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Herbal Medicine For Erectile Function – My Top Choices For Stress Related ED!

Herbal Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Herbal Medicine For Erectile Function – My Top Choices For Stress Related ED!

In this article, I present a few choices and holistic options for stress related sexual dysfunctions and a couple herbal medicine for erectile function.

Stress, whatever its cause is, is a real blight on modern society and is a major strain on your overall health and can lead to a number or other serious health concerns that are much more serious than being unable to get an erection.

Heck..even premature death can be caused by stress! definitely, something we want to be taking care of and addressing as quickly and as effectively as we can…and without sitting in a field spaced out on Prozac!

Illnesses Caused By Stress

Apart from premature death, stress can lead to or worsen heart health, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, obesity, atherosclerosis, migraines, accelerated ageing and a number of gastrointestinal problems.

Unfortunately, seven of these conditions mentioned above can lead to or cause poor erectile health and function. rather interestingly studies show that almost all illnesses can be attributed to stress or made worse by stress. And this is nothing new!

And this is nothing new! I’m currently reading an excellent book by ale Carnegie, written almost a century ago where this is clearly stated!

In the case of obesity Studies as recent as 10 years ago show that the fat gained by stress is different and acts differently from other regular body fat. Curiously fat caused by stress tends to accumulate around the stomach area.

Before I just straight in and talk about the best herbal medicine for erectile function that is caused by stress it is far better to mention a few techniques and free alternatives that you can try out at home or better still in a class.

Herbal Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Stress can cause and worsen heart problems!

Stress Management

Obviously, it is a good idea to identify your source of stress and take steps to eliminate or reduce the cause of it before it drastically affects your health if it is not doing so already.

The causes of stress can be as wide as it is deep here are a few known causes of stress.

  • Relationship Problems Issues

This is of course not exclusive to your personal relationship with spouse or partner but the relationship with your children, neighbours, those in your social circle or extended social circle. When you have to live with the cause of your stress be it your wife, or a problematic child the stress is much more intense.

  • Emotional Problems

Life can just throw a whole lot at you from time to time and having no release and just letting it all build up inside is not going to help. It is like simmering water that eventually boils over. Mental health such as depression and anxiety only add more strain to the situation.

  • Financial Worries

Financial strain and money problems can cause a lot of stress – especially when you start to feel like a pelican as every time you turn around you see a bill! Inability to make a mortgage, rent, car or credit card payment can fill you up with stress rather quickly, unfortunately!

  • Major Life Changes

Divorce, Separation, having a serious illness, the death of a loved one, moving to a new town or new job can be just as stressful as they are daunting. One biggie and recurring cause of stress for me is my ex not allowing me to see my daughter Lanna.

Change is inevitable – (except from a vending machine, haha!) so embrace it when you can!

  • Work

Work and an overbearing boss or rather rude and unpolite colleagues can be extremely stressful as it may be something that is very difficult to change as finding a new job or getting a transfer might not be as easy as said. research indicate that stress levels increase as you go DOWN the chain of command from CEO to ordinary employees.

That study was particularly interesting as they used the UK Civil service as the test subjects. Interesting as because everyone in the UK gets the same level of health care provided by the National Health Service.

No test subjects were subject to not being able to afford health care or having no insurance. This is known as the Whitehall study[1]

Obviously, there are far more causes to stress such as traumatic events such as a natural disaster, rape, war, the economy, discrimination, having visa issues with the country you are living in and having to leave (yes I have experienced that) Job instability..the list of causes of stress is almost endless.

Take steps to identify the causes of stress and seek to see how you can change them by means of positive action.

Herbal Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Work can be a huge cause of stress.

Practical Methods Of Dealing With Stress

Before I talk about herbal medicine for erectile function that is stress related let’s talk about practical methods that you can start doing today to help you reduce your stress levels.

  • Meditation

Probably one of the most common and better-known practices that help you to eliminate stress is meditation. Most of the time I tend not be stressed at all. I do meditate regularly. In the beginning it might seem a bit tough..little by little big changes can be made.

There are many how to meditate videos on youtube. This video (below) is, in my opinion, is one of the very best. For better results join a meditation class.

