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A Vigrx Plus Review

A Vigrx plus review

 A Vigrx Plus Review

In this article, appropriately titled “A Vigrx plus review” I will review a product by that very name and investigate if it can or can’t help sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction.

If this product works I will explain why and how it works and more importantly, for which type of ED sufferer this is for.

Like any other medical condition erectile dysfunction is not a one size fits all universal treatment for everyone – even though the manufacturer of chemical alternatives will have you believe so.

What type of treatment that is ideal for you will depend on what the underlying cause or causes of your dysfunction are.

It is the philosophy of this blog to identify the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and help sufferers to best select what can best help them.

What works for John, may not work for James, and what works for James may not be so effective for John or Harry.

With no further a due, let’s get on with A Vigrx plus review!

A VigRx Plus Review – The Product Details

Product: Vigrx Plus A Vigrx plus review

Price: From $76.99 for one month supply to $489.99 ($40.83 per month) for bulk buying.

Guarantee: yes! no questions asked 67-day money back guarantee, just return the empty packets.

My Rating: 9.7/10 See below to find out why!

Best place To Buy: VigrxPlus.Com  

This Is Best For: Sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction who’s condition is caused by low testosterone, poor blood flow, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low sex drive. General multi-purpose herbal formulation effective for premature ejaculation also.

 A Vigrx Plus Review

A Vigrx Plus Review: What is Vigrx Plus?

Vigrx plus is an improvement upon a previous product, Vigrx, with an updated improved formulation with three new ingredients added to increase the effectiveness of the already popular male enhancement supplement that is aimed at sufferers of erectile Dysfunction.

The new formulation has Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris and Bioperine added to the already successful formulae. The total number of herbs in Vigrx Plus is 9, which are Panax ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Damania, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Horny Goat Weed and Bioperine

About The Herbs

It’s rude and rather incomplete to give a Vigrx plus review and not give some information about the herbs in the product’s formulation.

Panax ginseng: This is known also as Korean Ginseng, Red Ginseng or Panax ginseng. It is important to realise that not all ginsengs are the same, the different ginseng’s, principally speaking American and Siberian are effective for different conditions.

Peruvian ginseng (Maca) and Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha) are not actually part of the ginseng family. Panax ginseng is an adaptogenic herb meaning it can treat a number of conditions including lower stress, regulate blood sugar levels, help to lower high blood pressure as well as regulate and naturalise hormone levels.

Panax ginseng has been proven in clinical trials to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

A Vigrx plus review

A ginseng plantation in Northern Malaysia

Saw Palmetto: The jury is out on this. Some studies in Europe suggest that Saw Palmetto is effective in treating enlarged prostate and is an accepted medical treatment in Germany.

Studies on both sides of the Atlantic have shown the herb to be just as effective or slightly less effective than Proscar, the Pharmaceutical treatment for enlarged prostate.

Scientists after nearly 50 years of research are not yet 100% sure on how Saw Palmetto works. It is thought that Saw Palmetto blocks the body’s production of the “girlie hormones” estrogen and proestrogen and somewhat blocks and reduces the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT for short).

For Erectile Dysfunction this can be effective as the levels of erection inducing and sex drive enhancing hormone, testosterone, can be increased due to the inhibition of the conversion process of testosterone into DHT and the reduction of estrogen, making less estrogen available to bind to free testosterone in the blood.

Hawthorn Berry: Very high powerful antioxidants which help to prevent as well as reduce the damage caused by free radicles. It has been shown in lab studies that Hawthorn Berries can help to prevent the build-up and the formation of plaque in arteries and veins.

Hawthorn Berries can improve the flow of blood and lower blood pressure. Importantly, these berries are good at lowering the levels of the bad LDL cholesterol.

With high blood pressure, poor circulation and cholesterol being potential causes of Erectile dysfunction I’d say that Hawthorn berries are a nice effective part of the formula of Vigrx Plus.

A Vigrx plus review

Hawthorn berry, very good for overall health

Ginkgo Biloba: Great for retinal damage, depression, Alzheimer’s, mental clarity and male impotence. Very good for circulation, in particular, circulation of blood to the brain.

Good for clearing blocked blood arteries. In the case of helping with erectile dysfunction, 50% of patients treated with Ginkgo Biloba reported an improvement after 6 months use. This is likely due to 1) improved circulation and 2) clearer arteries allowing for better blood flow.

A Vigrx plus review

Leaves from the Ginkgo Biloba tree

Damania: Very well known in Central America as a sexual stimulant for both sexes and is, in fact, is reported to increase a woman’s ability to orgasm (nice!).

It works by stimulating the intestine and brings oxygen to the genitalia in both men and women, it is said, in men, to bring extra stimulation all the way to the “mushroom head” and not just the “mushroom stalk”.

Long-term use can result in improved sexual fitness and sexual performance. (Freaking nice addition to the formula or any formula for erectile dysfunction if you ask me!)

Tribulus Terrestris: One of bodybuilder’s and gym bunnies favourite herbs for building muscle. Tribulus Terrestris is used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine to enhance male sexual potency.

