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How To Reduce The Refractory Period After Sex To Do It Again….And Again!

How To Reduce The Refractory Period After Sex To Do It Again….And Again!

Without a single doubt, every single man that has ever walked on gods earth has wanted to know How To Reduce The Refractory Period. Naturally, I suspect that this is something that readers of this site would love to know the answer to.

Some men will naturally have a shorter period between post coital erections than others while some men are happy with one explosive orgasm and others, like myself from time to time, just want more and more…but the sergeant major down there is just not standing to attention or takes what seems like an age to get going again.

Of course, we all remember when we were young and free and could go at it like rabbits and our erections were on a hair trigger ready for more action almost immediately, long before she was finished enjoying her post orgasmic embrace.

What Is The Refractory Period

It is in short that in-built recovery period that us men have after we enjoy sex – natures very own cockblock stopping us for going after it again and again!. It lasts from ejaculation to, well, the next time you are fully erect and ready for some horizontal jogging!. And that can last anything from a typical 5 or 6 minutes or less to, well, a few days actually!.

Our ladies have no equivalent and are just as ready to get back on the saddle immediately following a big win! – allows them for a greater probability and possibility of achieving and enjoying multiple orgasms!.

Regardless of any brag artist you have ever met, claiming to be ready to go right away and always… ALL men experience this refractory period – there are no exceptions!.

The refractory period is under normal circumstances caused by a transition in our hormone levels post ejaculation. After achieving and enjoying an orgasm you are totally unable and uncapable of orgasm during this period. All of the blood has drained out from your erection and you are unable to regain one – regardless of your age be it 18 or 80.

How To Reduce The Refractory Period Naturally

  • Reduce Stress

You could consider this as a defensive strategy and you are not quite actively doing something proactive. When you fail to get an erection or get weak erections there is no need to get frustrated or angry or even upset over it as difficult as that may sound.

Getting stressed over the inability to regain an erection only makes the situation a lot worse and it be no surprise to you that the majority of us men get a good quality stiffy when we are physically and mentally chillaxed.

Come on! you surely have noticed before when you are in that dreamy or day dream state and boom! you got a proper Stiffler!.

Not to mention the morning erection upon waking up, semi asleep during an afternoon siesta and you notice a real rock hard hard-on!.

Relaxing and not stressing yourself is very helpful when it comes to getting erections both under normal circumstances and post ejaculation. What works very well for me is thinking of my model sexy girlfriend 18 years old post sex, I just embrace her, skin on skin and meditate and think of her doing something kinda know what I mean….

  • Get Good Quality Sleep

Catching good quality Z’s is actually essential for your health and well being, not to mention your hormonal and sexual health!.

Your testosterone producing factory is something that is nocturnal and works when you are fast asleep and is one of the main reasons as to why insomnia can be a cause of poor erections. When you sleep you produce more of the sex drive and erection enhancing testosterone as well as red blood cells too.

More red blood cells, more testosterone? yep

That means more and better erections..and faster!.

So be sure to welcome Mr Sandman and catch those Z’s and get 7 to 8 hours of good quality deep sleep every single day.

  • Watch What You Eat

What you fuel yourself with has an impact on your sex drive and ability to get hard erections and reduce the refractory period and lead you down the road to stronger and better erections and get your ready for round 2 (or 3) sooner.

Foods high in nitrates such as beetroot, kale, Arugula lettuce, celery, and spinach to name a few. Food high in Amino acids L Arginine and L Citrulline are good. Such food are chicken, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, peanuts, salmon and Watermelon.

Eating foods that are high in the nutrients required for aiding testosterone and dopamine production is going to help too. Talking Vitamin D, Zinc, B group of Vitamins and D Aspartic Acid here. Great sources dairy products, oysters, Sunlight, tuna and eggs.

Certain herbs like Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed and Pine Pollen, as well as Mucuna Pruriens and other testosterone boosting herbs, can come in handy for reducing the refractory period between erections.

Reduce The Refractory Period

  • Reduce Your Prolactin Levels

After a pleasurable orgasm and ejaculation, your levels of the hormone prolactin increase and your dopamine goes on the decline and results in an increase in your refractory period.

Thankfully though,

However, there are supplement like Mucuna Pruriens that can reduce prolactin and increase dopamine levels in the body.

This is why Mucuna Pruriens is the very best supplement to take to reduce the refractory period.

  • Enhance Penile Sensitivity

I am pretty sure you can agree that absolutely anything that could enhance the sensitivity of your penis also has the ability to improve and reduce your refractory period and, quite possibly heighten your interest in sex.

Improving the sensitivity of your dorsal nerve has the potential of reducing the recovery time between erections. When the 50% of dorsal nerve tissue was removed in monkeys researchers noted a much longer refractory period.

The very same study noted that post ejaculation refractory period is accompanied by hypersensitivity and an increase in excitability. Thus, concluded that an ejaculation increases the threshold of excitement and causes exhaustion of the penile nerves.

This is indicative that the healing of any neuropathy or pre-neuropathy may help.

There are a few things that you could do to increase your penile sensitivity, which I discussed here

  • Reduce Serotonin To Lower Your Refractory Period Naturally

Serotonin, another important hormone and one of those happy feel good ones at that. But sadly it can mess with your horizontal mojo, particularly when you have excess amounts of it in your system.

Being more exact, this hormone is one that is released by your body when you are finished having sex. A class of drugs, SSRI’s, are used for treating depression function by increasing levels of this hormone guessed it..side effect listed include a loss of libido [1].

You can reduce serotonin levels by elevating your intake of Vitamin D, which you can get from dairy products, supplements or sunshine. Eating Tryptophan, a compound found in oats, eggs, fish and turkey also has a reductive effect on serotonin levels.

