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Exercise And Erectile Dysfunction – How A Little Exercise Can Help Your ED!

Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction

Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction – How A Little Exercise Can Help Your ED!

Today we are going to talk about the effect of exercise and erectile dysfunction and how they go hand in hand, and later we will provide you with a link that will show you how exercise can boost your testosterone levels

I mentioned in previous posts how diet can help cure erectile dysfunction. Embarking on a regular exercise program is also a great way of avoiding Erectile Dysfunction in the future as well as helping cure erectile dysfunction today.  – As they say, prevention is better, way, way, way better than the cure.

Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction – Improve Your Sexual Performance

We are not talking about an extreme exercise program or routine like you are training for the London marathon or a triathlon or anything like that – Just a little aerobic exercise every day.

Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction go hand in hand with the rest of our general health, especially our cardio health and erectile health.

And good exercise can improve our performance in the bedroom!

Erectile Dysfunction And Cardio Health

Erectile Dysfunction is a general indicator for the rest of our cardio health as one possible cause of ED is poor circulation and blood flow which may be caused by a restriction in the arteries by fatty deposits.

The endothelium is what lines the vessels in the cardiac and in the genitals, which assists in the smooth flow of blood.

In the gentiles, the endothelium is only 33% of the size the endothelium in our vascular system.

To put it in better terms the endothelium in the heart is 3 times the size of the endothelium in our gentiles.

Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction

Put simply if our erectile dysfunction is vascular related it is a good indication of poor vascular health.

The good news is having ED helps us to catch any possible cardio related problems early and to do something about it – like taking regular exercise.

The great thing about participating in regular aerobic exercise is that it has been proven medically to help and improve the way in which the endothelium functions.

This results in improved cardio health and helps us find a natural cure to our Erectile Dysfunction and helps us to help prevent erectile dysfunction in later life by keeping the endothelium healthy via a regular aerobic workout.

Taking Up Your Own Exercise Program

Find an aerobic activity that you can do and that you enjoy doing. I say can do, as I, personally LOVE cycling but quite simply cannot do it due to not having enough movement in my right knee to actually cycle after a road accident and many interventions.

Find that aerobic activity that you enjoy, this can be cycling, swimming, even a brisk walk or jogging.

Then clear up some extra time to do it!

Perhaps you can, a couple of times a week, walk or cycle to work, and have a companion drop you off at your home afterwards,

A brisk 30-minute walk during your lunch break. another fab idea!Perhaps even you can involve your family and partner for a cycle or a walk around your local park.

We can all find the time, no excuses here as we are talking about your cardio health!.

I joined a gym, so I can enjoy cycling on the machines by pushing the seat back and allowing for me to actually get the required movement to actually cycle.

I also use the cross trainer, which is great work out also. Oh and hey weather permitting great excuse for some beach time a couple of days a week and a nice swim in the sea or ocean!

There are many opportunities and plenty time for some light exercise.

I recommend nonimpact aerobic exercise due to joint health, and goodness gracious me, I would not want anyone to suffer the knee pain that I do either now or in the future.

Once you get into the swing of regular aerobic exercise you can always add some weights tone up some muscles, always a good thing.

I am not talking about becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or anything just a little toning of muscles.

It’s not a bad thing to look good and look your best! and weight training has been proven to improve the function of the endothelium also, so a bit of both aerobic and resistance training going to be a good thing.

Old School New body

Old School New body is a very effective and easy to follow exercise program designed for those of us who are on the other side of 35 and leading a rather busy lifestyle.

The exercises are easy to follow and can help you to get in shape and of course improve your erectile dysfunction. Give old school new body a quick look over and in little time you will be looking better and performing better in the bedroom.

Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction

Old School New Body Reviews

Have you taken up exercise to help with erectile dysfunction? how is going so far? comment below and share your experience and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now

Talk soon.


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