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Penis Training To Help You Get Harder Erections!

Penis Training

In this article, I talk about a kind of training you may have never heard of – Penis Training!. Which is exactly what it sounds like, physical training for and of your penis. The kind of training that you could consider as an erection fitness routine!.

Given that we train all other parts of our body like our chest, arms, legs to get bigger and stronger so why not the main appendage?

Women, after all, know all about keeping their thing down there well trained and in shape. Perhaps time for us men to up our game and get with it!.

As they say what is good for the goose is good for the gander!.

Penis Training – Erection Fitness Tips For Harder And Stronger Erections!

  • Does Penis Training Work?

As I mentioned above, it is a very well established fact and proven by countless studies that training other parts of your body helps to keep them healthy and stronger.

  • You want bigger harder biceps – do some dumbbell curls
  • You want stronger more developed chest – do some bench presses!
  • More toned and stronger legs – do some squats!

Stronger harder erections…?

Yes, you gotta work that out too, to keep it strong and healthy.

Let’s start with…

Penis Training – Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are essentially speaking pelvic floor exercises and no doubt you have heard women being told to tone their muscles down there.

Us men ought to as well!.

The genito-urinary benefits of greater and much better bladder control apply to both sexes, with the fairer sex enjoying a tighter vagina and men, stronger penises!

(seems like a win win for couples to me!)

She (ultimately you) get a tighter vagina that can stimulate your penis more and she (and you) gets a stronger harder penis!

When it comes down to the benefits for us men, Kegel exercises have been proven by research to also aid with premature ejaculation and a reduction in the refractory period between erections as well as harder erections. [1]

Kegels…Do them! or suffer weaker erections, quicker ejaculations and a longer time between subsequent erections!

The problem with kegels is that it is easy to forget to do them, and with the regular kegel exercises you can only do so much and go so far.

But with the private gym, which is a private gym for your manhood and probably the best penis training device. It is something that you can consider as weight training for your penis as it is very much as I call them, “Power Kegels with weights” 

(I own one! with extra weights,  3 x 2.5 Oz add on weights, which is 212 grams for us metric folks!.

I worked through the basic training around 2 months and then adding on the additional weights, one each per month for a total for 2 further months 4 months in total to hit maximum strength.

I could have gone further and bought an additional set of snap on magnetic weights but I felt little extra benefit and, hell I don’t need the Swartzenegger of PC Muscles down there! Every now and then I up my workout down there and just keep myself in maintenance mode!

Using the device, and doing the Kegel exercises you will notice results in 2-3 weeks. And these results for me were harder stronger NATURAL erections!

Penis Training – The Deer Exercise!

The Deer exercise is something that originates from the Chinese practice of Qi Gong and definitely something that can be considered as penile training.

It is not something that I do regularly, but is most certainly is as I have had some very positive experiences in regards to Qi Gong, – the final step in my road to recovery and helped me to be able to walk again after many years due to a road accident.

The Deer is highly regarded in China for it’s vitality, sexually speaking.

Many men who do this practice daily, which only takes a few minutes report waking up with stronger and harder morning wood.

Rather than try to describe how to do it in textually, watch this video and you will see just how easy the Deer exercise is to do.


Jelquing is something that is considered as not just penis training exercises but for training for increasing the hardness and size of your erections. Some men mistake it as a fancy form of masturbation, which could not be further from the truth.

No special equipment is required just your hands and a few minutes of your time.

It somewhat of a penile massage also, which stretches and massages your manhood. Perhaps it is the breakdown of calcified deposits that aids in the creation of better and harder erections.

The micro tears when stretching and cellular repair that goes on and the creation of new longer and thicker cells are what helps with both increasing the size of your penis and the hardness factor as new healthy cells are made.

As per the Qi Gong, it is much better that you actually see how to do Jelquing than reading written instructions.

Penis Pumps For Penis Training!

I don’t think there is a man over the legal age that has never heard of penis pumps! Or instantly does not knwo what one looks like or is for!.

Penis pumps, famed for their use in terms of penile enlargement and for aiding impotent men to get erections. They are actually very good training device that could be considered as good for “penile physical therapy” as you train the blood the flow there and nourish and revitalise your manhood.

This is something particularly advisable for men that have undergone prostate surgery or penile atrophy to try out, naturally after consultation with their GP.

Urologists often recommend the use of penis pumps to manage erection problems [2]

But Do They Actually Work? 

A trial involving 216 men over a 29 month period the researches documented that the quality of erections in terms of rigidity, length, girth and durability resulted in 90% rate of satisfaction of the men in the trial [3]

At the end of one trial with 216 subjects completed over 29 months, the researchers wrote this…

90% satisfaction…pretty good by my book!

Essentially penis pumps offer the potential of long term results that are drug free. Definitely something to add to your penis training toolbox.

Morning Wood

Penis training for good hard wood in the morning, and putting that wood to good use is, without doubt the singularly speaking the best way to start your day.

….And to kick start a positive feedback loop that involves increasing testosterone and getting more erections and much less stress.

There is actually a science behind morning wood “Nocturnal Penile Tumescence” and a female equivalent appropriately named “Nocturnal Clitoral Tumescence”.

Both of which you can read about in the free report – The Science Of Morning Wood!

Which you can get – totally on the house by clicking the highlighted text or the insert below.

Here’s to harder erections, and good penis training for all!

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