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Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels – Eat Up To Man Up!

vegetables that increase testosterone levels

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels – Eat Up To Man Up!

In a previous article we mentioned which meats, and types of meats that can boost your testosterone levels, in this article we shall talk about vegetables that increase testosterone levels.

When it comes to these vegetables, guys you gotta eat up to man up!

Let’s get started with which vegetables can augment testosterone levels and your sex drive.


Cabbage, this vegetable does not actually increase your testosterone levels but actually helps to remove that girly hormone estrogen from your body. Estrogen is known as a testosterone destroyer. Been acting all girly lately? get a plate of cabbage down you!

vegetables that increase testosterone levels

Cabbage, estrogen killing food!


Studies on rats have shown a 3 fold increase of testosterone levels when onions were added to their diet. That’s an astounding 300% increase!

Onions are also high in antioxidants and phytochemicals. They also contain apigening and quercetin which boost testosterone levels.

vegetables that increase testosterone levels

Chopped onions, good for your heart and good for boosting testosterone levels.


cruciferous vegetables are known to help with boosting testosterone levels. Cauliflower is high in testosterone boosting vitamins and minerals as well as being an estrogen killer, win-win with this vegetable.

vegetables that increase testosterone levels

Cauliflower, an estrogen assassin, and a testosterone booster!


Well known Testosterone booster, but a little-known girlie hormone killer! That’s right, Broccoli will not only help you to man up, it will bitch slap that little girlie in you by helping to flush estrogen from your body.

Very high in zinc and known as the sex vegetable, we talk about the benefits of adding broccoli to your erectile dysfunction busting diet in this article.

vegetables that increase testosterone levels

Boost your T-levels and bitch slap girlie hormones with broccoli

Brussels Sprouts

Not the tastiest of vegetables but I’m betting you wished you listened to your mama when you were little. Get’em down the hatch these bad boy’s are great testosterone boosters and being a cruciferous vegetable they are high in indole, which is responsible for lowering your estrogen levels.

vegetables that increase testosterone levels

High in indole, great and augmenting Testosterone levels


An Erectile Dysfunction busting super food! We talked about the great effect of eating spinach in an earlier article titled Vegetables for ED.

Spinach not only boosts testosterone levels but repairs damage due to high levels of antioxidants and assists in the blood flow via means of vasodilation due to being high in nitrates.

This should be a very welcome addition to your diet to beat erectile dysfunction.

Vegetables for ED

This concludes a short list of vegetables that increase testosterone levels.  Add these to your diet and in a short time, you should notice testosterone levels increasing and your sex drive also.

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I do recommend supplementing your diet simply because we are living in days of nutrient deficient food.  By supplementing we will make sure we will be getting all the vital nutrients that our body needs and requires.

Herbs And Testosterone

It is not only delicious and healthy vegetables that support healthy testosterone levels, herbs are very well known to be rather helpful in this area.

My top two herbs of optimal testosterone support are Pine Pollen Tincture and Tongkat Ali. Both work and function in very different ways, one, Tongkat Ali works with your body and stimulates it into producing more of the male sex hormone.

It also rather handily helps us to keep those natural gains by inhibiting the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen. Further benefits are from its lipogenic qualities which could assist our bodies to burn fat!.

If you are serious about kicking your poor erectile health and functionality to the kerb then I suggest that you try Pine Pollen Tincture and Tongkat Ali together to help you to regain optimal testosterone levels and erectile function.

vegetables that increase testosterone levels

Pine Pollen Tincture, on the other hand, is a powerful and a potential natural testosterone replacement therapy. It could directly increase your testosterone due to it containing 4 androgens including testosterone and DHEA!

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Best Pine Pollen Tincture

If you have any questions or would like to add any vegetables to this list of vegetables that increase testosterone leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Remember guys, you gotta eat up to man up!

Ciao for now

Talk soon


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