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Male Extra Pills Review – Get That “Little Bit” Extra!

Male Extra Pills review

Male Extra Pills Review – Get That “Little Bit” Extra!

In this article, male extra pills review, I do exactly that and review a popular product for male enhancement called male extra

Male Extra Pills Review – what is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a 100% natural herb based male enhancement supplement which is taken orally 3 times per day as a dietary supplement.   Let get on with my Male Extra pills review

What are the benefits of Male Extra?

The main benefits of taking male extra 3 times per day as indicated are said to be harder and stronger erections, improved libido and sexual performance.

It has been reported to help gain a little extra in size and girth of the penis. It is also claimed to enhance male sexual enjoyment via more intense orgasms.

Who is it for?

Male Extra is for men who not only suffer from erectile dysfunction and have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection but for those who may wish to gain an inch or two in the trouser department.

It for also for those who wish for an overall better and more satisfying sexual experience.

Male Extra can also be good for those that don’t want to or are tired of taking chemical crap otherwise known as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis. (all of which I, personally have used).

male extra pills review

What Are The Main Ingredients?

The main ingredients are naturally occurring and from mother nature herself.

They are: Pomegranate (500mg), L-Arginine (600mg), Creatine, Zinc (45mg) , and Niacin (100mg).

Other ingredients include:  Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane MSM(100mg), Cordyceps (25mg).

The main ingredients are very good and we have spoken about them in previous articles in the diet section.

Pomegranate is excellent for the heart and lowers blood pressure (thus assisting with circulation) and good and producing and protecting Nitric Oxide from free radicles as well as elevating testosterone production!

Zinc too helps with the production of sperm and for the health of your swimmers!

L-arginine and Creatine assist with vasodilation and energy production within muscles respectively.

I have also read a lot about L-Arginine’s benefit for ED and of augmenting the size of the male member.

Can Male Extra Pills Help Improve My Erection Quality?

In short yes, Male extra can help improve your erection quality in terms of getting an erection and maintaining an erection.

I make no secret of it on this site my situation with erectile dysfunction, caused by major trauma and major surgery almost double figures in interventions now!

lately, I have had no real problem getting an erection, but maintaining it been a bit of situation with me and, having a “return match” of love, more than one shot at lovemaking seems to me to be a distant memory!

male extra pills review

male extra pills review

My erections were notably stronger and much more able to maintain an erection with Male Extra pills.

I must admit I like the extra health benefits they bring to cardiovascular health as well as downstairs!

I have only been using them 15 days just now, So far so go.  No palpitation or increased heart rate that I experienced with Viagra and Cialis.

I was able to have an erection, post sex and downstairs I was firm and ready for a return match, sadly no extra condoms (and I had to wait a short while before I was up, – that I suspect with a more prolonged use of Male Extra will reduce the time between erections.  I am now stocking up on condoms!

Male Extra Pills Review – The Pros 

  • 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee (just return the bottles)
  • Natural based on nature!
  • Not too expensive, especially when you compare it to price of Viagra
  • No heart palpitation or increased heart rate experienced (by me)
  • Works!
  • more spontaneous erections

Male Extra Pills Review – Cons

It can take few days before you notice an effect or improvement, especially in more severe cases of ED – it is not like viagra where you can get results shortly after taking.  Do persevere and take the supplements 3x daily as indicated and will eventually see improvements.

Male Extra Pills – Final Verdict

9.3/10 good product worth trying for improving our sexual enjoyment and performance, effective at helping us cure Erectile Dysfunction and get and maintain stronger healthier erections with a very nice side effect of helping us with our cardiovascular health.

I certainly recommend that you try Male Extra to make a vast improvement to your erectile dysfunction and your sex life and get back that horizontal mojo!

male extra pills review


That concludes my male extra pills review, have you tried male extra pills or another similar product? what was your experience? share with us by leaving a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now

Talk soon


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