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Nutritious Breakfast Shakes That Boost Your Sex Drive!

nutritious breakfast shakes

Nutritious Breakfast Shakes – That Boost Your Sex Drive!

In this article, we will talk about nutritious breakfast shakes that will kick start your morning with a healthy blend of vitamins and minerals and deal a body blow to your erectile dysfunction.

Please do, when you can, and, if possible, go organic. Going organic I understand is more expensive upfront, but the long-term benefits are immeasurable and may actually end up saving you a fortune in medical bills down the road in later years!

Equipment needed, blender (duh!) and ingredients!

Nutritious Breakfast Shakes – Tropical Banana!

This one is super easy and simple to make, and fabulous for erectile dysfunction. Contains Bananas, which are good for boosting testosterone levels and contains bromelain, an enzyme known for fighting erectile dysfunction.  Also contains lovely tropical Pineapple, also known for its bromelain content and high in antioxidants and ability assist in blood flow.

Pineapple is also high in the right minerals to boost testosterone levels.

Optional, and not a bad idea at all add in a sprinkle of powdered Tongkat Ali, you can click the highlighted text to find the best priced Tongkat Ali in a powdered form available online. Ideal for smoothies and shakes will get you a nice extra testosterone and libido boost!

nutritious breakfast shakes

You can also go double delicious and turn this one into a “cheeky monkey” by adding in a little scoop of 100% organic raw cacao powder which is a fab antioxidant and known to be beneficial for sufferers of erectile dysfunction!

At the moment, this recipe is a smoothie, to turn it into a lovely shake, just add in milk.  The choice is up to you, soy or cow milk. My advice would be that if low testosterone levels are a cause of your erectile dysfunction use cows milk as it contains the correct fats, vitamins A, B12,  D and calcium to help with augmenting your testosterone levels.

I am pretty sure, you don’t need any instructions on how to make those smoothies, chop, cut and place in blender, blend until smooth consistency add soy milk or cows milk if you want a shake. Add one or two teaspoons powdered Tongkat Ali or Raw Cacao powder as necessary, serve and enjoy.

Personally, I would not go about adding in sugar as sugar lowers your testosterone levels.

nutritious breakfast shakes

The Montel Williams Health Master Elite, Our recommended 3-in-1 high-speed blender, Juicer, and food processor

If you wish you can be a fancy Nancy and serve the breakfast shake or smoothie in the used pineapple shell and spoil your other half with a surprise healthy and rather fancy and well-presented breakfast.

Remember, my friends part of coping with Erectile Dysfunction is sharing thing, and doing thing together, what better than a well prepared well present breakfast smoothie in bed!

Currently, this testosterone boosting smoothie/shake is unnamed and is our debut shake, any suggestion on names appreciated. Tropical T-booster?, Cheeky Choco for the one with cacao added?  or Cheeky monkey (for chocolate banana-pineapple one?) Tropical monkey for pineapple-banana? give your answers in the comments section below, I’d love to hear your idea!

I hope that you enjoyed this article and the idea of a simple smoothie or shake with or without the added benefits of Tongkat Ali or raw Cacao and can see how some simple, easy changes and choices can make significant inroads to helping to cure erectile dysfunction, rather than just put a band aid over the problem and treat the symptom with some pills all while not really curing nor addressing the underlying problem.

I will be adding more nutritious breakfast shakes to this list so keep your eyes open, your bellies rumbling!

Also, note that by going healthy for breakfast you are perhaps lowering your cholesterol levels, as well as sugar and salt levels (perhaps due to hidden sugars and salts) Vs your normal regular breakfast and those are known causes of erectile dysfunction as Sugar lowers your testosterone levels, salt augments blood pressure and excess cholesterol can be bad for blood flow.

nutritious breakfast shakes

nutritious breakfast shakes

I hope you enjoy this simple and delicious ED busting nutritious breakfast shake, If you have a name suggestion or any questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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Ciao for now,

And remember, go organic!

Talk soon



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