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Minerals That Increase Testosterone

minerals that increase testosterone

Minerals That Increase Testosterone

In a previous article we talked about vitamins that increase testosterone, now it is time to unveil the minerals that increase testosterone so we can get the known micronutrients to augment our testosterone levels and thus enhance sex drive and the quality of your erections, especially if low testosterone levels are the cause of your ED.

Minerals That Increase Testosterone – Magnesium

A variety of studies has proven a direct link to increased magnesium in a person’s diet and the amount of free testosterone levels in one’s body.

Studies have shown optimum amount to be taken daily is 10mg per kg of body weight, meaning a man of 75kg should be taking 75 x mg = 750mg daily. This amount, 10 mg per kilo of body weight was shown to produce an average of 24% increase in free testosterone levels.

Best source: Pumpkin seeds, Spinach, soybeans, sesame seeds, swiss chard, black beans, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds.

minerals that increase testosterone

Sesame seeds, good source of testosterone boosting magnesium

Minerals That Increase Testosterone – Calcium

A surprise one for this list as calcium is normally associated with bone density, it appears to be great for testosterone levels also and since testosterone is great for bone density also this is a double whammy of good benefits for your bones and your ability to fight off or prevent osteoporosis in later life.

There is not a lot known nor a lot of research done on the relationship between calcium and testosterone levels, but a study done in the mid 1970’s suggest a profound link between the stimulation of the Leydig cells in the testicles and increased testosterone levels when increased amounts of calcium are added to a person’s diet.

Best source:  Cheese, milk, yoghurt, soybeans, kale, spinach.

minerals that increase testosterone

Minerals That Increase Testosterone – Selenium

Unfortunately, there is not a lot known about selenium’s properties and abilities to enhance testosterone, however, some studies and experiments have shown that selenium to improved sperm quality thus indicating a possible link to enhanced testosterone levels if taken in greater quantities.

Best Source: Brazil nuts, Oysters, Tuna, Whole wheat bread, lobsters, seeds, pork, swordfish, lamb, beef. Chicken, Turkey, Mushrooms.

minerals that increase testosterone

Oysters, high in many of the micronutrients required for augmenting testosterone levels.


Probably best-known micronutrients and most studied in relation to enhancing testosterone level and sperm quality in men. Numerous studies prove the relationship between increased zinc levels and increased testosterone levels.

Best Source: Oysters*, Crab, Lobster, Beef, Lamb, Broccoli, Chickpeas, Pork, Chicken steak, Raw cacao. nuts, spinach.

*Legendary bitch fodder and all round ladies man, Don Juan de Marco, was reported to eat 50 oysters daily – he might have been on to something there!

vegetables that increase testosterone levels

Boost your T-levels and bitch slap girlie hormones with broccoli


Two interesting studies on boron exist. One suggests that a daily consumption of just 6mg taken daily for 2 months increases T-levels by almost 30%. The other study suggested that a slight increase from 6mg of boron to 10 mg taken daily for just one week resulted in a 28% increase in testosterone levels.

Those two studies, to me, show that boron could very well enhance testosterone levels if taken consumed regularly in small doses or quickly if taken in higher doses. However, I do think more research is required.

Best Sources:  Raisins, Almonds, Avocados, peanut butter. lentils.


There is a direct relationship between the amount of manganese in a person’s body and the levels of free testosterone.  However, as known brain toxin, (neurotoxin) taking augmented or super high levels of Manganese is most definitely not advisable.

Best Sources:  Hazelnuts, muscles, flax seeds, tofu, beans. Brown rice, black tea.

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minerals that increase testosterone

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That concludes our article, minerals that increase testosterone levels. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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