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Harder Erections Naturally Try These Simple Strategies

Harder Erections Naturally

If you are reading this article you are definitely looking for ways to get Harder Erections Naturally. In this article, I will share with you some really top tips and techniques that I personally use and absolutely swear by!.

These techniques work for me, and I sincerely do hope that they are just as effective for you as they have been for me, if not – even better!.

No meds, No blue pills. No Injections. Just working with nature to help you get harder erections!.

So go right ahead and set some hardwood goals and objectives, and stick to those goals until you achieve them and don’t give up!.

There are two halves to this article defensive and offensive!. In the defensive half I talk about stuff you may need to deal with or quit to help your sex life get better. The offensive half, the things you ought to do help you get those better and stronger erections.

Achieving Harder Erections Naturally


No masturbation, and shooting your load in way shape or form unless it is being caused or provoked by someone that is right there in the room with you. Self-love, it’s not doing your sex life any favour at all and I am pretty sure that the no fap crowd would agree with me on that.

Masturbation, just to add, has no benefit for your penis, in fact, it could damage and reduce your penile sensitivity particularly if you are:

  • Overdoing it – multiple times daily
  • Using the “Death Grip”
  • Doing it frantically, with too much vigour!.

Giving your penis a rest helps the nerves to regenerate and become more sensitive to touch. There you go one pretty huge plus right off the bat there, let alone the potential improvements in erection quality due to your nerves resensitizing.

On the issue of porn, yet cut that sh*t out! right out. I am pretty sure some of you have heard of P.I.E.D, which is Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction. Which is a recognised condition. And that also means that is genuine, real, not made up and that you can get help for it.

This is an area, where I personally can’t give any advise on as I am not knowledgeable on the subject at all. I am pretty sure that the guys and members over at the NoFap website can.

Be sure to give me and this site a shout out, as you never know how many more people could be helped with information on this site.

Or how many marriages and relationships saved!

Harder Erections Naturally

NoFap! If you have porn issue it is something you might want to reconsider!

On the subject of porn, I have never really quite understood it or got the fascination that some guys (and gals) have with it. There is nothing wrong with me or my sexuality or sex drive!. I am a red and full blooded and any man out there.

For me, I simply just see it for what it is.


Just a bunch of actors doing something to some kind of script or another related to sex acts and sexual fantasies. I’d rather have real sex with a real person than be a peeping tom watching fake sex!.

Besides, studies have shown that “self love” and porn results in a reduction in sexual desire [1].

And this one, reveals the link between digital pornography and sexual dysfunction [2]

If you want to increase your level of sexual desire, sort out that shaky hand and drop the porn!. When you do shoot your load, make sure it is inside your partner and not on some kleenex!.

Quit Smoking

As pleasurable as smoking may be, it is not doing your health any good at all!. Heart, Lungs, circulation…definitely easy to understand why smoking is a known and established cause of erectile dysfunction.

No actual health benefit are associated with the cancer sticks!.

These cancer-causing sticks are known to cause damage to your arteries and that alone doubles the probability of you suffering TOTAL AND COMPLETE Erectile Dysfunction!.

However, and perhaps a good reason to QUIT NOW! is that the damage can be reversed if you quit in your 50’s or earlier, you can expect to reverse the damage with some hard work, that is according to Dr. A Guay, M.D, who is the director of the well known and established Lahey Clinic in the state of Massachusetts.

Dr. Guay studied the measurements of nocturnal erections in 10 smokers suffering from ED who were of an average of 49 years old. He discovered that after only a single day smoke free a 40% improvement in the erection quality of the 10 subjects.

Researchers in Ireland from the Royal College of Surgeons found that the amino acid taurine helps to heal arteries that have been damaged by smoking.

This is understandable as 50% of your heart tissue is made from taurine. Taking taurine supplements provides your body with a nutrient that it needs to repair and regenerate itself. That is my just my understanding of what is going on there.

