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How To Increase Penile Sensitivity And Win Back Amazing Sexual Experiences

How To Increase Penile Sensitivity And Win Back Amazing Sexual Experiences

In this article I am going to discuss a subject that has been asked by many a man and show you How To Increase Penile Sensitivity. A lack of sensation down there, no matter what you are doing be it masturbation, being masturbated, getting a blow job or full on sex, is no fun for any man!.

Us men, we all go through that phase where it just does not feel as good as it once did. If you are reading this, you certainly know exactly what I am talking about!

I can almost see you nodding your head in agreement!.

Reduced Penis Sensitivity.

If you seeking ways to increase Penile Sensitivity and sensation Keep reading!.

Reduced Penis Sensitivity

Most of us men discover at some time or another that we have issues with sensitivity issues in our manhood, particularly when we have sex on a regular basis. Sure, recalling way back the day you first became a man! Wow! what a feeling!. But little known to you back then that you were experiencing a reduced sensation!.

You sure as heck found out the day you made love for the first time without a condom!.

Throughout our lives and since then, things have not quite reached those peaks, sensation wise.

But what is the cause of all this penis insensitivity?.

Having Too Much Sex

Wooo – hold on cowboy!. Contrary to belief having too much sex is not what causes penile insensitivity – unless you are having sex at the same rate and quantity as a porn star!.

The reduced highs of our aforementioned orgasmic pinnacles are to exactly that, orgasmic highs! and more to do with our brains and dopamine sensitivity than our actual penile sensitivity.

Yes, Ironically, and rather sadly, taking a break from sex for a while, a short while can help the nerves and tissues in your penis to recover and become more responsive.

How To Increase Penile Sensitivity

Seriously? Too much sex is not a problem for your penile insensitivity issue unless you are having porn star amounts of it!.

Excessive Masturbation

Yeah, yeah! we are all guilty of it at some point in time or another!. Touching your manhood and having your penis touched frequently and regularly have the negative effect of desensitizing your nerves and skin down there!.

So think twice when you get that urge to rub one off!.

Excessive “self love” can cause a loss of penile sensation in three scenarios.

  • The death grip!. A very strong and firm grip down there (why? bro, why!). Also the same grip every single time!
  • Compulsive masturbation, several times daily!
  • Rigorous and aggressively fast masturbation.

In all of these situations, it is quite possible that you will find your pocket rocket to respond to stimulation of other kinds.

Best solution, seriously, do you really need me to tell you how to increase your penile sensitivity in this case? masturbate less often. Calm it down. Have a cold shower if needed!. If you knocking one off twice daily get it down to once, and then once every other day, eventually a couple of times per week!.

My “shaky hand” is down to..NEVER!.


Porn Addiction

This should really go hand in hand with what we have talked about above as most likely it will lead to masturbation and worse of all PIED! Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction.

Just switch it off, is the usual advice, not much I can advise on here as being completely absolutely honest porn is not my thing!. Never has been. Never will be!. And I as red blooded male as you are and anyone else it!. I just see it for what it is!.


It is just a bunch of actors and actresses being paid to do something. It is not real sex!. Not even close!. Understanding that totally turned me off of it!. I get turned on by my own dirty thought, mind and my own sexual fantasies

There are forums like Nofap and yourbrainrebalanced which could help you.

You do want to deal with no only to increase your penile sensitivity but because Porn addiction can cause you to suffer from erection problems!.

How To Increase Penile Sensitivity 1

Seriously, consider getting help for that porn addiction!.

Alcohol Abuse

Sure, the old amber nectar has been responsible for loosening inhibitions and as they say… getting ugly people laid!. It has not been doing any got at all for your sex life!.

I am pretty sure you have all heard of brewers droop!. This primarily caused due to alcohol damaging the liver, as well as other organs which regulate hormone function in your body. I like to call it Beer’s droop because hops are high in phytoestrogens. That’s plant-based estrogens to you and me!

You better as hell be avoiding them like the plague!. Unless you potentially want some bitch tits!.

(ever noticed or wondered why beer guzzling men have man boobs or moobs as they are known?)

Solution to this, counteract the phytoestrogens with their male hormone counterparts Phytoandrogens. You will find plenty of these in Pine Pollen Tincture.

Alcohol, we use it to numb our pains. Sadly is numbs and desensitizes everything…everything!. I do mean everything!

Alright, you get the picture!.

The solution, cut it down. Or cut it out. Personally I cut it out completely. And I was a big drinker!. I do mean big as in borderline alcoholic!.

Poor Blood Flow

Yes, poor circulation and blood flow can lead to not only erectile dysfunction but to a lack of penile sensitivity also. Less blood flowing down there while it is in an erect and a flaccid state leads to a lack of regeneration of the tissues down there, including the nerves!. Also, less vital nutrients getting to there also.

