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Buy Shilajit – Reasons Why You Should Buy The Healthiest Supplement Known!

Buy Shilajit

Buy Shilajit – Reasons Why You Should Buy The Healthiest Supplement Known!

In this article, I will review a Shilajit product and leave you to make your own choice of which is better for you, shilajit powder or shilajit resin. I will also show you where to Buy Shilajit at the best price and quality. I will also explain how it helps your overall health and erectile dysfunction.

Buy Shilajit – Shilajit Review

Product: Shilajit Resin / Shilajit Powder by Lost Empire Herbs. Buy Shilajit

Price: Resin $59.95 (100 day supply) and Powder $49.95 (50 day supply).

Guarantee: Absolutely! 365-day no questions asked full money back guarantee! The Best in the Industry!

My Rating: 9.7/10 for both resin and powder.

Best Place To Buy:

Good For: Rasing testosterone levels, natural chelation therapy, getting organic minerals in your body. Poor                                     circulation, diabetes, stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, increased energy, obesity and increasing sex                       drive.

Buy Shilajit

Buy Shilajit – Shilajit Product Overview

Shilajit originates from the Himalayan mountain range and is a live organic substance in its resinous state. It is also available in powder and liquid states as well as the more effective waxy resinous form.

Shilajit, in whatever form you find it is densely packed with over 85 natural and live organic minerals and is very commonly used in Bhutan, Nepal, India and surrounding countries. It has been an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

It is a potent substance provided my mother nature that is considered to be a powerful nutraceutical which has qualities which can help guard against degenerative diseases according to studies in the South American nation of Chile, with the latest research showing shilajit to be an effective preventative treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Buy Shilajit

Photo of the Shilajit Resin by Lost Empire Herbs.

Organic Minerals

It is the 85+ organic minerals found in Shilajit that bring around many of the health benefits. No other product has such a wide variety and density of naturally occurring organic minerals in their ionic form than Shilajit resin or shilajit powder has.

It is important to understand the difference between organic and non-organic minerals. To explain the difference briefly organic minerals contain carbon which allows them to form an ionic bond with the carbon in our bodies.

They, the non-organic minerals are treated as toxins and our body struggles to get rid of them leading to health implications.

The Organic minerals with their ionic bond assists your body in removing heavy metals and non-organic minerals giving shilajit its’ natural chelation therapy properties. And I for one would rather take a supplement that does that naturally than to have chemicals injected!

Besides, the effects last longer! and are less expensive. 

buy Shilajit

One happy user with increased sex drive!

The Pros And The Cons

In order to give a balanced review of any product, the reviewer should talk about the good and the bad of the particular product.

Buy Shilajit Resin – The Pros

What I liked about Shilajit.

  • Help’s remove toxic heavy metals and inorganic minerals from the body
  • The Natural Chelation therapy! and far cheaper!
  • The scientific (and health) community speak positively about the health benefits of Shilajit
  • The product lasts a long time, approx 100 days for resin and 50 days for the powder at the recommended dose
  • Can help with Alzheimer’s disease as well as other cognitive degenerative diseases
  • Clinical trials have shown shilajit resin to augment testosterone by 20% over a 90 day period
  • Organic product!
  • Full year long guarantee on both powder and resin.
  • Incredibly healthy!
  • That Amazing burst of zest and energy I felt after 3 days of taking shilajit.
  • 15% Discount for first-time buyers 
  • Free Delivery on all orders over $100 in North America
  • Increases sex drive!

Buy Shilajit Resin – The Cons

What I did n’t like about Shilajit.

  • Taste! (of the resin)
  • It can be difficult to measure the correct dose.

These two minor drawbacks are nothing major as the distinctive taste you can get used to with time and you can take the resin with honey or mix it into your tea or coffee. You can also simply rinse your mouth with water after taking the resin, I, however, prefer to let the distinctive taste linger!

The dosage situation can be resolved with time and by using the spatula provided.

Buy Shilajit – The Final Verdict

9.7/10 Buy It And Try It!  Shilajit is a powerful supplement that can have incredible health benefits for you overall thanks to its restorative qualities and natural chelation of heavy and toxic metals in our bodies! This is something that is fantastic for our overall health and well-being and not just our erectile health.

With the fact that certain mineral deficiencies can cause sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation and of course erectile dysfunction and infertility.

It is a must to keep an eye on your diet to make sure you are getting all the right minerals and are not deficient in any way, one certain way of doing that is by supplementing with Shilajit Resin.

Rather than count the amount of each mineral I am getting I simply buy shilajit to make sure I get all of those minerals and in an organic form and enjoy the benefit of the natural chelation therapy it gives me.

Peace of mind is always a good thing, and that is what Lost Empire Herbs give you with their 365-day full money back guarantee.

Simply try their products and if you don’t get the results that you expected return the product (or empty bottle or bag within a full year and claim your refund!

Buy Shilajit

Lost Empire Herbs astounding 365-day guarantee.

I certainly recommend that you try shilajit resin to not only improve your erectile dysfunction, enhance your testosterone, fertility and your general health and well-being.

For more information about Shilajit resin and powder click the link below!.

Buy Shilajit Buy Shilajit

If you have any questions about Shilajit resin or Shilajit powder or where to buy shilajit, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Don’t forget your first-time buyers 15% discount and free delivery for orders over $100 (North America only)

Talk soon


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