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What Is The Best Home Exercise Equipment?

what is the best home exercise equipment

What Is The Best Home Exercise Equipment?

Having spoken about the importance regular brisk exercise plays in a previous article, exercise and erectile dysfunction, a few readers have asked me “what is the best home exercise equipment”

With that in mind, I have put together what I consider being what I believe to be the best home exercise equipment for helping to cure erectile dysfunction.

Cross Trainer

I won’t and I will not ever hide the fact that I love cross trainers! They are fantastic for aerobic exercise, non-impact and give a fab all round work out and no potential damage to knee or hip.

Heck! I have a seriously damaged knee (rebuilt) and hip, (also rebuilt!) and the connecting bone, the femur rebuilt also after a road accident and I have zero problems using this, zilch, zip, nada! And I go on that machine like crazy! like the running man!  So no excuses!

Incidentally, use of the poles, up to you, the individual user but I don’t hold on to them, well mostly I don’t, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It does not really affect the workout.

==>Click Here For More Info About the Exerpeutic 1000Xl Cross trainer<==

Exerpeutic 1000Xl cross trainer, pictured above is one of the top rated cross trainers on amazon with 4.5 stars from over 700 customer reviews. 

What I like about it is the price and quality is right on the note! has a lot of positive reviews, been reviewed many times. Professional grade cross trainer with magnetic resistance (an important quality for me) has a heart rate monitor built in and it is quiet! has an on-board computer to calculate calories burned, time, speed and distance.

A big plus is it can be delivered!

I have seen cross trainers of this quality at gyms, so you can rest assured this one is a great addition to a home gym. Plus also, by having one at home is you save on your monthly gym membership and time travelled to the gym also, oh and you can workout outside of the gym hours and perhaps while watching TV or a movie!

By having one at home, you can save on your monthly gym membership and time travelled to the gym also, oh and you can workout outside of the gym hours and perhaps while watching TV or a movie!

You can click here to be taken to the amazon page to check it out and read some reviews.

==>Click Here For More Info About the Exerpeutic 1000Xl Cross trainer<==

There are some downers about this cross trainer, however, those downers are not exclusive to cross trainers or home gym equipment. The main one for me is pretty simple and something you will come across with any delivered equipment, bought in store or online is that you have to put it together yourself.

Self-building and putting the machine together is no biggie for me. In fact, you can even make it a fun thing with your partner and lay the darn thing out, get your tools ready and have put it together.

Doing things together can help your relationship, particularly as Erectile Dysfunction can place a strain on the relationship as I mentioned in a previous article how to cope with ED.

Alternatively, you can always hire a handyman for few bucks or get your buddy to do it for you.

Also mentioned, perhaps putting this particular cross trainer together is best done with your own tools and some lubricant will be required for the first time use to get rid of any squeaks, but that in my humble opinion should be done anyway for any first time used mechanical equipment.

You would n’t drive your brand new car without first putting in some oil! – (well, at least, I certainly would n’t!).

Also, the parts left and right, are marked (and coloured) the definition of left and right is from the view point of you standing on the machine.

This concludes what is the best home exercise equipment. If you have any questions or would like to know about more home exercise equipment that can help with ED leave a comment below.

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