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A Man’s Worse Nightmare – Penile Atrophy! – Causes And How To Deal With It!

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally And Permanently

It is a sad and hard fact that all men have to deal with, two words we all though did not and darn well should not exist in the English Langauge Penile Atrophy!. 

The stuff of nightmares, and sheer terror for all living men – past and present!. It is true, very real and as heart breaking as it is for me to tell you it really does exist.

This article details…and I almost can’t bring myself to write the words, Penile Atrophy Causes and What Causes Penile Atrophy.

Keep reading and take any and all action required to deal with any penile shrinkage that you may be suffering from.

Penile Atrophy Causes

  • What Is Penile Atrophy?

As simple and horrific as it sounds Penile Atrophy is a reduction in the size of your penis which is caused by an extensive loss of your penile tissue.

Even though your penis can typically increase and decrease in length and girth during sexual arousal and extreme temperatures and so on.


Penile Atrophy is permanent. The muscle and tissue loss most often occurs due to a limited blood supply and flow to your manhood and other symptoms of erectile dysfunction are left untreated.

It is a strong case of use it…or lose it!.

So get using it lads!.

Penile Atrophy Causes

Do what it takes to stop or prevent your salami or pepperoni from shrinking

Reasons Why Your Penis Is Shrinking

Not something that us men are actually at all that willing to accept or admit to but it is a hard, solid and cold fact – You dick might be getting smaller!.

Here are some of the most common causes of penile atrophy – and I am not talking about cold showers here!.

  • Penile Atrophy Caused By Low Male Sex Hormone Levels

as we get older, our manhood gets smaller – plain old hard fact of life. As we age, our testosterone production reduces also, and a side effect of reduced testosterone production is not only smaller balls, testicular atrophy, as it is known…but a smaller penis too.

The very reason as to why your penis shrinks at the same time as your testosterone reduces is actually very simple to explain. Testosterone, as well as other key sex hormones, are vital for the restoration and health of your penis.

Without regular and high levels of testosterone and restoration, the muscles in your dick start to go into a state of atrophy [1].

A secondary consequence of reduced levels of the male sex hormone testosterone is a reduction in penile sensitivity and a penis that is less sensitive finds it more difficult to stimulate and get a good erection.

Not to mention the other negative effects of reduced testosterone production which include:

  • Higher cholesterol
  • Higher blood sugar levels
  • Arterial stiffening
  • Weight gain
  • reduced sex drive
  • irregular and disrupted sleeping patterns.
  • Reduction in energy and vitality
  • General moodiness..
  • Higher levels of stress hormones.

So, be warned if you think your T levels are low Do something about it. There are many natural ways of increasing your testosterone levels such as supplementing your diet with testosterone boosters.

  • Causes Of Penile Atrophy Increased Levels Of Stress Hormones

Stress, as I have mentioned on this blog, is absolutely horrible in regards to your sex life and getting good quality hard erections.

Elevated levels of the stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol have a reductive effect on your testosterone levels.


The reason is obvious, it is because our hormones are all about equilibrium, about being balanced, hormonally!. All the hormones we need as they serve a purpose. When we are happy, healthy and horny – something I call the 3 H’s of good hormonal health, we have the stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol running in our system.


when we are stressed out, our cortisol levels rocket sky high and our testosterone producing factory gets overrun, and in essence out of balance. As a consequence, it fails drastically to manage everything that it is designed to and our testosterone levels drop and your dick dies a little bit!

Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce stress hormone levels including meditation, yoga, and some very interesting herbs that you can learn about right here.

Penile Atrophy Causes

  • The Relationship Between Penile Atrophy And Arterial Plaque

Arterial Plaque, medically called atherosclerosis, is the build up of plaque on your arteries that lead to and causes cardiac arrest. As we age, the plaque builds up, reduces circulation and indeed leads to suffering from weaker erections.

This entire process of atherosclerosis happens all over our body. Even the tiny arteries in the penis. This leads to a reduced size in the area in which blood has to flow through, which in turn increases the time taken for the spongy tissue in your penis to fill with blood and thus much more difficult to obtain a good hard erection [2].

That build up of plaque builds up and solidifies on the walls of your penis and that spongy tissue….well… let’s just say that it is not so spongy and a reduced amount of blood gets trapped in the not so spongy tissue meaning your erection is not only softer…it is smaller too!.

  • Penile Shrinkage And Belly Fat!

As we get older and age, us men experience a decline in our testosterone levels, and we tend to experience an increase in belly fat. This is not just down to being lazy and darn bone idle!.

Of course, a lack of regular exercise and an unhealthy diet is a contributing factor!

The instant your testosterone levels go down your estrogen level go up, they tend to function in a see-saw fashion. Also, your metabolic rate slows, your quality of sleep goes down and you have a tendency of experiencing an increase in stress levels.

This results in us gaining more weight – Belly fat weight! Which sadly kick-starts a negative feedback cycle as far as erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels go.

