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The Top 5 Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes And Harder Erections

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

The Top 5 Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes And Harder Erections

Do you think using Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes could help you to improve your erections? If yes, I am sure you must have noticed that the decline in your erectile abilities had coincided with the time you were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

However, most men are unable to recognize this hidden link between erectile difficulties and diabetes. They do not realize that they are losing their sex drive and the ability to get strong erections slowly and it all began with the rise in their blood sugar levels.

They are unable to overcome their sexual problems simply because their efforts are not aimed at removing the root cause.

If you have noticed the simultaneous occurrence of erectile problems and diabetes, you are on the right route towards regaining your sexual functions.

In this article, you will learn about the natural remedies for type 2 diabetes that could help you to control your blood sugar levels and thus, inhibit its effect on your sexual prowess.

Why Type 2 Diabetes Could Be Responsible For Your Erectile Problems?

Diabetes, as we all know, refers to a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels. And erectile problems occur when there is something wrong with your penis; either it has become weak or is not supported well by your sex hormones.

The effects and symptoms of these 2 diseases are so diverse from each other that it is difficult for you to even think that type 2 diabetes could be responsible for your erectile problems.

On the contrary, most men believe that if they have a high blood sugar level, they should be able to perform better in the bed as they have a higher amount of a readily available source of energy to use.

However, these assumptions are completely false! In fact, exactly opposite to what you think can happen with your sex life and erections when you have diabetes.

Let me explain the various ways by which type 2 diabetes, through its widespread effect on your whole body, can interfere with your erectile health as well.


Symptoms of diabetes to keep an eye out for!.

  • Reduces Your Body’s Defenses

Your body is designed to manage infections by stimulating the immune system when it encounters a dangerous pathogen. The immune cells attack and destroy the infective organisms and restore health.

However, this defence mechanism of your body goes weaker when you have type 2 diabetes. As a result, you are bound to suffer from repeated infections in various organs and tissues including your skin, penis, eyes, oral cavity, and so on.

Your penis is particularly affected due to a weakened immune system as the moisture in the region offers a favourable environment for the pathogens to survive and grow.

Hence, diabetic men tend to develop repeated infections in their penis making it weaker and scarred. [1]

The weaker penis fails to become erect during sexual intercourse. And the excess scarring reduces its ability to stretch and relax during intercourse.

Due to this, even when you feel sexually aroused, your penis fails to rise in length and girth. These factors linked to type 2 diabetes can make your erections less pleasurable and affect your sex life.

  • Causes Neuralgias

Type 2 diabetes can result in significant damage to your brain and nervous system. It can affect the ability of the nerves to carry impulses from your brain to your penis.

As a result, your penis does not get the instructions needed for an erection to occur through the nerves resulting in a failed intercourse! [2] [3]

Diabetes type 2

Diabetes is no laughing matter! It could lead to brain damage and damage of your central nervous system.

  • Makes Your Muscles Weaker

Your penis performs the main role during intercourse. But, just having a healthy penis is not adequate. If you want to enjoy intense orgasms; you also need to have stronger muscles to be able to penetrate deeper and hold your erections for longer.

When you have type 2 diabetes, this supportive role of your muscles is hampered due to which you may get an erection and have sexual intercourse; but it won’t be as pleasurable as you would like it to be!

  • Affects Adrenal Functions

All the hormones in your body are interconnected in their functions, productions, and release. If the production of one hormone is affected, either lowered or increased, it can have a cascading effect on the production and release of all other hormones in your body.

This can set your body in a state of disequilibrium, which is definitely not a good thing to have when you want to enjoy an active sex life.

Type 1 diabetes occurs due to a lower production of insulin. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, causes an increased insulin production in the initial phase as the insulin your body’s cells receive has been rendered ineffective due to insulin resistance.

This happens because the reduced sensitivity of your cells and tissues to insulin causes your blood sugar levels to stay higher persistency. As a result, your pancreas is tricked into producing more of insulin. However, over a period of time, the pancreas becomes tired due to the continuous overwork resulting in a reduced insulin production.

