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Tongkat Ali Reviews

TongKat Ali Reviews

Tongkat Ali Reviews

In this article, Tongkat Ali reviews I will be talking about the use of Tongkat Ali and its use in erectile difficulties and erectile health.

For the purpose of clarity, in this article, I will provide you with direct links to the exact products that I am talking about so that there is no confusion as to which product I am talking about.

You can then go to the appropriate page by clicking the image or link and do their own further research to decide if the particular product is of use to them or not.

I hope that you appreciate my effort in going that extra mile and saving you from doing the searching yourself and wading through a pile of information to find the products!

The products are all 100% organic unless stated. Go with nature my friends, mother nature loves you and does n’t poison you with chemicals in her food!

So here we go, with our topic of the day, Tongkat Ali reviews,

Tongkat ali reviews

Tongkat Ali tree

Tongkat Ali Reviews – About Tongkat Ali

Now, as I write this article I am preparing for a short trip south to Penang, Malaysia where this is grown. I am not sure if it is grown in Penang, nor do I remember seeing any herbal shops in the Islands Capital Georgetown, but I am on a mission to get 100% authentic organic Malaysian Tongkat Ali.

Malaysian Tongkat Ali is said to be only second to Indonesia in terms of Quality of the herb as in Indonesia, the use only the root of the tree that has grown for a minimum of 10 years.

In Indonesia, it is known as Pasak Bumi. It is also known as Long Jack, Long Jackfolia and Eurycoma longifolia.

Tongkat Ali, in its raw form, is known to be bitter in taste, so much so that many of the Malay names refer to its bitter taste!

The darker brown the colour of the powder the stronger it is in concentrate.

Tongkat Ali may help men with poor erectile function by optimizing testosterone levels, to be more precise the amount of free non-binding testosterone by stimulating the release of a hormone called the luteinizing hormone, which sets off a chain reaction in the Leydig cells in the gonads.

By increasing the amount of the luteinizing hormone more testosterone becomes available resulting in enhanced virility, libido and overall sexual prowess.

Tongkat Ali is also said to have powerful anti-estrogen blocking capabilities.

As men get older, testosterone levels drop and estrogen levels increase resulting in not much free testosterone being available. This, in turn, can result in loss of sex drive and reduced quality of erections.

Tongkat ali reviews

Herbs, a wonderful addition to our diet

Tongkat Ali, as I mention in this article may also work via vasodilatation and enhance blood flow in the trouser department.

Tongkat Ali should make a welcomed addition to an older man’s diet or bodybuilders as optimised testosterone levels could result in in greater lean muscle mass.

It is said a strength of 200mg per day is said to be the minimal amount to be effective at raising testosterone levels. Studies have been conducted on humans taking 600mg daily maximum dosage and have no adverse effect. Studies on higher doses on humans exist but they are very limited.

I like the look of this Tongkat Ali root extract product as it is from Indonesia, where the best Tongkat Ali / Pasak Bumi comes from.

It is very reasonably priced, has the right strength, not too strong nor too weak 350mg, three times daily is a good amount at just over 1,000mg daily intake.  at $11,99 for just over a months supply, that is pretty good bang for your buck.

Tongkat Ali reviews

I do recommend, if you  are interested in this particular product that you buy at least 4, this will allow long-term elevation of testosterone levels, as often it does n’t happen overnight or within a week especially with older men and you can save on the shipping costs, and you will have a nice 4 month supply (at least) of Organic Tongkat Ali

I have taken Tongkat Ali, like 6 capsules, in one go, If I remember correct 500mg and of the purest 1:200 strength, the origin Malaysia, Indonesia is unknown but post-coital I was well doing a  “Fosbury flop” downstairs!, well this Dick was back up  jumping ‘an ready for humpin’ in about 20mins.

This was a direct result of using Tongkat Ali as the rebellious soldier was refusing to stand to attention and salute his captain!

A great alternative is to buy it in powder form, it is reported to be of greater value and a lovely addition to smoothies, morning orange juices, sprinkle on to your regular food, heck you can even bake with it! It can be very bitter in was your first love, your first whisky, heck maybe even your first marriage! but you got over it!

Lovely bonus of Tongkat Ali is that could work as an aphrodisiac for women and for men too.

With a powdered version, well ladies, if your man is too caveman to take the supplements, spike his food! no need to tell him what it is, “just and Asian herb I’m experimenting with,  make food more interesting” and go spike his food!

Or guys, your soldier is standing to attention and is indeed saluting the captain but “dat b*tch ain’t putting out” sprinkle some on her food, in their smoothie, on their breakfast or in their dinner then turn on the smarm and charm!

Bonus Knicker elastic snapping points here dude! – She’ll think you’re being nice and romantic and not just spiking her food with a potential libido enhancer!

Besides, sharing is caring and may help you both  to cope with ED 

The photo below is what I believe to be the best quality and value of Tongkat Ali available in powder form. The best bang for your buck come when you order a minimum of three to save on shipping costs and get that first time buyers 15% discount.

With Tongkat Ali’s documented ability to potentially increase your testosterone up to 37% I suggest that you try it and who knows it might just ramp up your performance between the sheets!

Tongkat Ali Reviews

Tongkat Ali reviews

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article,  Tongkat Ali reviews, if you have any questions, leave a comment below And I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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