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L Citrulline Review – The Best Review Of A Potent Amino Acid!

L Citrulline Review

L Citrulline Review – The Best Review Of A Potent Amino Acid!

In this article,  we will review a powerful and very useful supplement called L Citrulline, hence the obvious title “L Citrulline review”. I will talk about who this supplement is for and how it can benefit you and what it is.  I will also mention the required daily dosage is for best effects.

With nothing else on the agenda, let’s get on with the review.

L Citrulline Review

Now Foods L-Citrulline Tablets, 120 Count
List Price: $20.35
Price: $20.35
My Rating: 8.4/10


Product Overview

L citrulline is an amino acid found in watermelon. In our bodies, the amino acid L citrulline gets converted into L-Arginine which is then converted into nitric oxide.

In short, L Citrulline–>L Arginine—>Nitric Oxide.

It is important for regulating blood pressure and as a vasodilator, widening the blood vessels, including “down there” and is known to relax the smooth penile muscle which allows for better quality erections.

L citrulline is also known to be very good for the vascular health and to improve physical performance in terms of both aerobic and anaerobic activities. L Citrulline is also known to help erectile dysfunction caused by high blood pressure.

Also known and commonly used to detox liver and kidneys as it can get rid of and flush out toxic protein metabolites.

L Citrulline Review

L Citrulline, found in watermelon, strongest concentrations are in the skin

L Citrulline supplementation is good for erectile dysfunction, enhancing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. And is said to be more effective than L-Arginine as L citrulline gets converted to L-Arginine in our bodies, principally in the kidneys, other internal organs also convert the L Citrulline to L-Arginine.

Now Sports L Citrulline 1200mg tablets is a product that can help erectile dysfunction sufferers who principle cause is high blood pressure or poor blood flow.

The recommended dosage for sufferers of erectile dysfunction who want to achieve better quality erections is 1,200mg three times per day.

The reason supplementation is required is that one cup of watermelon rind, where the highest concentration of L citrulline is found contains only 250mg of L citrulline.

To get the required daily dosage said to be effective for treating erectile dysfunction you would need to eat approximately 15 cups of watermelon rind daily, or 2.25 kilos of the rind alone.

Supplementation simply makes it easier to take and achieve the higher doses.

(I simply can’t imagine munching away on 5 cups of watermelon rind 3 times a day)

The Pros And The Cons

All good and trustworthy product reviews should be balanced, giving the good and the bad about the product reviewed.

Let’s get rollin’ with the good before the bad.

L Citrulline Review – The Pros

There are a lot of things I like about Now sports L citrulline 1200mg tablets. Here are a few

  • Well respected established company
  • highly rated product
  • has good reviews
  • High dosage of 1,200mg per tablet
  • speedy delivery
  • good for erectile dysfunction
  • Good for kidney and liver detox
  • good for vascular health
  • I can stop looking like a weirdo eating watermelon rind!
  • Cheap at $22.23 for 40 day supply that’s only 55 cents per day or approximately 18 cents per tablet.

The Cons

It can take a few weeks before you see noticeable results, however. the bottle is a big bottle, 40 days worth if you are taking the recommended 1,200mg three times a day, so just keep taking them.

These tablets are BIG tables, we’re talking horse tablets here! Ok, So,  I’m exaggerating! but you get the picture – they are not the easiest to swallow whole, but that is easily fixable by just cutting the tablet in two

Not, quite a con, but you should not take this supplement if you are medication for hypertension.  As always do seek medical advice and talk with your family Doctor.

The Final Verdict

8.4/10 Buy It And Buy It! A winner in the fight against ED! if you have poor circulation, high blood pressure or any cardiovascular problems then this can certainly help you. By far better than taking chemically manufactured alternatives and by far safer with little or no known side effects.

For more information about L Citrulline 1200mg tablets by now sports just click the link below to be taken to the products amazon page for more information.

I did the leg work in finding it for you, to save you looking for it and to make sure you get to the right page. If you are serious about improving your circulation and your erectile dysfunction then I suggest that you try L – Citrulline Supplements!

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I hope that you enjoyed this L Citrulline review and found it helpful and informative. If you have any question, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Talk soon,

Ciao for now


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