The amino acid taurine is something that our body produces on its own from the compounds methione and cysteine, but it is something you can help your body with by taking it as a supplement too. Taurine also helps your arteries to relax and therefore improving blood flow and circulation [3].

Furthermore, and confirming the use of this amino acid not only for heart health, it has the very handy ability to improve gonadal production of nitric oxide. To you and me, in layman’s terms that is greater blood flow to your balls. And better blood flow to your testicles could lead to an improved production of testosterone due to enhanced activity in the Leydig cells. [4], [5]

If you are a smoker, to help you get harder erections naturally quit!..and get some Taurine in your diet!. If you are not a smoker, taking taurine is still a good idea!.

Just as a side note, this is no excuse to go wild on the energy drinks, the excess caffeine would not do you any good and you won’t get enough taurine from that.

Harder Erections Naturally

Smoking? King Kong won’t be having much monkey love after his jammin’ session!

Lose Weight

Manage your weight better!. Use a BMI calculator if the result is around 25 or more, you will have enough excess lard to kill your erections. Excess body fat not only a sign of a poor circulation, it is an indication of excess estrogen!.

That extra body fat stores aromatase, which converts your testosterone into…estrogen!

Erection and sex drive destroying estrogen!.

Definitely not something that is good and healthy for your erectile function.

Thankfully though, moderate weight loss can help you to reduce body fat and thus excess estrogen levels and help you to get your sex life back. Losing 10% of your body weight can help to improve erectile function.

Check Your Meds!

Make a list of all the prescribed pills you are a popping, study them and consult with your GP in regards to their effects on your penis.

Many prescription drugs have been associated and connected to sexual difficulties. One particular culprit is statins, particularly Zocor. You GP. may be able to recommend alternatives.

Avoid The Sugary Goods!

Other than becoming a monk and taking your vows, contracting diabetes is one of the fastest routes to a lifestyle of celibacy!. A massive 50% of all male sufferers of diabetes are completely impotent.

Diabetes strongly strikes your manhood with a double strike!. It speeds up arterial disease and slows down the transmission of stimulation (stimuli) of the nerves all over your body.

Trust me, a numb manhood is not something that you want!.

Staying in shape, managing your sugar intake, and regular exercise is the most effective way to avert being struck down with diabetes. Talk to your family GP about that!. Personally, I use a glucometer to measure my blood sugar levels…and I am not diabetic!.

Prevention as they say, better than the cure!.

Besides the dangers of diabetes, studies do exist showing that sugar has a negative impact on testosterone levels!.

Learn To Manage Your Stress Levels

When you lead a life stressed out it is going to hit your sex life hard!…and exactly where it is going to hurt you the most!.

Increased level of the stress hormone cortisol in your system plummets your testosterone levels and your sex life like a lead balloon!. It is also much more difficult for you to be “in the moment” with your partner when it comes to “sexy time”.

Managing and dealing with the major stressors that have a stranglehold over your life and your general and sexual health is a must for you.

If it is work related or related to all the overtime and extra hours you really need to sit down and ask yourself objectively if it is really worth it?. If it is related to colleagues at work, you need to deal with that and seek out solutions.

If it is your partner that is stressing you, sit down and talk it out, don’t go over the problems, but seek solutions. There is always a relationship guidance counsellor as an option.

Thankfully, there are a number of viable methods to deal with stress, including herbs, meditation, yoga and good old-fashioned chillaxing!.

Incidentally speaking, the better and greater of balance in your life that you have, overall the better you will feel and of course, perform when it comes to bedtime.

Less stress means more fun, more play and more socialising and less hustling, overtime and grinding!.

Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

As with managing your blood sugar levels, it is absolutely imperative that you manage your cholesterol levels. This is very important for your heart health and your penis health!.

The result of managing your cholesterol better is, of course, improved circulation.

Sometimes it can be confusing when you read and hear about cholesterol but let’s be clear on one main thing!. Zero cholesterol is not the goal! No cholesterol means no hormones as your body needs cholesterol in order to make hormones, including testosterone.

