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Best Breakfast Smoothie – A Healthy Way To Start Your Day!

Best breakfast smoothie

Best Breakfast Smoothie – A Healthy Way To Start Your Day!

In this article, Best breakfast smoothie, I will be giving you a delicious erectile dysfunction busting super healthy smoothie that will not only fill you up and satisfy your hunger and taste buds but enhance your testosterone levels and lower your blood pressure also due to the natural ingredients.

You will also be able to give this smoothie and extra “oomph” by adding a sprinkling of one or two optional ingredients.

Name: Unknown, I’ll let you, my lovely, have the pleasure of naming my smoothies and shakes. (comment below)

Good for: Those who are suffering ED due to low testosterone, low sex drive, and high blood pressure. Adding the optional Ingredients can give an extra boost to those conditions.

Best Breakfast Smoothie – Ingredients

Equipment required: Blender to blend and mix the ingredients together.

Method: Super simple, and easy peasy lemon squeazy.  Just chop the bananas, add them to the blender and blend until smooth consistency and then add the coconut water to give the desired consistency then add a scoop or two of Tongkat Ali or raw Cacao Powder as desired (optional).

Best breakfast smoothie

Bananas, contain the correct micronutrients to help us in this smoothie, remember to go organic, if and when you can.

The micronutrients in the Bananas can enhance testosterone levels. Worthy of noting, Bananas contain an enzyme called Bromelain that is very good in treating erectile dysfunction.

Coconut water, as well as bananas, contain potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure.  Coconut water also contains minerals that help to increase testosterone levels and is known as nature’s own natural electrolytic thirst quencher.

If you wish to turn this smoothie into a delicious breakfast shake just add in extra coconut water to give a more liquid consistency to it.

Adding Tongkat Ali will help turn this into one of the best breakfast smoothies for augmenting libido and testosterone levels.

Organic raw cacao powder will help give this a unique delicious chocolate taste and additional antioxidants and T-boosting qualities as well as  help to reduce stress levels by elevating serotonin levels and other feel-good brain chemicals such as PEA.

You can add both, you can one or you can add none. The choice is up to you.  I like to add a sprinkle raw cacao, Tongkat Ali or other herbs to my shakes and smoothies to make sure I am getting enough of them and in a delicious natural way.

Best Breakfast smoothies

Raw Cacao powder a great addition to an ED busting morning smoothie.

Adding ED busting herbs to your smoothies, and getting into the habit of it doing that is a great way of making sure you get them in your diet, it is all too easy to forget to take you capsules or tablets.

And you can always share the morning healthy breakfast smoothie or shake making with your partner, by alternating days and responsibilities of making them with your partner.

Remember, sharing, caring and being understanding go a long way in coping with ED and maintaining that strong bond that you have.

That is the end of this article and there will be more delightful breakfast smoothies and shakes to be added to this list.

best breakfast smoothie

best breakfast smoothie

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If you have any questions about the best breakfast smoothie or would like to name this smoothie, leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as I can.

Remember, go organic, cos’ you’ll never panic if it’s organic.

Talk soon,


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