These hormonal changes occurring due to type 1 and type 2 diabetes can affect the production of testosterone, a sex hormone, produced by the adrenals in your body. And without an adequate amount of testosterone, your penis is not able to perform its erectile functions efficiently. [4]

  • Increased Risk Of Associated Disorders

Diabetes, which is a form of a metabolic disorder, runs along with several other disorders. The conditions that are commonly associated with type 2 diabetes include obesity, chronic inflammation, glucose tolerance, oxidative stress, hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart attacks.

Just like diabetes, these diseases are also more of a general nature affecting the whole body than affecting a particular organ. [5]

These disorders tend to produce a determinantal effect on the overall functioning of your body of which your erectile function is just one. This is how the presence of type 2 diabetes, by increasing your risk of other associated diseases, can worsen your erectile problems further.

This proves that diabetes does not mean just high blood sugar levels. It also means an increased risk of infections, damaged nerves, weaker muscles, inefficient adrenal functions, and much more. It is all these consequences that make type 2 diabetes primarily responsible for affecting your erectile powers.

That is why; it is important to take steps to keep diabetes in control so that you can avoid its complications and be able to play a power-packed performance in bed.

How Could The Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes Help You To Manage Your Erectile Problems?

Most men with type 2 diabetes experience erectile difficulties. It is very common and there is a solid reason behind this association. Type 2 diabetes is caused due to insulin resistance. It means the cells and tissues in your body resist the action of insulin. As a result, this hormone is not able to work efficiently to reduce your blood sugar levels.

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

This reduced receptivity of the cells in the penis, nerves, blood vessels, heart, brain, and other organs to insulin puts them at a risk of damage due to the higher amount of sugar in your blood. The persistently high blood sugar levels affect the health of these tissues making them less efficient.

The damage makes your penis weaker! The damage to your blood vessels and nerves prevent them from filling your penis with blood and transmitting impulses from your brain, respectively. Over a period of time, this can reduce your erectile function considerably. [6]

Additionally, most of the oral antidiabetic drugs prescribed to manage insulin resistance cause side effects that reduce your erectile function further.

That is why; it is important to use Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes in order to inhibit the complications of this condition on your sexual function without any side effects. Let us have a look at the top 5 natural remedies you could use to control type 2 diabetes and improve your erections.

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes And Erectile Problems

1.     Mucuna Prureins

Mucuna Prureins is believed to be one of the most effective natural remedies for type 2 diabetes for its ability to inhibit insulin resistance. It could help to lower your blood sugar levels and lessen the risk of sexual difficulties.

It could also delay the signs of ageing by producing an antioxidant, adaptogenic, and anti-degenerative effect. This would help you to avoid the decline in your sexual functions due to age. [7]

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Mucuna Pruriens is said to be one of the most effective natural remedies for type 2 diabetes.

But, won’t it be more interesting to find out how exactly this herb produces this effect and strengthen your erections? So, why wait now? Let’s try to go deeper into the medicinal properties of Mucuna Pruriens and learn how it helps you penetrate deeper during sexual intercourse.

How Does Mucuna Pruriens Help In The Management Of Diabetes And Erectile Problems?

  • The major anti-diabetic benefits of Mucuna Pruriens are linked to its ability to improve your insulin production. This herb has the potential to enhance the number of beta cells of Langerhans in your pancreas. It is these cells that are responsible for ensuring your body receives an adequate amount of insulin.

When your pancreas has a higher number of these insulin-producing cells, it would naturally lead to a higher secretion of the hormone and thus, enable you to achieve a better control over your blood sugar levels.

Needless to say, once your diabetes is in control, your erectile health would be restored to normality!

  • Diabetes is one of the commonest causes of stress and depression. And nowadays stress-linked problems aggravated due to diabetes such as erectile problems, hypertension, and heart attacks have become too common primarily due to the lowered average age at which diabetes strikes men.
Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is sadly striking both men and women and a reduced age.