HDL cholesterol is the one you want more of. And LDL cholesterol what you want to reduce. A simple way of remembering the two are as follows:

HDL – Highly Desirable

LDL – Lowly Desireable.

Thankfully there are a number of ways of healthily and naturally managing cholesterol levels including eating a healthy diet and getting more fresh fruits and veg, switching out your white bread and rice for brown and wholemeal and eating less junk food.

Diet will only get you so far!.

You can aid your diet by taking supplements that are known to improve your cholesterol profile and take up regular exercise. Your heart, your sexual performance and your partner will thank you for it!.

Reduce High Blood Pressure

Another defensive measure that could help you to get harder erections naturally is to do something about that elevated blood pressure.

High blood pressure, very unhealthy for your heart, causes poor circulation and in extreme cases, death let alone reduce the quality of your erections and sex life.

Sure, this is something to discuss with your family Doctor.

Lifestyle and dietary changes are known to help. Including a healthier diet high in folates – eat your greens bro!. Also, there are health supplements that could help you to manage your hypertension, but under no circumstances should you take these at the same time as any medication that you may be taking as this could provoke your blood pressure to go dangerously low.

Regular exercise is also a great idea to aid both your high blood pressure and your erections!.

See a pattern here?

I hope you are!

Harder Erections Naturally

Hope you are paying attention this chart if you have high blood pressure

Deal With That Insomnia!

Insomnia might seem to be unusual for some of you to see here but imaging being chronically fatigued and ” too tired to f*ck” not just once in a while but fatigued on a daily basis due to a lack of good quality sleep.

This condition does lead to a significant lack of quality of erections and the duration. It also leads to “untimely endings” to sexual intercourse.

Insomnia, unfortunately, leads to unfortunate conditions like stress, fatigue and elevated blood pressure. Perhaps more interesting for you is the fact that a lack of deep sleep results in a lowered production of testosterone. The very hormone that we require for sex drive and long lasting hard erections!.

That sleeplessness is something to deal with. Fortunately, I have never suffered from insomnia other than the occasional sleepless night!.

What works great for me is to eat a large meal, fill my belly and then off to sleep I go!.

Fortunately, there are a number of methods that could help you including herbs Ziziphus and ashwagandha, Stress-induced insomnia is deal very well with both of these herbs, particularly ashwagandha. Meditation and yoga and other relaxation techniques are something worth investigating and trying out.

If you drift off to sleep while meditating…well done!.

One thing to be careful with is sleeping medication, you do want to be aware of becoming addicted to them.

The positive part of managing insomnia is of course naturally harder erections and elevated testosterone levels.

Easy On The Alcohol!

Not being a killjoy here but you certainly, for the sake of your erections, sex life and quality of your orgasms want to keep an eye on your alcohol intake. I am pretty sure the words brewers droop and whiskey dick ring a bell with you!.

Well, overdo it and it won’t be your bell that rings!.

The effect of alcohol is even referenced by Shakespeare in Macbeth where it is commented that drinking aids the desire and takes away the performance!

Alcohol messes around with the flow of blood to your manhood.

To get a good quality erection, your blood vessels have to open up and allow more blood to flow into your penis and then close to keep your blood there, resulting in an erection.

Alcohol prevents your blood vessels from shutting which means that your blood can’t stay there and you just can’t maintain your erection.

Excess alcohol and alcoholism leads to all sorts of health conditions including poor circulation, increases stress, liver damage and elevated blood pressure, all of which lead you down the road to erection problems.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a beer or two, in moderation of course. And when you do, avoid those beers that are made with hops, you see hops are high in phytoestrogens – the plant worlds equivalent of female hormones!.

Which goes a very long way to explain why some of my beer drinking friends have some hooters of their own!.

Harder Erections Naturally

Easy on the alcohol, and switch out your hoppy beers for an IPA here and there.

Get Off The Couch!

