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Erectile Dysfunction Causes – Know The Causes And Seek A Cure!

Erectile dysfunction causes.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes – Know The Causes And Seek A Cure!

In this article, we will discuss Erectile dysfunction causes,  what the main causes of erectile dysfunction are. Knowing the causes can help us in fixing the problem at hand and possibly help lead us to a solution especially if your problem is diet or lifestyle related.

Here are the main  Erectile Dysfunction Causes

erectile dysfunction causes

As we can see from the list above, many of the causes of erectile dysfunction can be cured with changes to one’s lifestyle and embarking on a diet and exercise regime.

If high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes is the problem try changing your diet to include more green vegetables and some of the fruits and herbs mentioned in this article and this article also.

Erectile dysfunction causes.

If alcohol or smoking is at the root of the problem, then cut down.  Low blood flow? again try some of the foods and herbs mentioned in the diets and supplements section of this site.

Other common causes of erectile dysfunction in men is stress, as a helpful solution to the stress issue try the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong, focusing on your Qi, your life energy.

Add some meditation, I personally meditate for at least 1 hour daily, Buddhist mindful meditation, more often than not thinking about my muse! (gets me freaking rock hard!).

I do also practice every morning Qi Gong for one hour so I have the energy and vitality for general everyday life!  Those Chinese are on to something there! They ain’t daft! (silly/stupid!)

Erectile dysfunction causes

Besides improved erectile function, a regular routine of Qi Gong and meditation will have other big plus’ s to your overall well being and general health such as improved vitality, more energy, less lethargic, calmer and, of course, less stressed, perhaps more mindful, It is mindful meditation that I practice.

Here is a lovely video, explaining the benefits of meditation, and how to meditate easily. (Video, courtesy of, and, of course, Patchman!)

Oh and perhaps better sleep quality is another benefit of meditating on a regular basis.

Did I mention insomnia could be a cause of erectile and other sexual dysfunctions?

It has been medically proven that a lack of energy, general tiredness, and insomnia are causes of poor erection quality in men.

Erectile dysfunction causes

Some light exercise, half an hours walking daily, just 30 mins or some light aerobic exercise improves blood circulation.

There are some causes of erectile dysfunction that can’t be solved by means of simple lifestyle changes such as trauma and major surgery.

My own personal situation is related to that, my ED tends to come and go if you know what I mean. some good days and some bad days, mostly maintaining an erection for prolonged periods of time.

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Low testosterone is one of the principle erectile dysfunction causes in healthy men over the age of 30.

Increasing your testosterone levels naturally and without synthetic steroids is relatively simple. just some changes to your lifestyle can help give your testosterone levels a boost.

Eating the right foods can augment testosterone levels as can consuming certain herbs like Tongkat Ali.

How about waking up and having a testosterone boosting breakfast or a delicious erection smoothie? and a scrumptious testosterone boosting salad for lunch

Testosterone boosting salad

Delicious, scrumptious and healthy testosterone boosting salad.

See how easy and passive augmenting testosterone levels can be? so easy, so very easy isn’t it? almost effortless, in fact!

Addressing Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Taking an approach and working with nature can help you to address many of the causes of erectile dysfunction at once instead of trying to laser target a single specific cause by using medication like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Changing your diet and lifestyle and regular exercise can help you a lot. As can herbs and herbal formulas – the so called “Herbal Viagra’s” as they actually target known causes of the sexual dysfunction.

Two such products that catch my eye are Vigrx Plus and ProEnhance patch

Vigrx Plus is a very well thought out and planned formulation of 9 different herbs targeted to address many of the causes of erectile dysfunction and help you to get back those spontaneous natural erections that you used to have in your late teens and early 20’s!.

If you are serious about finding a cure for your erectile dysfunction then this is something you ought to give some serious thought to and try it out!

Erectile dysfunction causes

ProEnhance Patch is, as the name suggests a patch-based delivery system for herbal formula. This is great as the herbs get straight and directly to your blood stream and are faster acting and being delivered 24-hrs a day 7 days a week! Each patch is water resistant and lasts 72hrs.

If you are forgetful about taking your supplements daily or prefer direct delivery 24hrs a day of the potent herbs then I suggest trying proenhance patch to get back those excellent erections!

Erectile dysfunction causes

Proenhance Patch Review – Penis Patch Enhancement System

That concludes this article about erectile dysfunction causes. I hope that you are now better informed as what the principal causes of erectile dysfunction are and know what to do in order to find a solution and start curing your erectile dysfunction, ready to lead a fulfilling sex life again.

Do you have lifestyle changes or suggestion that can help other readers with their erectile dysfunction? If so leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

As I love to say sharing is caring and together we can beat this!

Ciao for now

Talk soon.


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