Our unhealthy lifestyle has resulted in the development of diabetes at a much earlier age; the age at which you should be enjoying sex and not taking insulin injections or anti-diabetic medicines!

The loss of sexual pleasure and the sudden need to take more care of your health after the diabetic diagnosis can contribute to stress and worsen your erectile health further. At this point, you need the adaptogenic and stress-relieving support from Mucuna Pruriens.

This herb would protect your erectile powers against the effect of diabetes-induced stress by improving the secretion of feel good hormones called Levodopa and controlling the synthesis of cortisol in your brain. [8]

This means your erections could now be supported by a higher amount of testosterone making your organ harder and stronger! [10]

  • Most men begin experiencing a decline in their sexual functions long before the diagnosis of diabetes is made. It is only later that they come to know they have been suffering from a poor erectile health due to diabetes. But, by then, a considerable amount of tissue in your penis has already been affected due to diabetes. As a result, to restore your erections back to their original strength can be difficult.

However, with Mucuna Pruriens, this might become possible, thanks to the antioxidant properties of this herb. It could efficiently destroy the free radicals responsible for causing damage to your sex organ thus allowing you to regain your lost sexual powers.

This is how Mucuna Pruriens with its numerous medicinal properties could help you avoid the consequences of diabetes and enhance your mental, physical, and sexual health.

2.     Gynostemma Tea

The anti-diabetic effect of Gynostemma Tea could help to improve your sexual functions. It has the ability to lessen insulin resistance. It may make the cells in the penile region and other parts of the body more receptive to the insulin secreted in your pancreas.

This would enhance the efficiency of this hormone and help to control your blood sugar levels. This would inhibit the development of the diabetic complications and preserve your sexual abilities.

A regular use of Gynostemma Tea could also help you to regain your erectile functions by producing an antioxidant and detoxifying effect. It would stimulate the elimination of toxins from your body and protect your penis against future damage. [11]

Here is a brief discussion about the antidiabetic potential of Gynostemma Tea and its encouraging effect on your erectile health.

How Does Gynostemma Tea Help To Control Diabetes And Sexual Problems?

  • The anti-diabetic properties of Gynostemma Tea are beneficial for men that are suffering from type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes. It has the ability to support a higher production of insulin in your pancreas. This could help to avoid the fluctuating blood sugar levels during and after meals as a controlled release of insulin could enable an efficient metabolism of carbohydrates present in your food.
  • This herb could also help to lower your blood sugar level by enhancing the insulin sensitivity of cells in your body. This herb has been documented to inhibit insulin resistance. It has been documented to promote the effectiveness of insulin by making the cells and tissues of your body react to it favorably.

This has the potential to enhance your glycemic control and ensure your blood sugar levels stay within the normal range. These anti-diabetic benefits of Gynostemma Tea may very well benefit men who are struggling with getting a hard erection due to poor diabetes control and management. [12]

  • When diabetes has indirectly affected your erectile health, using Gynostemma Tea could help you to restore it. Diabetes, which is a major cause of mental stress, can contribute to your erectile problems by enhancing the levels of negative hormones like cortisol.
Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Managing diabetes can be a major cause of stress in your life.

However, these effects of diabetes could be inhibited with the regular use of Gynostemma Tea that works by producing an adaptogenic effect. It could enhance your ability to easily accept and adapt to the lifestyle changes recommended to control and manage your diabetes.

This could also relieve your mental stress and restore your erectile health. [13]

  • Gynostemma Tea also has the potential to produce a natural antioxidant effect on your penis and protect it against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. This would inhibit the weakening of your organ due to diabetes and preserve your sexual health. [14] [15]
  • Gynostemma Tea is also recommended when your erections have stopped being hard enough to allow you to penetrate deeper. This herb has the potential to enhance your Nitric Oxide production that is known to enhance the blood flow to your penis.

A higher production of this chemical compound would allow a complete filling of your penis by promoting the blood flow into your organ. This could make your organ stand erect!