I think that it is needless to say that an inactive lifestyle and that of the proverbial couch potato is not and has not done your erections any good at all!.

A sedentary and lazy lifestyle has been in a number of research studies proven to be a contributing factor in male sexual dysfunction [6]

Being a couch potato makes it much more difficult for you to control many of the factors that I have mentioned above, weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar to name but a few. Being sedentary is no good for your heart health and your circulation.

A little even moderate exercise such as a brisk walk can go a long way toward helping your overall health and sexual health.

Cut Out The Junk Food

Come on! You know this one was coming!. Telegraphed from a mile away!.


You know darn well that certain foods are unhealthy, mostly sugary and junk foods. The food that you should be getting less of for the sake of your sexual health are junk foods, fast foods, foods high in sugar, foods high in salt and canned foods.

Canned foods, just to add are high in BPA, which is known to cause erection problems. Just keep and eye on what you eat and think about how you could replace it and replace it with something healthy like fresh fruit and vegetables.

This is the final defensive play, time to get on the offence and do something, take action and help you to get harder erections naturally!.

Getting Harder Erections Naturally Playing Offensive!

There are days when your boner is your best buddy!. He’s ready, standing to attention and rock hard when you want him and need him to be and he puts in a great performance and is ready for some “overtime”.

Other days, he is rather like that office colleague on a Friday late in the afternoon. His performance is a little lazy, his mind is elsewhere and has the inclination to clock off early!.

I’m sure you catch my drift here!.

That sort of performance every now and again can’t be avoided. That is a simple fact of life.

When it becomes a frequent occurrence this is something that you definitely want to do something about. That is besides taking heed of the defensive strategies mentioned above. It is something that sadly does make your sex life less fun now, it has the potential to make your sex life much less fun later in the future.

Just to mention it, some of those defensive strategies that I had to go through myself, I found tough. Particularly the alcohol, diet and sedentary lifestyle thing!.

Step by step you will get there. I have faith in you!.

The problem with a poor sexual performance and erections is they, in the form of thought, have that awful tendency to linger in your mind in the form of perennial thoughts. It began as little physiological problem and became a psychological anxiety problem in regards to your next sexual encounter.

This could result in you experiencing much softer erections or much worse, full on impotence!.

Luckily the physical anatomy of the penis helps us to understand the physiological process of getting real hard erections.

This means that we have proven and established hacks for getting harder erections naturally that you can use starting from now so that your pocket rocket is fully erect and ready for blast off the next time you are ready to use it.

Harder Erections Naturally

Might be tasty, delicious and tempting, but it is also horrible for your health!

Drink Plenty Watermelon Juice

Research scientists in Italy published a study showing that L-Citrulline, the amino acid, helped 24 male participants that were of a mean average age of 57 years old, to get harder erections naturally [7]

All of the participants that took part reported problems in getting as well as maintaining an erection. All reported to have experienced improvements after taking L Citrulline.

When you consume L Citrulline, your body turns it into bioavailable forms of both L Arginine and L Ornithine. Your plasma arginine levels are far higher than taking L-Arginine supplements on their own [8].

Other studies have shown that L Citrulline has the ability to augment your levels of the circulation improving nitric oxide by as much as 30% with 66% increase of HGH (Human Growth Hormone). [9]. Arterial flexibility improved after only 7 days of taking the amino acid [10].

We can conclude that this amino acid helps to keep your erections hards. The reason is very similar to why and how Viagra is so effective. It helps to improve your blood flow across your whole body.

Including your penis!

Resulting in better quality and longer lasting erections. The very best and highest source of L Citrulline?

Yep! Watermelon.

More precisely, the rind!. So make use of it and wash the rink and make a juice or smoothie out of it!. It is actually quite nice to taste.

Personally, I have a whole watermelon daily, Nice large smoothie in the morning as one as a late evening snack. To make sure I do get that L Citrulline, I do add a scoop of it to the juice, particularly if and when “sexy time” is going to happen!.