You see,

As your belly fat increases so does your storage of estrogen, which in turn binds itself to androgens like free testosterone which then in turn lowers your amount of bioavailable testosterone.

And this is not exactly good news for testicular growth or the size of your penis!. Also as fat accumulates around your stomach, eventually as it keeps on accumulating it will pile on around your pubic area above the pubic bone.

Which give the appearance of your manhood getting smaller!.

Ladies, if you think you get off easy with belly fat…think again! Sadly, excess body fat is the number 1 cause of breast cancer!.

Penile Atrophy Causes

Seriously, you want to check that gut. More reason to go on a diet. 

  • Causes Of Penile Shrinkage – Foreshadowing

This is what I was touching on above and is very much a side effect of excess belly fat. Foreshadowing in a nutshell is when your penis appears to be smaller than it actually is due to your belly fat (actually fat on the pubic area) poking out and over your penis making it appear to be smaller than it actually is.

In the most extreme of cases, (and it does happen) the penis is very much hidden under or in the layer of fat.

Thankfully it is a pretty much an easy thing to fix. Go on a health kick, shed some weight by going on a diet and exercise regularly.

Also, that lifestyle change will help you to better erections

  • The Relationship Between Smoking And A Small Penis

You can indeed add Smoking to the list of penile atrophy causes And reasons to quit the cancer sticks!.

A study by a Stateside University’s Medical School (Boston University) on 200 male participants discovered a correlation between a smaller penis and smoking.

While a further trial by the same team revealed that smoking can indeed lead to erectile dysfunction, and quitting the habit improves erectile function [3]

So there you have it Smoking makes your penis smaller! And your dick softer!

Smoking cause erectile dysfunction by means of causing damage to blood vessels and thus reducing blood flow. Smoking also reduces nitric oxide production – the very molecule that is needed for good blood flow and erections.

In short, your blood flow is inhibited by 2 distinct ways.

As less blood flows to your penis your erection is softer and smaller, thus a relationship between smoking and penis atrophy.

Penile Atrophy Causes

Monkey see, Monkey do..but you ain’t gonna be makin’ monkey love – not with erectile dysfunction and a smaller penis and all….

  • Reduced Sexual Activity And Penile Shrinkage

Reduced sexual activity has been documented to indicate that the old phrase “use it or lose it” way of thinking is very much true. To obtain healthy, hard erections on a regular basis on a regular basis it is essential that you do actually get regular hard erections [4]

This is perhaps the reason as to why men who suffer prostate cancer do unfortunately experience permanent penile atrophy, caused by a lack of use as the soft tissue of their penis is healing.

The is no reason as to why the same cannot happen to otherwise healthy men who are not experiencing regular and hard erections.

The objective is to maintain the soft tissue of your penis soft and this requires regular hard erections. Irregular erections means the soft tissue of your penis actually hardens (and not in a good way) into collagen, which reduces its ability to fill up with and trap blood giving you an erection.

  • Causes Of Penile Atrophy Prostate Surgery

When you under go surgery there is always a risk! good gosh, I have been operated on countless times due to the road accident that I had – double figures!.

Sadly, the risk of prostate surgery is penile atrophy [5].

And significantly so, approximately speaking a full inch when fully erect and half an inch when flacid according to a study on 126 men, as reported by the Journal of Urology.

Sadly, this very much more of an expected result than an unexpected (and I’ll bet unwanted) effect of prostate surgery with other studies reporting 71% of patients that underwent surgery on their prostate experienced penile shrinkage.

As they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, of the two types of penile damage caused by prostate surgery only one will be permanent.

One of the causes is damage to your erection nerves making the contraction nerves have a better hold and more sawy of your penis that they really should have. It is very much like your penis thinks that it is darn cold always. This type of damage usually fades and completely over time.

The other type of damage is permanent.

It occurs due to the surgeon damaging the soft tissue of your penis in addition to the nerves. Whne this happens you experience no erections at all. No morning wood, no night time erections. Zero, nada!.

Nothing that keeps your penis fully nourished, maintained and in good working order. The result of which is there is no blood supply and while the soft tissue is undergoing the healing process, it goes into a state of atrophy, one of which it will not recover from.

Penile Atrophy Causes – The Conclusion

Penile Atrophy, two words that no man wishes to ever hear or wish on his worse enemy is very real, so much so that many studies have been conducted on it.

Many of the causes of penile atrophy are something that can be avoided or a man can take steps to avert and avoid with some simple lifestyle changes and taking herbs. Talking excess belly fat, low testosterone, sexual inactivity, poor circulation here. As you may have noted some of these lead to erectile dysfunction.

Definitely action steps that can be taken by any and every man on the planet to help them to avert and deal with penile atrophy and erectile dysfunction before it happens.

It all comes down to you..

What do you want?

A flabby belly and a floppy penis or a hard and healthy body and hard Penis?

I know which of the two that I am going to chose!.

I hope that this article helps you to deal with penile atrophy causes, if and when they occur.



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