Not only a testosterone booster but and enhancer of androgen receptors in the brain allowing for the androgens to be much more effective.

Bonus for masculine sexual performance is that it is also an effective treatment for premature ejaculation. Definitely, a very well thought out addition to the original Vigrx formula.

Muira Puama: Brazillian Viagra! straight from the Amazon as it is known. Studies by the UCLA School of Medicine confirmed that this “Amazonian Viagra” stimulates the production of the sex hormone in both men and women as well as increasing blood flow to the “nether regions” making it very effective for men to obtain stronger erections and women to climax more freely.

Two separate studies in France proved that Muira Puama to be effective as a sexual stimulant that improves sexual function and sex drive.

Horny goat weed: A known sexual stimulant that works in a similar way to Viagra, by blocking the PDE 5 enzyme thanks to the active ingredient Icariin.

The all important Nitric Oxide, which is essential for obtaining an erection, is broken down by this evil enzyme PDE 5 but thankfully the Icariin found in horny goat weed reduces the possibility of that happening by inhibiting PDE 5. This is how Viagra works.

Gym bunnies and bodybuilders use it to increase testosterone but it is not so much a testosterone booster but a testosterone mimicker as it mimics testosterone in the gonads.

A Vigrx plus review

Horny goat weed taking effect?

Bioperine: This comes from the black pepper and is used to increase metabolism and enhance the bodies ability to absorb the nutrients we put in. This in itself means the efficiency of the herbs in Vigrx Plus are increased allowing the manufacturer of supplements that contain Bioperine to create products of greater quality and effectiveness.

 A Vigrx Plus Review – The Pros And The Cons

To give a good open honest product review, for any product the reviewer is duty bound by their readers and their own integrity to talk about the good and the bad aspects of a product that he or she did not like.

Let us get started with the cons.

The Pros

Now there is a lot of things I like about Vigrx Plus principally speaking

  • The formula for the herbs used is very good, VERY good!
  • designed to be effective long term use and beneficial for long-term health
  • Clear your arteries and help prevent heart problems later!
  • The manufacturer clearly thought about the main causes of ED and designed the product around those causes
  • Increases testosterone levels
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Regulates hormones
  • Enhances libido (both sexes)
  • Free shipping!
  • Increases sexual pleasure  (both sexes)
  • Lowers levels of bad (LDL) Cholesterol.
  • Price structure and bulk buying option more you buy the more you save.
  • 67-day risk-free guarantee. Try the product for 67 days if you are not happy return the empty packets.
  • Proven by clinical trials to be effective! (See this link for details of the study)
  • Herbal and Chemical free!
  • Approved By Dr. Steven Lamm
A Vigrx plus review

Solid 67 day (2 month+) guarantee.

The Cons

Now, there is not much in the way of major negative points related to this product as the formulation is very good.

They, the manufacturer could have done with adding in a naturally occurring estrogen blocker to stop any free testosterone level gains being eaten up (bound to) any excess estrogen in the body. However, this is easily overcome by the solution above, by consuming a green smoothie consisting of cruciferous vegetables.

Expensive to try just one or two months supply, which works out at $77 and $72 per month respectively.

But savings do occur for bulk buying and the product is clearly designed for long term use and long term results. The price comes down considerably when buying in bulk to $40.83 when purchasing a 12 month supply which works out at $1.36 per day compared to $2.56 per day for one month supply.

My Verdict

9.7/10. Buy It And Try It!. It’s a winner!

This herbal product for erectile dysfunction is incredibly well thought out, designed and researched. While doing my homework in writing a Vigrx Plus Review I, wholeheartedly and honestly never expected it to be loaded with so many herbs known to be effective in treating different areas and causes of sexual dysfunction in men (and indeed women!)

There a few, if indeed if any other all in one herbal supplements on the market designed to help with blood flow, low testosterone, low sex drive, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, lowering  cholesterol, blocking  estrogen from binding with increased testosterone and enhancing nitric oxide levels and enhance sexual pleasure in men by delaying ejaculation and the ladies to orgasm by enhancing the sensitivity of her “hoo-ha!”

I was actually expecting this product to be overpriced expensive trash, (of which it is not). The old adage is true, you pay for the quality! But, in reality, it is not that expensive if you go for the bulk buying option of purchasing a 12 month supply.

Here is a great idea that can put the bang back into your relationship and get her off your back from nagging to on her back! try out a 12 month supply and share it with your partner!

In fact here is a 10% discount I found while doing my research. Just click the link below and enter the Discount code “Vplus10

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Don’t forget to add the coupon code “Vplus10” as shown below

A Vigrx Plus Review

Enter the coupon code “VPlus10” as shown to get a 10% discount

One of the real bonus of this particular product is that long term use has really positive effects for your cardio health, predominantly being because of lowered stress, cleaner and clearer arteries and lowering of high blood pressure.

If you are serious about beating your erectile dysfunction then I highly recommend that try Vigrx Plus.

 A Vigrx Plus Review

That concludes this article “a Vigrx plus review” I hope that I have delivered the details and information that you need to best decide if this product can be effective for you or not. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now

Talk soon


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