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3 Foods That Burn Fat

3 Foods That Burn Fat

3 Foods That Burn Fat

In this article, I talk about 3 foods that burn fat easily. These foods are simple everyday foods and not difficult to find as you will see they everywhere and you have, in all probability eaten them before.

Fat loss is important as excess fat is a cause of erectile dysfunction and can lead to other causes of the sexual dysfunction such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, and poor circulation.

Thus losing fat, and in particular belly fat can help us to make some serious inroads to better quality naturally occurring erections and an improved sex life

3 Food That Burn Fat

You have heard rumours regarding food and fat burning – and yes they are true! Some food does indeed have some very powerful thermogenic effects, quite literally you burn calories as you are eating!

Some foods have interesting compounds and nutrients that increase your metabolism – you definitely want to have more of these types of foods!

Let’s get on and list 3 foods that burn fat.

Whole grains: When you eat whole grains your body actually burns twice the amount of calories when compared to processed foods. So get more whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal in your diets, folks!

Lean Meats: It is a known fact that protein is high on the thermogenic factor. Approximately 1/3rd of the calories in the food is burned via the thermogenesis effect. That said, a 300 calorie lean chicken breast would burn 100 of those calories while breaking it down!

3 foods that burn fat

Fact: approximately 1/3rd of the calories from lean meats are burned by the thermogenic effect! nice!

Lentils: High in protein and stomach-filling fibre makes these a great addition to any fat loss diet. With protein having thermogenic capabilities, it very much makes the humble and often overlooked lentil a nice and healthy choice.

Hot peppers: The naturally occurring compound that gives chilies and other peppers their spicy kick, Capsaicin is great for melting away body fat by heating up our bodies and enhancing the thermogenic effect. Make sure you add some spice to your meats, soups, and meals where possible.

Since I am having a great day writing this article, and actually enjoying putting it together I’ll mention an additional 3 foods that burn fat to help you on your way to fat loss success.

3 Foods That Burn Fat

Low-fat dairy products: Great and obvious source of blood pressure lowering and bone density-enhancing calcium. Also a source of the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, which is often lacking in many people’s diets.

Both Calcium and Vitamin D help to maintain as well as build lean muscle, of which is required for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Green tea: Very well known for its thermogenic effects, less well known is its ability to de-stress and calm the mind. If you lead a stressful life you will see more weight loss benefits vs those who don’t. This is simply because decreasing the stress hormone cortisol will raise testosterone levels, which help build lean muscle.

A study showed that participants lost an average of 6 pounds (2.7kg) over an 8 week trial period by adding 4 cups of delicious green tea daily to their diet.

3 Foods That Burn Fat

Green tea, well known for its thermogenic effects.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough!

An interesting diet program that I came across and reviewed is the Lean Belly Breakthroughwhich as the name suggests is designed to help you lose belly fat, stubborn hard to get rid of belly fat!

I think that it is worth looking at and considering simply because the excess stomach fat and excess fat, in general, is a known cause of erectile dysfunction. As I lost weight after my road accident I certainly noticed “more quality in the trouser department” to say the least!

One particular plus of the program is the addition and list of foods that boost your sex drive!

For more information about The Lean Belly Breakthrough Click the link or post insert below.

3 Foods That Burn Fat

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

If you have any questions about this article “3 Foods That Burn Fat” or wish to help grow that list and add more foods,  leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can

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