  • Gynostemma Tea may also be used if you do not want to invite more troubles due to diabetes like heart attacks and hypertension. These conditions are not only dangerous for your general health but even for your sex life.

Hypertension can directly impact your erectile health by reducing the blood flow into your penis.

Regular use of Gynostemma Tea may inhibit the development of these ailments by ensuring a higher secretion of Nitric Oxide. The vasodilatory effect of this chemical compound could support the normal heart functions and also lower the tension within your blood vessels thus inhibiting heart attacks and hypertension, respectively.

That’s why; when men do not feel any pleasure out of their intercourse, they are advised to use Gynostemma Tea. This herb would allow you to get harder and longer lasting erections thus enhancing your sexual pleasure.

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Gynostemma Tea is easily taken and could help your type 2 diabetes


3.     Beetroot Juice

You may use Beetroot juice to keep your blood sugar levels in control and avoid the complications of type 2 diabetes such as erectile difficulties. It could lessen the insulin resistance by producing an anti-inflammatory effect.

This dark red vegetable provides a rich source of fibre and iron that could enhance your general health and help you lose weight. This would improve your erectile function and also help to avoid obesity, which is a common precursor to diabetes and erectile problems.

However, this is just a glimpse of what beetroot can do to control your diabetes and manage your erectile problems. Read on if to learn more about the anti-diabetic and erection-boosting effects of this natural remedy.

The Anti-Diabetic Benefits Of Beetroot For The Men Suffering From Erectile Problems

  • Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects the way your body breaks down, absorbs, and utilizes the carbohydrates in your food. The abnormal changes in these metabolic processes result in the release of several harmful bi-products, which can cause harm to the healthy tissues and organs of your body.

These by-products are released into the blood circulation through which they reach the other tissues such as your penis making it weaker. This is just another way by which men tend to develop erectile problems when they have diabetes.

You can avoid these problems by using Beetroot juice.

This dark red vegetable has the ability to cleanse your blood by eliminating the toxic substances released during the metabolic processes. The natural detoxification effect of Beetroot Juice might protect your penis against the damage and weakening effect of the toxins and restore your ability to get hard erections.

  • When the bi-product cause damage to your penis; how can the blood vessels through which these harmful toxins reach your penis be spared? The toxic metabolites, before reaching the penis, cause immense damage to the blood vessels as a result of which your organ does not receive an adequate blood supply during intercourse.

This is where Beetroot Juice can help you again. It contains a high amount of nitrates that could improve your production of nitric oxide, which induces dilation and relaxation of the arteries in your penis. This would lead to an improved blood flow to your penis and help you get a stronger erection.

  • Beetroot Juice can also be used by the men above 40 years of age to lower the risk of age-related erectile problems. Diabetes can speed up the degenerative processes in the body due to which you may develop erectile problems at a much younger age.

Using Beetroot Juice on a regular basis could empower your sexual health by producing a strong antioxidant and anti-cancer effects. This could slow down the development and progress of erectile difficulties and even protect you against prostate cancer, which could otherwise worsen your erectile health. [16]

  • If diabetes is the result of your unhealthy dietary habits, then it is likely that you have also developed other lifestyle disorders such as high cholesterol levels. It can only contribute to your failing erectile health. Betanin and polyphenols present in the Beetroot juice would control the process of oxidation of cholesterol thus preserving your sexual potency against high cholesterol. [17]
Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Beetroot juice is pretty amazing, it is good for diabetes management, heart health and your erectile health

  • Beetroot juice may also provide a natural source of iron and vitamins A, and C. These nutrients would enrich your sex organ and strengthen its activity during intercourse thus minimizing the effect of diabetes on your sexual powers.
  • Weakness is a prominent symptom of diabetes. It can lead to sexual fatigue by reducing your energy levels. It usually occurs due to the inability of your body to metabolize carbohydrates to derive a source of energy from the food.

