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Why Is Your Sex Drive Low And How To Improve It

Sex Drive

Why Is Your Sex Drive Low And How To Improve It

Sex Drive! We hear these 2 words quite often. These two words seem to be so stimulatory and full of fun until one day you start realizing that you do not have them! We take our libido for granted even though we are not aware of what exactly it is. We feel it; we are proud of it, but we do not know from where does it come.

We are awakened only when we start experiencing a downturn in it. That is the time we sincerely try to find what is sex drive and why you do not have it as much as you had it earlier. If you feel your life has come to a standstill with a low sex drive, read this article to know everything about it.

What Is Sex drive?

Sex drive, more popularly called libido, is a feeling, a sensation or an experience that cannot be measured in terms of any unit.  It can only be understood in relevant terms.

It is a feeling of being aroused in appropriate situations and able to reciprocate in a manner that could cumulate in a hard erection, timely ejaculation, and a satisfactory orgasm. When you say a low sex drive or libido, it means a decreased interest in having sex.

The male libido resides in two areas of your brain: the limbic system and the cerebral cortex. These areas of the brain are vital for your sexual desire and performance. These are so important that you may achieve an orgasm simply by dreaming or thinking about a sexual experience or arousal.

Sex Drive

The brain is where your sex drive begins and ends

The cerebral cortex is responsible for the higher functions of the body such as planning, and thinking, which includes sexual thoughts.

When you feel aroused, the signals originating in the cortex interact with other areas of the brain. As the next step, the brain sends signals to the nerves, which speed up the heart rate and increase the blood supply to your penis. They also signal a process, which creates an erection.

The limbic system is involved in regulating your motivation, emotions, and sex drive. An efficiently functioning limbic system forms an integral part of a healthy sex drive.

Other than the brain, several other factors play a role in determining your sex drive, which include the hormonal balance in your body, the ability of the nerves to carry impulses, the strength and bulk of your muscles and of course, the health of your penis.

Any functional or structural abnormality in these organs can hamper your sex drive. Here is a list of factors that can reduce your sex drive and affect your sexual abilities.

  • Stress and depression can lower your sex drive by reducing your interest in sexual activities. These psychological conditions can affect your mental health and prevent you from taking any initiative for a sexual act or even reciprocate to the advances of your partner.
Sex Drive

Stress, anxiety, depression and yes even heartbreak can affect your sex drive.

  • Endocrinal conditions can affect the health of the glands and reduce the production of the male hormone, testosterone, thus reducing your sex drive. [1]
  • The use of certain medications can impact your libido. Some antidepressants, antihistaminic drugs, and antihypertensive medications are known to cause serious side effects, which include a low libido.
  • Damage to the heart or blood vessels due to hypertension and myocardial infarction can reduce your sexual desire and even your ability to get an erection.
  • Low libido is a common complication of diabetes. This condition can affect the health of the nerves and blood vessels and reduce your erectile abilities. [2]
  • Degenerative changes in the brain, free radical damage to the penis, and a weak immune system are also the common causes of a low sex drive.
  • An unhealthy diet that is devoid of nutrients and high in empty calories can affect your general health and cause a low libido. It may also lead to high cholesterol, and obesity, which are the common causes of a low sex drive and poor erectile health.

How To Improve Your Sex Drive Naturally?

  • Maintaining a healthy weight through eating a balanced diet and regular exercises can provide protection against several causes of a low sex drive including high cholesterol, obesity, heart attacks, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • Meditation, getting sound sleep of 8 hours every night, and yoga are some ways to keep mental stress at bay. These are natural ways to improve your mental health and restore your libido.
  • Eating a diet rich in antioxidants could protect your brain, penis, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles against oxidative damage and help you avoid the loss of libido.
Sex Drive

Lucky for you, there are many methods to help you to restore your libido.

  • There are several herbs, which could offer a safe and effective alternative to the management of a low sex drive.

Tongkat Ali, Cistanche, Shilajit, Mucuna, and Horny Goat Weed are some herbs that have been documented to possess strong medicinal properties, which could protect your body against the common causes of a low sex drive.

These herbs could produce a wide range of therapeutic and protective effect on your sexual health and restore your natural libido.

Horny Goat Weed could produce a neurotrophic effect and promote the testosterone production while Mucuna could produce an adaptogenic effect and protect you against mental stress and depression. [3]

Tongkat Ali is believed to have the potential to boost several parameters of sex drive including your testosterone levels, and the hardness, and duration of your erections.

Cistanche could support your sex drive by regulating your brain function and enhancing the nitric oxide effect thus ensuring complete filling of your penis for a hard erection. Shilajit could restore your energy, endurance, vitality, and stamina and enhance your sex drive. [4]

You could use any one of these herbs to enhance your sex drive or simply use the Thors Hammer Sexual Potency Formula that could provide the combined effect of all these herbs.

The combination of 5 herbs in this product could produce an encouraging effect on your sex drive and enhance your sexual arousal as well as satisfaction.

Sex Drive

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If you have any questions regarding your Sex Drive or indeed how to help restore it, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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