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Does The 3 Week Diet System Work? – An Investigation!

Does the 3 week diet system work

Does The 3 Week Diet System Work? – An Investigation!

In this article, I investigate to find out and answer the question does the 3 week diet system work? I will also explain what this diet is and what is required to achieve the promised results of 12 to 23 pounds of fat lost in 21 days flat!

Fat loss and dieting is important to sufferers of erectile dysfunction as excess body fat can actually be what is causing your dysfunction due to the excess weight being a cause of a number of the underlying conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction as well as being a cause itself.

What Is The 3 Week Diet Plan?

The 3 week diet plan, for those who have not heard of it is an internet sensation and diet plan by Brian Flatt, who created “the diet plan to end all diet plans” to quote him directly.  This diet plan is very much a fusion of raw food, low carb and low fat diets. Taking the best elements out of each and making a “fusion diet and exercise plan”

Brian Flatt holds a degree in biology from the San Diego State University and has been in the Health and Fitness industry for almost 30 years. He is the owner of California-based REV Fitness.

What Does The Diet Plan Consist Of?

With Brian Flatts 3 Week Diet and Exercise Plan there are three manuals, introduction, diet, workout and mindset and motivation are the respective titles of the manuals.

All of which ought to be self-explanatory! the mindset manual in a great addition to keep you focused on what is a tough diet to follow and stick to.

To succeed with this one you pretty much have to be very disciplined.

Permitted Foods

As you can see from the table below, all the foods are natural, unprocessed and nutritional making it a healthy balanced diet plan to follow.

3 Week Diet Menu

An example of the foods allowed on the 3 week diet plan.

As you can imagine there is a list of prohibited foods also. Most these consist of sugary foods and stuff you will find at your local bakers.

These includes cookies, doughnuts, cakes, chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks as well as fruit juices.

In fact, the only drink permitted on this diet is water.

The Exercise Program, which gives precise details and instructions on what you have to do and enables you to follow the program with no doubt about are you doing the exercises right or are you doing the correct amount of reps. There is also a great exercise program for the mid section that will help you to obtain a washboard 6 pack stomach.

Does The 3 Week Diet System Work?

In short, yes! it delivers on its promise of 12-23 pounds of fat lost in 3 weeks. I tried it and was quite astounded as to how simple and easy the plan was to follow, despite being limited as to what foods I could eat due to the Low carb low fat model upon which it is based, and the fact that I had to chose natural and unprocessed food (yes I am a sucker for processed food).

I lost 6kgs, in the 3 weeks which is 13 pounds and despite not being obese or too overweight it is quite an achievement.

Admittedly, I found this diet tough going, which is where the mindset manual proved invaluable. There is a fasting phase, which for me a complete breeze as I regularly fast for personal, spiritual and detox purposes and for periods longer than the 24 hrs required.

I have been known to go 96-120 hours during intense fasting periods.

I tend to struggle with diets and keeping the weight off – my weight tends to be up and down like a sorority girls panties during freshers week! So far, I’m doing pretty good after transitioning from the initial fast gains of the 3 week diet plan to the lean belly breakthrough. 

Also, don’t take my word for it, Brian Flatt gets clients leaving reviews all the time, some of which you can see on his site, and that is something few other diet plans can lay claim to.

Will it work for your erectile dysfunction and help you to get stronger harder erections?

Most certainly possible when you consider that excess body fat can be a cause of ED and clinical studies have shown that dropping 20% of your body weight can result in big improvements in erectile rigidity. I have always noticed much stronger erections after dieting and fasting.

For more information about the 3 week diet plan click the link or post insert below!

Does The 3 Week Diet System Work

3 Week Diet Plan Review – Is It For You?

If you have any questions about or regarding “does the 3 week diet plan work?” leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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