Harder Erections Naturally

Try some watermelon juice on a regular basis and see how it helps to improve your condition.

Eat Foods High In Folates

As we have already established, improving your blood flow is important for you to achieve as well as maintain good quality hard erections.

Vitamin B9 or folate as it is also known helps to aid your circulation by preventing arterial plaque from building up by means of assisting your body to break down the fats and cholesterol that forms arterial plaque. It could even assist to remove arterial plaque deposits that have already been formed.

This helps to increase blood flow, and in turn, assists in the physiological process of obtaining a good quality erection [11].

It is the principal and active metabolite known as 5 methyltetrahydrofolate that augments your bioavailability of nitric oxide by eNOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthase) coupling and therefore improving your bodies production of the circulation improving nitric oxide [12].

Besides supplementation, which is something I do to make sure that I do get my folates you could get more of the folate foods in your diet.

Such Foods Include: Black-eyed peas, Spinach, Avocado, Asparagus, Lentils Lettuce, Broccoli, Oranges and Mango

Harder Erections Naturally

Mango! Delicious and one of my fave foods, a great source of folate.


A part of the defensive moves I suggested giving up porn and masturbation and for good reason – they can cause problems in regards to your ability to get good quality erections.

Getting an erection is, physiologically a very complex process. Your erections and dependent on the brain chemical, neurotransmitter and hormone dopamine. Something that is released by your brain when you are sexually excited.

It is by means of detecting the presence of this hormone that your body knows that it is time to start the process that gets your penis hard and fully erect.

Over a period of time the body, unfortunately, or not develops a tolerance to the hormone dopamine if you are spending too much time with a shaky hand! (you know exactly what I mean here!).

Jelquing is stretching and exercising your manhood without arriving at full climax. Similar to a technique called edging with the exception that it is done alone and with no objective of sexual pleasure involved.

Your body will produce some dopamine to get the process of an erection going but it floods your body like a tsunami with the feel good hormone when you are ejaculating….and then a surge of the sex drive and erection murdering prolactin after we fully orgasm [13]

And that is why the goal of edging and Jelquing is to not blow your load!.

Jelquing 3x weekly for a duration of 10mins maximum is said to actually increase our production of sex hormones and dopamine as well as our sensitivity to them, which ends up with us enjoying harder erections naturally and better orgasms.

Do Kegels

This is actually something that is pretty good for premature ejaculations and erectile dysfunction. These exercises are something that sounds easy to do but are actually more difficult than it sounds and easy to forget!.

I have tried, honestly but tend to forget about doing them.

Thankfully there are a number of devices that help us with that. Private Gym and K-Fit.

Kegels are, in the simplest way to describe them, exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor, the very muscles that are activated when you get an erection and hold them!.

Kegels are something that your lady friends and partner know all about.

The private gym and the K-fit device is something that I giving some serious consideration to myself due to the reported effectiveness. I am swaying in favour of the Private gym with add-on weights and with the device in sight, it will be hard to forget to do them!.


This is a well known alternative medicinal practice originating in the far east. It involves the insertion of needles to specific points in your body in order to manipulate you Qi, the flow of your energy.

And, don’t worry!. The needles won’t be inserted in your..ahem!.

I am sure that you have heard of acupuncture being used for a variety of purposes from quitting smoking (something you ought to do) to helping with anxiety, stress, migraines, and depression to name just a few.

It is also effective for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. In one particular study ,68.4% of the subjects who were treated for their erectile problems by using the Traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture experienced satisfactory results. 21% improved both their erection quality and the rigidity of them [14]

This traditional practice functions by the means of stimulation of the nerves and thereby supporting a release of hormones. Acupuncture also enhances the circulation of blood all over your body.

Including to your genital area!.

Keep in mind that it is entirely natural. Ideal for you if you are into homoeopathy, mindfulness, and holistic healing.

Harder Erections Naturally

Acupuncture could aid your sexual problems

Hit The Gym!

