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Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels – Get The Right Fuel And Banish Your Bedroom Blues!

Foods that increase testosterone levels

Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels – Get The Right Fuel And Banish Your Bedroom Blues!

With low or below par testosterone levels being a cause, just one of many causes of poor erectile function in men we really should eat more of the foods that increase testosterone levels.

An increase in testosterone levels will enhance our sex drive also.  I consider eating foods that increase testosterone levels like killing two birds with one stone. 

Testosterone, can, of course, be elevated with the use of injections and ointments. Those, however, come with possible side effects. Food and herbs are by far the safest options.

Let’s get started with a list of foods that boost testosterone levels.


There is a reason as to why bodybuilders and famously Rocky Bilbao in the movie Rocky had eggs as an integral part of their diet. They are well known for boosting testosterone levels.

Eggs, not only boost testosterone levels but help to improve cholesterol levels also.  Eggs are high in protein, B-complex vitamins and are known as one of the top testosterone increasing foods.

Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels

Eggs, one of the best foods that Increase Testosterone Levels

Grass Fed Beef

There is a reason as to why these bodybuilding beef cakes are carnivores and love their meat!

Meat from grass-fed cows has been shown to have more nutrients and of higher quality than cows that have been grain fed.

Some studies have shown that grain fed cattle are not only lacking in testosterone but actually contain testosterone killing estrogen, making grass-fed cows a far better option for increasing testosterone levels.

Foods that increase testosterone levels

Grass fed beef contains far more testosterone.


This one food source that is great for increasing testosterone levels but we do have to be careful of tuna that contains high levels of toxic heavy metals, mercury and polychlorinated biphenyor PCB for short.

Tuna will help in augmenting your T-Levels due to their high vitamin D content. The sunshine vitamin helps to increase testosterone production.

Just one tin daily of delicious tuna can give you 80% of the RDA of vitamin D. Don’t neglect a short stroll in the sunshine either as exercise can help with ED  and you’ll kill two birds with one stone there by getting some vitamin D via the sunshine and a little exercise to reverse the dysfunction.

Foods that increase testosterone levels

Tuna salad, an ED busting meal!

Organic Bacon

Bacon has been getting some bad press lately, but it has to be said bacon is actually a great, and delicious food that increases testosterone levels.

Like any meat produce you have to go for organic (or grass fed) as the animal fats tend to high in estrogen, which reduces testosterone levels.

It is due to production farming methods that animals (not just pigs) live in squalid conditions and are often fed non-descript foods like genetically modified grains, soy corn and so on. They are also pumped full of antibiotics so that they don’t get sick and quite often estrogen to get fatter quicker, often in record time. in a time scale unachievable by mother nature.

The estrogen is often stored in the animals fat.

Organic bacon is good at increasing testosterone levels as saturated animal fat and cholesterol are needed by the body in order to augment testosterone levels.

If your poor erectile health is caused by high cholesterol levels, do be careful not to go overboard.

Foods that increase testosterone levels

Bacon and Eggs, a T-boosting ED busting breakfast.

Have you tried adding foods that boost testosterone levels to your diet? did they help you with your erectile function? Or promote a healthy sex drive?

Herbs And Testosterone

It is not just foods that promote healthy and optimal testosterone levels, herbs can be very effective also! My top two testosterone supporting supplements are Tongkat Ali and Pine Pollen Tincture. 

Tongkat Ali may assist your body to produce more of this important erection and sex drive enhancing hormone in a very natural way by stimulating your body to produce optimal amounts of it

It could also help with weight loss by helping your body to burn fat. Pine Pollen Tincture works as a potential natural hormone replacement therapy due to containing DHEA and Testosterone as well as two more androgens whic directly promote healthy and optimal testosterone levels. I suggest that you try Pine Pollen Tincture and Tongkat Ali together and kiss or wave goodbye to your bedroom frustrations.

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Foods that increase testosterone levels

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If you have any questions, regarding food that increases testosterone leave a comment below. and  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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