Thankfully there are great and healthy solutions including getting off your ass and getting some good quality medium to high intensity aerobic exercise on a frequent and regular basis.

Nitric oxide supplements to enhance your circulation, erections and penis sensitivity include taking the amino L Arginine and L Citrulline on a daily basis. Good for heart health, sexual health and yes, your sensations down in the trouser department!.

Low Testosterone

This hormone is just one of the driving factors behind your sex drive, libido and sexuality!. Low testosterone, can result in a poor libido, poor erection quality and as if that was not bad enough…penile insensitivity!.

Less testosterone results in a reduced erectile response.

Best way of dealing with this is to get your testosterone numbers checked and take action to increase them if they are low.

Such action includes working out with very heavy weight regularly! Talking both upper and lower body here!. Also consider supplementation with Some of the best testosterone boosters like Pine Pollen Tincture, Tongkat Ali and Nettle Root.

Diabetes And Penile Sensitivity

Sufferers of diabetes know all too well about the loss of sensation in a foot, leg and most chronic of sufferers, much higher up!.

Sure, the disease is like a life sentence but thankfully it can be managed by means of diet, exercise and herbs that help to manage the condition.

Diabetes wreaks havoc on heck of a lot things and processes in your body, including your circulation and your nerve sensitivity!

This explains perfectly well why and how some diabetics can lose either or both of their feet due to sensory neuropathy an infection of gengreen. Sadly their eye sight could very well be lost because of damage retinal blood vessels.

Nerve sensitivity and circulation are certainly 2 of the singularly most important physiological functions when it comes to orgasm and good quality erections. They can destroy sensitivity of your penis if you dont keep them under control.

Definately a tough battle, thankfully it is manageable. You definately might want to check out natural means of managing the condition.

Ageing And Reduced Penile Sensitivity

Ageing, something that we would all love to avoid but simply can’t. Ageing affect your penile sensitivity in a couple of ways. Predominately speaking….

  • A reduction in your bood flow. As you age, your circulation, everywhere, including down there! decreases. Reduced blood flow means a reduced sensation and sensitivity, yes, even in your pocket rocket!. Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to increase your blood flow.
  • Accustomisation. The more you become accostomised to touch, or someone else touching you, even your manhood, the more accomostomed it becomes to touch and thus the less sensation you get from it.

Sadly, the means that the average Joe, (or Jane for that matter) that has a normal sex life, by the time they are in their older age will lack the snesitivity required to fully enjoy an orgasm!.

We might not be able to do much in regard to the impact of ageing. But anything that enhances your circulation could help to put some life back into your manhood.

Potential solutions include getting some brisk to light exercise prior to sex to aid your blood flow. Eat post sex so that blood flow is not diverted to the digestion process. Get plenty of nitrate rich foods and manage your cholesterol levels to help keep your veins clean and clear!.

How To Increase Penile Sensitivity

We have discussed some of the principle causes of penile insensitivity, now lets talk about the solutions.

Moisturise It!: There are plenty of good and effective penile sensitivity creams out on the market, and in my opinion, the best ones include L Arginine and get the blood flowing rather well. Take care of your star member like a woman does her face!. Do it daily and nightly with the cream!.

Chill Out: Chill your penis during sexual encounters. Run a ice cube up and down your manhood during the presex fun. It helps to open up new neural pathways and sensations. You could even have her suck on an ice cube before she blows you!.

Chillax: Take a break from all things sex for a while. Touch, oral, kissing, masturbation….everything!. Any damaged tissue that you may have in your penis has time to recover and heal…and be much more responsive to stimuli.

Silky!: Enjoy new sensations, like the touch of silk, or a feather on your penis. Do it softly, explore different materials. Train your manhood to respond to such light and soft stimuli.

These solutions, like anything else are not instant and quick fixes. It takes time and is worth it. Do bear with it and don’t expect instant gratification or instantly greater penis sensitivity. You are fixing damage that may have been done over years, heck, maybe even decades!.

Stick with it and you’ll see positive results.

Conclusion – Increasing Your Penile Sensitivity

There are a number of different causes and reasons for a reduction in sensitivity in your penis. The damage has been done over a number of years so be patient with your rehabilitation and quest to increase its sensitivity.

Take a break, allow it time to fully recover and eliminate any potential medical concerns that you may have regarding your erectile health.

Follow an exercise program to ”train up” the sensitivity of your penis. Eat a healthy diet high in nitrate rich food and participate in regular physical exercise program to keep and get your blood flowing.

If you have any questions regarding How To Increase Penile sensitivity, Leave a comment below, and I will most certainly get back to you as quickly and promptly as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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