In such a case, using Beetroot Juice might help you as it has the ability to boost your sexual stamina and endurance. It would enhance your energy levels and thus, support your sexual act! [18]

  • Beetroot has the potential to promote your heart function and control your risk of cardiac disorders associated with diabetes and erectile difficulties. It could inhibit the loss of sexual powers by supporting your heart health and ensuring a proper blood supply to your organ during intercourse. These properties of Beetroot would help you get a harder erection. [19]

Hence, if you are suffering from diabetes and want to avoid its effect on your sex life and erections, start using Beetroot juice to restore your health and sexual fitness.

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Beetroot Juice is also excellent for your circulation due to being high in nitrates as well as its anti diabetic properties making it a good choice.

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4.     Shilajit

A significant improvement in your blood sugar levels could be achieved with the help of natural remedies for type 2 diabetes such as Shilajit. This herb possesses antioxidant properties that could protect your penile tissues against the oxidative damage.

It could help to preserve the ability of your penis, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles to respond to insulin in an appropriate way thus controlling your blood sugar levels. [20]

Let us learn some more facts about Shilajit and its ability to protect you against diabetes and its complications.

Shilajit Benefits For Erectile Problems And Diabetes Management

  • Shilajit has been found to be useful for the men who suffer from type 2 diabetes due to the oxidative damage. The damaged cells fail to respond to the insulin produced in the pancreas making it less effective at controlling your blood sugar levels. This state is called insulin resistance. Shilajit could inhibit insulin resistance by producing a natural antioxidant effect and protecting the healthy cells from the free radical damage. This could help preserve your sexual health against the effect of diabetes. [21]


  • Diabetes can affect the functions of your heart due to which it loses its ability to pump blood to all the organs of your body efficiently. This can result in erectile problems due to the insufficient blood flow to your penis.

Shilajit has been found to be useful for managing this problem in a safe and effective way. It has the ability to promote the normal and healthy heart function.

This would restore the cardiac efficiency to pump blood thus restoring an adequate blood flow into your organ. This could certainly help you get hard and strong erections following sexual arousal. [22]

  • ‘Following sexual arousal’; That’s what I told you just now! Now, from where will this sexual arousal come? Luckily, it is Shilajit again that could help you feel aroused. This mineral rich natural product could also enhance your brain functions and produce an aphrodisiac effect. These properties are known to help you to relieve mental stress and instil a burning desire to have sex. This is how you would be sexually aroused by using Shilajit!
Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Shilajit could produce aphrodisiac effects!

  • If you are suffering from diabetes for a longer period, say more than a year or two, it might have already taken hold of your hormonal balance by affecting your adrenals. Using Shilajit has been documented to be beneficial for you at this stage, thanks to its ability to enhance your production of testosterone.

This herb would promote your testosterone levels thus supporting various functions performed by this hormone including getting an erection, holding it for longer, faster muscle repair and growth, and an improved stamina, including sexual stamina!

  • Shilajit also possesses the ability to enhance your fertility. Diabetes is known to affect men’s fertility by reducing testosterone production and lowering your sperm count and sperm motility. However, not all men are aware of this complication because the onset of diabetes usually occurs at a later age when your fertility is not an issue for you.

But, in case, diabetes occurs at a comparatively younger age, knowing that you have a low sperm count can be a huge blow to your self-esteem. This can only worsen your erectile difficulties and make you feel less able and not so confident about your manhood!

If you are suffering from this problem you could use Shilajit. It has the ability to enhance your sperm count, and sperm motility and thus improving your fertility. An improvement in your sperm count could restore your self-esteem and thus, help you get a strong erection with a higher confidence. [23]

  • Shilajit may also be used to avoid fatigue and weakness caused due to diabetes. It would support high energy levels by stimulating the metabolic processes of your body resulting in the production of a higher amount of a usable source of fuel. This would enhance your strength and stamina and help you enjoy great erections and orgasms with ease. [24]

These benefits of Shilajit would support your sex life by allowing you to get harder erections and boost your sexual pleasure.