The consumption of the amino acids Ornithine and Arginine, also have erection boosting effects and..that of reducing serotonin thus potentially positive results in regards to reducing the refractory period.

  • Increase Nitric Oxide

A whole body of evidence exists showing nitric oxide has a positive impact on reducing the refractory period. Furthermore, increasing nitric oxide production has beneficial effects on erection potential and delayed ejaculation. Making nitric oxide enhancement something that all men with erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation should consider.

A study on men taking Viagra found that they experienced a very notable reduction in their refractory period. The results were indicative of that, with sexual stimulation the consumption of Viagra has a beneficial reduction in the male refractory period [2].

PDE 5 Inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are also used to aid men who are suffering from early endings and to help them to keep on going.  At this moment in time there are is not an adequate amount of studies involving the use of PDE 5 inhibitors in regards to the reduction of the refractory period.

Rather than risk the side effects of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra you can check out my article on natural PDE 5 inhibitors here and perhaps find something that is safer for you.

Of course there a number of way of increasing nitric oxide levels and not just by means of inhibiting the PDE 5 enzyme that breaks it down. Taking 3g 2x daily of the amino L Citrulline is another very effective way of increasing and prolonging nitric oxide levels.

Exercise, good quality medium to high intensity aerobic exercise like running, cycling or the cross fit machine at the gym has the benefit of improving your baseline nitric oxide production by as much as 30% after 3 months of daily exercise.

..That’s baseline..and can elevate further by supplementation. hard work..but more than worth it for a few reasons. Names better erections, more energy, longer staying power and being in better condition physically for real long and good awesome sex sessions!.

Reduce The Refractory Period

Watermelon, high in L Citrulline and great for improving nitric oxide levels.

  •  Train Your PC Muscles

Your pubococcygeus muscles (or PC as they are known) control the flow of urine and semen as well as helping to hold strong erections.

By strengthening those muscles down there you can improve your erectile rigidity, delay ejaculation and with stronger more toned muscle down there you can reduce the latency time between erections.

Just like any other muscle in your body you can work out this one. Trouble is thou..keeping on it and remind yourself to do them.

Later in life you will really appreciate it..not just for the stronger erections or reduced refractory period..but for not having any toiletry issues…not to mention the actual health benefits.

I personally love the Private Gym device. .as this really takes things a lot further than regular PC exercises and builds up the muscle by means of weight training – about 1/4 kilo load. Consider it as weight training for your penis. And the bright orange attachment on my bedside table is an unforgettable reminder that I have to use it.

K-Fit device is pretty snazzy too, in fact probably the easiest to use. Most men I expect would baulk at rod dancing in their butt as the electro stimulation device works away doing its job. There is, however, no need nor requirement to use the probe. Just use the electrodes, attach them in the appropriate places and you are good to go.

Stronger erections, delayed ejaculations and a shorter recovery time..that 3 good reasons to do Kegels and get a device to help you out.

  • Keep Her Entertained

Even though you do some or all of the above pointers – you are not a machine! You are going to need some chillax between your erections.

Enjoy that time for some pillow talk. Some sweet cuddles and keep her “on”

Get sexy, get sensual, and use that time well to not just recover your penis but your body too. Sex done right is darn good exercise and you need a recovery period between exercise sessions too.

Get hands on..and keep your eyes and mind on what turns you on. Being erotically stimulated aids in reducing the refractory period.

You can also get your partner to get sexy during this period too with a sensual massage while you recover, ending with her kissing you all over, and even down there where it counts, which can be the beckoning for the start of another lovemaking session.

Yes, keeps your mind relaxed and on the job so to speak and not on anything that is going to stress you, Being stimulated in this way helps you up for another session too!.

Reduce The Refractory Period 2

Get sexy and erotic post-sex. It allows you time to recover while doing and enjoying something fun!

  • Sexual Edging

Sexual Edging is something I use personally to help my girlfriend to really enjoy sex fully. It takes discipline and control, and you can do it. If you struggle a bit to begin with use Vigrx Delay Spray The point is to not blow your least not right away and make her well, have the big O long before you do!.

  • Stimulate yourself to an erection, have penetrative sex and when you and ready to blow..stop…
  • Chillax, calm yourself down..let that energy flow…
  • Get back on the it again until you are almost ready to blow your load…
  • Again chillax, let your sexual urges die down
  • Now, get back on the saddle, and go again until you are almost ready to shoot…
  • And chillax..relax and allow the sexual energy to flow..(I did tell you this takes discipline)…
  • Now after your third shot at it you can go full on and enjoy that explosive orgasm..but do be a gentleman and wait until she cum’s first.

You will, once you master the art of edging be appreciative of it, a much better lover and with a happier and more sexually content girlfriend and your refractory period reduced. Even if you dont suffer from premature ejaculation, Vigrx Delay Spray is something that could help you with this technique.

I have been known to use a spray from time to time when edging. Best part is watching my girlfriend squirm!

Reduce The Refractory Period – Conclusion

It may seem as if there is a ton of work to do just to reduce the recovery period between erections and the number of times that you can be at it in a single sex session. Most of what I have mentioned are very easy to do and only require minor adjustments in your lifestyle.

If I was to suggest just 3 of the above mentioned techniques to reduce your refractory period naturally it would be to exercise regularly, take supplements to aid nitric oxide production and get a grip on edging.

Getting your diet fixed is almost a non-thing effortless and think about it this way – with a better diet and exercise you are going to become more physically attractive to your partner. Increasing nitric oxide and edging will help your perform better between the sheets too.

While you are at it, you will get inclined to entertaining her better as both you and she recover from your edging sessions..

See how easy that is to just include an extra two of the techniques mentioned in this article?

In no time you will be rediscovering your form and be at like you were in your 20’s…




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