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I’m Derek, I have created this site to help give men and their wife’s or girlfriends the hard facts about the soft truth. Erectile Dysfunction (or ED for short) is something that affects all men at some point in their life for various reasons be it age, lifestyle or hormonal issue  related.  In my case, after major trauma and many subsequent major surgical interventions (about 8 at the last count!)


In my personal experience I noticed the “soft issue”  when with a new girlfriend, the first relationship after having major surgery to rebuild my right leg after smashing it in a road accident, I happened to notice I was rather soft and my erections were not as rock solid as before.

I don’t think anyone should feel embarrassed about the issue that they have as everyone, even the best of us will be soft or a bit soft from time to time, some more than others. Just focus on the solution or potential solutions rather than the issue at hand (which works fine for me!)

Besides, We’re guy’s we fix things! it’s what we do!

In this site, I am aiming to get the real information out there, some of the products I will have personally tried and tested.

Sure, we can head down to doctors and get some blue pills but those have associated health risks also. And for sure I have tried Viagra, and Cialis, yep they work! I give you my word on that! My view on that easy solution is be careful as your body will build up a resistance, and lets be honest they can be expensive.

I do believe there are far better natural and herbal solutions out there. Lets work with nature, huh! the best we can! it’s the way to go!

At this time of writing, I am trying a new fantastic combination of meditation and Qi Gong that is working for me. Perhaps a great idea for men who’s situation* is psychologically rooted.

My issue is not Psychologically related but I am noticing I am harder and for longer, at times resembling “morning glory” that solid stiffy we get in the mornings!.

(* I say situation, because “problem” is a negative word,  using the word situation helps our conscious mind to think and to seek a solution instead of focusing on the “problem”)

A Little more About Me

I am 40 years old and been seeking solutions for  Erectile Dysfunction (impotence)  for the past 4 years. I am lucky enough to have retired early due to the above-mentioned road accident and I am currently traveling Asia and finding some lovely and unusual solution on my travels.

Did you know in Malaysia there is a herb that is commonly found in (put in) soft drinks and coffee that helps with ED and sexual performance?

_DSC6732 Whether you are a male or a female looking at this site, do feel free to make a comment or ask a question on any article you find. I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can.

Bye bye for now, and hope you enjoy the site.



Giving you the Hard facts about the soft truth!

Any questions Pop me a line at


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