The hard and fast rule of hitting the gym to help improve your erectile function is cardio, cardio, cardio

….but don’t forget to lift some weight too.

Not only is cardio and working out in general great for your overall health it is great for your heart health. The great part is what is good for your ticker is also great for your penis.

Regular medium to high-intensity aerobic exercise improves your blood flow all over your body. 2 hours of high-intensity aerobic exercise daily for 3 months improves your baseline nitric oxide levels by 30%. That is a significant improvement of the very substance that enhances our erections!.

It only takes as little as 4 weeks to improve the baseline nitric oxide production [15].

Regular aerobic exercise also has the rather peculiar effect of increasing the levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD for short) [16] which is indeed the master antioxidant. This antioxidant can also repair any damage in your body and your penis!. It, SOD is also a PDE 5 inhibitor!.

That is how ED drugs work, Inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme.

You should not forget about lifting weights either, as good as cardio is for your heart and circulation it does nothing for your T levels!.

Lifting very heavy weights exercising all the major muscle groups in both upper and lower body helps to increase your testosterone levels naturally [17]. Do keep in mind that it is more effective when you workout both upper and lower body in the same session.

Stronger muscles, more endurance are most certainly going to help you to put in a much improved performance and harder erections naturally!.

All the more reason to ship up and get in shape!.

Harder Erections Naturally

Seriously, you ought to consider regular exercise due to the innumerous health benefits…and improved erections!.

Try Supplements

This is one of the better offensive moves that you can do in conjunction with any or all of the above strategies mentioned.

The great thing that I love about using herbs and natural compounds is that they can do a number of different things in regards our health and being herbs they have the ability to help with a number of conditions and just not a singular ailment.

Something that I take daily is Garlic, actually in the form of a tincture that I made myself using a whole bunch of aged garlic, slicing it up and using 40% (80% Volume) alcohol Vodka and take one dropper 3x daily sublingually. This is great for both managing cholesterol and improving circulation.

There are herbs that you can use to help manage blood sugar levels too, quite interestingly some of these herbs that do that particular job very well are great for raising testosterone levels.

Incidentally, sugar has a negative impact on testosterone levels, perhaps this is the very modus operandi or pathway in which makes some of those herbs effective at raising testosterone levels.

Also, supplements that are pretty good and proven to be effective at increasing your circulation by means of the Nitric Oxide enhancement.  Two of the very best circulation enhancers are indeed amino acids L Citrulline and L Arginine.

Between these two, I have the personal preference for L Citrulline and 3g 2x daily of the regular non-malate version. The reason being that L Citrulline functions by means of the same pathway as L Arginine and actually raises blood arginine levels greater than that of L arginine supplementation.

The malate version, makes it more easily absorbable by your system but 1.76g of malic acid is needed per gram of l Citrulline with most manufacturers having a 2:1 ratio. That, for a 3 gram dosage would mean 2 grams of Malic acid and just 1 gram of L Citrulline.

No thanks!.

Just give me the 3 grams of the regular L Citrulline, thank you very much!.

Boost Your Testosterone With Herbs

Definitely a strong offensive move and worthy of its own section!.

There are many herbs that have the potential to give your testosterone levels a serious boost, lets go over some of the best testosterone boosters right here.

  • Pine Pollen Tincture

This is definatly one of the strongest on the market as it does contain Phytoandrogens (Plant based androgens). And Plant based androgens are the plant worlds equivalent of testosterone.

You can certainly rely on pine pollen Tincture for increasing your testosterone levels.

  • Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a herb that I discovered on my trips and 2 years spent living in Malaysia where is it is a local herb used for a number of conditions, namely the restoration of sexuality in both sexes, stress, and increasing testosterone and many more.

It functions by means on stimulating your body, the leydig cells to produce more free testosterone for your body to use.

  •  Horny Goat Weed

As Testosterone Enhancer, Horny Goat Weed is one that is memorable for its name, and hopefully for you its results and effect for you. Actually, it is one in which I used with the above two herbs not as a stack but cycled. One day Pine Pollen Tincture, next day Tongkat Ali and the following day Horny Goat Weed.

