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How To Take Tongkat Ali

how to take -tongkat ali

How To Take Tongkat Ali

In this article, I will talk about a testosterone boosting herb called Tongkat Ali, what it is, where to find it, how it could help sufferers of erectile dysfunction and How to Take Tongkat Ali for maximum results and effects. I also mention briefly how it helps our girlies!

What Is Tongkat Ali And Where Does It Come From?

Tongkat Ali is a herb that predominantly comes from South East Asia and grown naturally deep in the jungles and rain forests of Indonesia where it is known as Pasak Bumi, Thailand (Plaplai Phueak), Vietnam (cây bá bệnh) and in greater quantities the Malaysian Cameron Highlands.

The name Tongkat Ali means Ali’s walking stick.

The botanical name is Eurycoma longifolia which is perhaps where its’ more common name of Long Jack amongst native English speakers comes from.

It is also at times referred to as Malaysian Ginseng due to its’ adaptogenic powers, however, it is not part of the same botanical family as ginseng.

How May It Help Sufferers Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Primarily speaking it may help sufferers of erectile dysfunction by targeting the underlying causes that may be causing your impotence, principally speaking low testosterone, low sex drive, lack of vitality and energy and high blood pressure.

It is by targeting the underlying causes of the condition it could help sufferers to find a quality long term remedy.

And trust me, it far better to find a solution to any problem than to continually take medicine like Viagra, which does have some dangerous side effects (including death!) and despite being an effective treatment it does not bring around a long-term cure as it does not treat the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

Just for the record neither Cialis or Levitra treat the underlying causes of ED!

Rather interestingly, clinical studies have shown that long-term use of those little blue pills to negatively affect erectile function due to damage caused to the Leydig cells.

Best herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction

Viagra, long-term use can take you on a south-bound journey!

How Does Tongkat Ali Work?

This herb works by working in harmony with your body by stimulating a group of cells in the anterior pituitary gland called the gonadotropic cells.

When the gonadotropic cells are stimulated they release gonadotropins, of which one is the luteinizing hormone, it is this hormone that then stimulates and sets off a chain reaction in Leydig cells, which are located in the gonads, and stimulates the production of testosterone.

Tongkat Ali also helps to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which give the taker seeking to raise testosterone levels a bonus effect and double bonus of maintaining those gains.

Raising testosterone levels helps men to have firmer stronger and longer lasting erections, as well an increased sex drive, lower stress levels and greater energy and vitality.

A nice secondary effect is increased muscle tone and firmness,  as well as the lipogenesis effect of burning body fat! This good not only for looking better and becoming more appealing and physically attractive for your partner but because your excess body fat has a whole love affair going on with estrogen!.

Reducing excess body fat has been shown to reduce excess estrogen in men.

Other uses include as an anti-viral and managment of malaria and dysentery. The Quassinoids have been shown to be 2 times more effective as the drug aspirin.

For the females of the species, they too experience an increase in sex drive, and when my Vietnamese girlfriend is not in the mood…you know she gets a “special” herbal tea or coffee!. She also gets that “consideration” around THAT!  time of the know..less of PMT/PMS-induced crazy GF and less ear ache for me! (haha!)

Our lady partners can experience less of troubled time during their menstrual cycle (as mentioned above!), this is due to the Leydig cells helping the ovaries to release the egg when stimulated by the luteinizing hormone.

Tongkat Ali also helps with the menopause.

Tongkat Ali review

Nice! testimonial.. and remember a happy wife = less strife!

How To Take Tongkat Ali For Best Effect!

Ideally, Tongkat Ali is taken in powder form directly by mouth but is an acquired taste, and a strong bitter one at that, however, a few times you actually get used to the taste.

When I take my dosage I like to let the herb linger in my mouth for as long as I can and for at least 2 minutes before clearing the taste with a glass of water.

With the powder form, you have much more options such as mixing it into your coffee for a very nice gourmet coffee, which I often do. You can also try mixing it into a herbal tea on its’ own or with ginger for a nice added spice and taste!

Another way I rather enjoy taking my herbs is in smoothies and juices, the reason behind this is to provide the herbs that I am using (and working with!) the proper platform of good quality nutrition and nutrients so that I get the best possible effects from them.

If the herbs are working in harmony with your body, you might as well work in harmony with the herbs!

An ideal smoothie to be taken with Tongkat Ali or with it mixed in should consist of plenty dark green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetable to allow your body to get the right nutrients for increasing testosterone helping the herb to increase your T levels

With the Indole 3-carbinol content to maintain and keep those levels by helping to stop any increases being rendered inert by being bound by any excess estrogen* you may have in your body.

This creates a Win-Win-Win situation for you! Win 1..the nutrients help the herb to increase testosterone levels, Win 2.. you help suppress the gains in testosterone being rendered inert by being bound to estrogen.

Win 3… the gains are maintained by Tongkat Alis’ ability to suppress the aromatizing process of converting testosterone into estrogen!

*Ladies worried about certain vegetables lowering estrogen should not worry, Indole 3-carbinol does not lower estrogen, it blocks it from binding to the male sex hormone testosterone.

The Ideal dose of Tongkat Ali is  100mg taken once or twice daily on a 7-day cycle of 5 days on and 2 days off.

Where To Buy The Best Tongkat Ali

As mentioned the best form of this herb is in powdered form as it allows you flexibility and more natural ways of taking it. It is also good to take your herbs in those ways as it far easier and becomes second nature to pop some in your coffee or tea, sprinkle into smoothies or as a condiment sprinkled onto your food.

The best powder, and where I buy mine is from Lost Empire Herbs who provide buyers with the peace of mind with their 365-day money back guarantee.

Plus they provide independent Lab analysis reports on their site for every herb, tincture, and formulae they sell. Plus they have great 15% off discount offer for first-time buyers! plus all North American orders over $100 receive free delivery.

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Lost Empire Herbs astounding 365-day guarantee!

For more information about Lost Empire Herbs, click the link or post insert below.

How To Take Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Review – Does It Work?

If you have any questions about how to take Tongkat Ali leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Remember to take advantage of their 15% discount for first-time buyers and their free delivery offer!

Talk soon.


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