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5.     Goji Berries

Goji Berries have been documented to possess antihyperglycemic properties. This herb could balance your blood sugar and improve the insulin response. A higher amount of betaine present in these berries could also help to inhibit the development of fatty liver and vascular damage, which are often seen in the men with diabetes.

This property of Goji Berry could be effective in avoiding high cholesterol levels, which is known to cause erectile difficulties.

Goji berries could also lessen the risk of other conditions that occur due to diabetes and cause erectile problems such as obesity, and heart attacks.

Let’s find out more about Goji Berries and their effect on your diabetes control and erectile abilities.

Goji Berry Benefits For Men Suffering From Diabetes And Erectile Difficulties

  • With diabetes, stress can creep into your mind, and lower your sex drive. When you have a number of stressful thoughts going on in your mind about the foods to eat and foods to avoid to control your diabetes, there won’t really be any place to think about sex.

This can cause your libido to go downwards and soon, you will realize that the frequency of your intercourse too has gone down drastically. However, it need not always happen the same way provided you use Goji Berries!

These berries are loaded with aphrodisiac properties that could stimulate sexual fantasies in your conscious and subconscious mind. As a result, stress would find no place in your thought processes and you would be able to enjoy great sex with strong erections as and when you feel like it. [25]

  • The extent of the aphrodisiac properties of Goji Berries are not limited to your mind. The effect goes beyond lowering your stress and stimulating sexual fantasies by regulating your adrenal functions.

Goji Berries have been documented to possess medicinal properties that could support a higher production of testosterone by your adrenal glands. This effect would ensure your sex drive, and your frequency of hard erections goes higher and higher by letting your adrenals skip the complications of diabetes. [26]

  • Goji Berries can also be used by men who are facing issues with holding their erections till climax. Diabetes can make your muscles weaker due to which you can develop other sexual problems like early endings.

However, the stress-relieving properties of Goji Berries would relieve performance anxiety and help you to hold your erections with confidence. These properties of goji Berries would be supported by its ability to enhance your digestion.

This herb could support the digestion processes and improve the absorption of nutrients like proteins from the food. This may very well enhance your muscle growth by ensuring your body receives a steady supply of proteins.

  • Your body needs other nutrients to fight the complications associated with diabetes. A healthy diet is always perfect for this purpose. Goji Berries offer another effective way to ensure your body gets a natural source of nutrients.

Research studies have indicated the presence of several vitamins in these berries. It contains vitamins B1, B6, A, C and E. Vitamin B would promote your sexual functions by inhibiting diabetic neuralgias and enhancing nerve functions during intercourse.

On the other hand, vitamin A and E could help by supporting the natural healing processes of the body to speed up the repair of your penile tissues damaged due to the complications of diabetes.

Vitamin C, with its natural antioxidant and immunity-boosting potential, could protect your sex organ against the risk of infections and oxidative damage. In all, these vitamins would work together to boost your erectile health and help you get harder erections. [27]

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Goji Berries could be highly beneficial for your erectile dysfunction and diabetes type 2

Now let’s get into flashback mode! Try to remember the time when you came to know you had type 2 diabetes. And then, try to remember when exactly you started noticing that your erections were not hard enough.

Do you see a connection there?

Do you think that both these problems occurred somewhat at the same time?

If yes, it is not a coincidence!

Your erectile functions were eroded slowly due to the harmful effect of higher amounts of sugar in your blood. You may reverse the negative changes that occurred in your sexual life provided you could manage to lower your blood sugar levels.

Using the natural remedies for type 2 diabetes as discussed above could help you to regain those days of sexual intimacy. These herbs have the potential to control your blood sugar levels and improve your erections.

Do act on what you have discovered about your sexual health and start using the natural remedies for type 2 diabetes to enjoy the sexual life you had during your pre-diabetic days!

An Honest Shilajit Review For Men With Erectile Problems

If you have any questions regarding the natural remedies for type 2 diabetes discussed, leave a comment below, and I will get back as quickly as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,




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