  • Increasing Dopamine Levels

Increasing dopamine levels, the feel-good neurotransmitter is a fabulous way to reduce stress. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which we can increase dopamine from a nice little sing song at a local karaoke night or blast up the tunes in your car and sing out loud to your favourite songs.

Go wild with it! do the air guitar during the solos or pretend the steering wheel is the drum set..obviously where appropriate like when stuck in a traffic jam! and feel the surge of the feel-good factor.

Watch a comedy movie or listen to stand up comedian – you can even go to your local comedy store or comedy night.

I have written a far more detailed article on increasing dopamine levels here an entire subject on its own!

  • Qi Gong

Another favourite of mine from the far east. Qi gong helps to rebalance your “chi” (life force) and energy and helps to bring a sense of calm.

I didn’t join a class but I do have a huge desire to take an instructors course. I just follow and love this qi gong session that, ironically filmed in the city in which I am living (Penang, Malaysia).

  • Do Something You Love

Doing something that you enjoy doing is a very easy way to reduce stress. Be it gardening, photography or whatever gets your juices flowing. For me, it’s photography. The entire aspect of it..something between an art and a science just trying to grab that perfect moment and how you want the shot to look, even the photo editing and processing I enjoy.

Taking up a new enjoyable hobby can help to reduce stress.

  • Exercise

Exercise is not only proven to help you to get better erections by increasing testosterone but also by helping to increase nitric oxide levels (read: Exercises To increase Testosterone and Best Exercise Programs For ED).

Exercise is also clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure and stress levels. Both of which are causes of poor erectile function.

So get hitting that gym! might just improve your sex life and reduce your stress!

Herbal Medicine For Erectile Function That Is Stress Related

The time to mention that little herbal Medicine for erectile function that is stress related. It is a simple little herbal concoction of two herbs that work excellently well together for combating stress and most people’s favourite..chocolate!

But not that chocolate, real chocolate, Raw Organic Cacao Powder!. Which essentially is chocolate, without all the added sugar and is a genuine superfood!

  • He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu helps to increase levels of the feel good and sex drive enhancing neurotransmitter dopamine by means of inhibition of the MAO-B enzyme (Monoamine Oxide B) which breaks down dopamine and phenylalanine. Inhibiting this enzyme increases your levels of dopamine and phenylalanine [2]

This is how many antidepressants work – by means of MAO-B inhibition.

He Shou Wu Reviews

  • Rhodiola Rosea

An adaptogenic herb that like He Shou Wu is also a MAO inhibitor. More interestingly it other additional benefits such as increasing testosterone and enhancing energy and vitality as well as positive attributes for your libido. Rhodiola Rosea Can Also Help you in the fight against prostate cancer[3]

This is a dual organic extract and as my mother says “if it’s organic there’s no need to panic!”

Rhodiola Rosea Reviews

  • Mucuna Puriens

Mucuna Puriens helps to relieve stress in a different way from the above-mentioned herbs. It does not work via inhibition of the Monoamine Oxide enzymes. It is a more direct dopamine enhancer as it contains a very high quantity of the amino acid that is a precursor to and direct enhancer of dopamine – levodopa.

The levodopa content in Mucuna Pruriens directly crosses the blood-brain barrier and increases dopamine directly[4] and helping to reduce your stress levels.

Herbal Supplements that increase testosterone

Herbal Medicine For Erectile Function – My Suggestion To Help You Reduce Stress.

Make a simple connection of the herbs mentioned above, choosing, and I will leave this up to you – either He Shou Wu or Rhodiola Rosea with Mucuna Pruriens mix them together in a glass of Chocolate made with raw organic cacao powder.

The He Shou Wu or Rhodiola Rosea will have the effect of MAO inhibition allowing you to enjoy higher levels of dopamine which are increased directly by the levodopa content of Mucuna Pruriens. The MAO inhibition will also help to prolong the levels of dopamine.

Raw Cacao is a perfect compliment to Mucuna Pruriens said to increase its effect – and we know the effect of chocolate has on feel-good brain chemicals.

Rhodiola Rosea Reviews – Can It Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction?

If you have any questions about herbal medicine for improving erectile function that is stress related leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,



[1] [2] [3] [4]

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