The 4th day I go heavy on L Citrulline 3g 3x daily no testosterone herbs and then I repeat the 3 day cycle of herbs.

Just to add I normally take L Citrulline 3g 2x daily everyday except the day where I don’t take the herbs.

Horny Goat Weed, also know as Epimedium, functions not so much as a direct testosterone enhancer by a herb that mimics the effects of testosterone without actually augmenting your testosterone levels – which is pretty awesome in my book!.

It is also a very effective natural PDE5 Inhibitor, meaning it effectively replicates the way in which viagra works with the added bonus of a testosterone enhancement and a giving our sex drive a push in the right direction.

Harder Erections Naturally

There are a number of natural herbs known to help aid testosterone levels.

Natural PDE5 Inhibitors

A final step to consider in your quest for harder erections naturally is to check out and possibly use Natural PDE5 Inhibitors. This is the very pathway in which OTC erectile dysfunction drugs work.

And one such very effective herb for that is…

  • Damiana

This is an brilliant Brazillian herb that actually replicates not just  1 but 2 key and important aspects of those synthetic and very well known PDE5 inhibitors like viagra that make them so very effective at..

Getting you hard!

And in 1 of these aspects The herb Damiana out shines those synthetic little blue pills by very close to 200%!.

The action of this Brazillian herb that helps it to so effective is that it aids in the relaxation the very arteries that permit your manhood to fill with blood.

In this action, the herb, is able to obtain a 90% relaxation of those arteries [1].

Viagra, on the other hand is also able to help those same arteries to relax, but only by 46% relaxation!. 46% vs 90% in favour of Damiana, I know which one I’ll be choosing.

The other aspect and function, the natural Inhibition of PDE5 enzyme. Damiana herb matches viagra [2].


As they say, A picture speaks a thousand words!.

  • Black Ginger Extract

Being absolutely specific, Black ginger, not your regular run of the mill ginger.

It something that is difficult to find inside Thailand and South East Asia in general and almost impossible outside of this part of the world.

Thankfully we do live in a global society and can do some online shopping to find it much easier and get it delivered.

Zingiberaceae Kaempferia, is its proper name, and has beneficial effects in regards to cholesterol, testosterone and sperm quality – so much so studies exist indicating its potential use to aid infertile men [18].

It’s PDE5 inhibition is due to a flavonoid, dimethoxyflavone to be precise.

This is where black ginger gets its natural PDE5 inhibition qualities from, a flavonoid called dimethoxyflavone.

as a warning it does have an effect on your heart rate, thus if you are taking meds for your heart or have a heart condition you you ought to be careful and perhaps miss this one out.

As I mentioned above, Horny Goat weed falls also into the category of natural PDE5 inihibiors thanks in kind to its active compound Icariin.

This is bordering on an entirely new subject, I wrote about the best natural PDE 5 inhibitors here which you can read and refer to.

Get Harder Erections Naturally – The Conclusion!

If and when you in the act and things just ain’t happening – Don’t panic!. There is a lot that you can do about it.

First, take a proper good look at your lifestyle and is there something that you can stop doing or cut out then do it!. (defensive strategy).

Then start thinking about the offense – are there positive actions that you can take such as hitting the gym regularly? (ideagasm: Go with your partner, use to bond more with her!).

Is can you adjust your diet and get more of the healthy stuff?

What about supplements? Testosterone boosters are definitely something to consider as are natural PDE5 inhibitors

Do try and apply the defensive strategies and at least one if not more of the offensive strategies to help you to get harder erections naturally.

The important part is to take action and actually do something about your sexual dysfunction. If you don’t you are dicing with some problems later in life.

Take action and delay them.

If you have low T – do something about it! poor circulation the same!.

We are men, we take action,

We fix things, it is what we do!.

If you have any questions about getting harder erections naturally, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,




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