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Testosterone Boosting Breakfast

testosterone boosting Breakfast

Testosterone Boosting Breakfast

Ay Caramba! it’s that time of day, you crawl or drag your butt out of bed and ready for your daily routine and ready to face the world. Why not start the day with a testosterone boosting breakfast for extra vitality, strength and ready to face the world!

For the record, I love sending my readers a lovely scrumptious recipe that helps them to overcome their ED, in an easy natural and almost unnoticeable way.

The Testosterone Boosting Breakfast

Now this one, in my humble opinion is delicious! and fairly (ok, very) simple to make. Scrambled eggs. bacon and sausages!

To be more precise scrambled eggs with broccoli and spinach mixed in. Optional, you can add in Onions and scramble them up into your testosterone boosting breakfast mix.

The Eggs, provide the necessary cholesterol to augment testosterone levels. In this earlier I explained the benefits of eggs in a testosterone boosting diet.

Broccoli is an awesome vegetable for boosting testosterone, not only because it contains a lot of the essential micronutrients like Zinc, Magnesium,  Vitamins A, C, D, B6, and B12 but because of it ability to flush that girlie hormone estrogen out of your body thanks to the Indole-3 carbinol content.

testosterone Boosting Breakfast

Spinach, as I have established in prior articles is truly an Erectile Dysfunction busting superfood! and a welcome addition to this testosterone boosting diet. For more information, about Spinach and Broccoli, read the article Vegetables that increase testosterone levels.


So you got your eggs sorted, what else for a scrumptious breakfast? or what better than bacon! but not just any bacon, guys,  it has to be organic bacon!

The very reason for this has little to do with jumping on that hippy jippy bandwagon but more to do with what is stored in the pigs meat, antibiotics and often estrogen.

"I want to be healthy too, dont pump me full of antibiotics"

“I want to be healthy too, don’t pump me full of antibiotics”

Pigs, these days are given so much antibiotics that it almost impossible for them to get sick, and so much estrogen that they go from newborn piglet to 100kg+ and at the market ready for sale in just 3 or 4 months.

The estrogen is often stored in the animals fat.

Just to clarify, it is the same for most animals, chickens, pigs and cows, which is why I prefer grass fed beef – it’s tastier, healthier and does n’t contain excess amounts of estrogen and helps boost testosterone levels.


No cooked breakfast would be complete without sausages, well we do have bacon and eggs already in the mix.

Sausages, you guessed it, have to be organic, you know it’s a health thing and we are talking about a delicious testosterone boosting breakfast. As my Mama say’s “If it’s organic there is no need to panic”

Cuppa Joe?

And idea coffee to accompany the testosterone boosting breakfast is the Tongkat Ali Coffee, tea lovers can go for Tea for Erectile Dysfunction and the health conscious amongst us can try out Organic Raw Peruvian Maca Powder for that caffeine free morning energy boost!

If you are interested you can check out our number one rated product, the proenhance patch system.  A transdermal patch, just like an anti-smoking patch or a diet patch but with natural herbs known to help cure erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone boosting breakfast

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I hope that you enjoy this awesome Testosterone boosting breakfast, and find it rather delicious or if you have your own T boosting breakfast let us know by leaving a comment below.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon



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