Oxide enhancing supplements are a must for men with low Nitric Oxide levels, increased nitric oxide leads to improved erections and erection quality due to enhanced blood flow.

L Citrulline: A naturally occurring amino acid that is a precursor to L Arginine which in turn gets converted into nitric oxide. Great for cardio health and liver and kidney detox.

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L Arginine: like L Citrulline, L Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid which helps to boost nitric oxide levels and enhances blood flow by means of vasodilation. Also great for cardio health as well as kidney and liver detox.

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My Top Rated Dopamine Elevators

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the feel good factor and of course sexual arousal. Elevated dopamine levels improve sexual desire in both sexes. Also Excellent for lowering stress levels.

He Shou Wu: A herb uses in traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries that has many uses and not just for enhancing of sexual desire and sex drive,  improving erectile dysfunction. It works by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down Dopamine, increasing testosterone and elevating nitric oxide levels.

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Mucuna Pruriens: A herb from the Indian Herbal System of Ayurvedic Medicine. Contains the Amino Acid Levodopa which directly increases dopamine levels. Mucuna Pruriens also increases testosterone levels making it highly effective at increasing your sex drive.

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