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Lost Empire Herbs

Lost Empire Herbs

Lost Empire Herbs

In this short article, I will talk about the team at Lost Empire Herbs and a brief overview of the products that they have that can help sufferers of erectile dysfunction and their outstanding and cutting edge 365-day full money back guarantee!

Lost Empire Herbs – The Faces Behind The Company

They are a small family owned business run out of Soquel, California who were formerly known as Super man herbs. They had to undergo a name change and overhaul of their business due to haven unwittingly caused some concern regarding copyright issues with DC comics.

Even I can see the distinct difference between “Superman” and “Super man” as did they and their lawyers. However being a small business they had no desire to undergo a messy and unnecessarily expensive court case. Thus the name change and the birth of Lost Empire Herbs!

The team at Lost Empire Herbs are:

Logan Christopher: A Unique and brilliant individual dedicated to natural life and natural living so much so he spent 3 weeks living with an indigenous Achuar people deep in the Amazon jungle To drink their chicha. To commune with their shamans. To see how they practice herbalism, shortly before the transition of Super man herbs to Lost Empire Herbs.

He is a fully Qualified NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) Trainer, certified and qualified in Eden Energy medicine and is a practitioner of energy psychology.

Logan Christopher studied herbal medicine at the School of Evolutionary Medicine where his professors were some of the world’s most respected experts and authorities in Chinese Tonic Medicine.

Logan is the creator of many video training programs as well as books that are dedicated to helping people to better their health, strength, skills and mental performance.

Lost Empire Herbs

Logan Christopher, known to perform weighted back flips from time to time!

Cloud Christopher: An Ex-long haul truckie and for a few years, 4 years to be precise, a member of the US Army where he was stationed in Alaska.

As a truck driver instead of fueling his body with a regular cuppa Joe’s and energy drinks to stay alert he would take Shilajit resin* which would bring him the result of being fitter and healthier as well as slimmer when he returned home from those long haul drives.

His beautiful daughter Violet is indeed the original Pine Pollen Baby after using the substance alongside Tongkat Ali. to cure his erectile dysfunction.

Cloud is responsible for the production and of overseeing suppliers as well as customer service. His wife Ari is responsible for the graphic design side of Lost Empire Herbs.

*Logan Christopher has christened Shilajit … Charlajit after kissing his girlfriend Charlotte goodbye … and then tasting the distinctive shilajit on her lips hence Charlajit!

Lost Empire Herbs

Cloud Christopher with his daughter Violet and wife Ari

Zane Christopher: It was Zane Christopher’s studies in Natural Philosophy that lead him towards a life and lifestyle that drew him to become more aligned and in harmony with natural surroundings and with nature itself.

He discovered that mushrooms and medicinal herbs are a great way to bring us closer to our origin of being and our original humanity.

Zane is quite an athlete and has a zest for running marathons bare footed! He is the marketing manager of Lost Empire Herbs. His responsibilities include handling promotional events as well as wholesale and bulk orders.

Lost Empire Herbs

Zane Christopher and his passion for mushroom hunting!

The Lost Empire Herbs Guarantee

They have promised to continue with their ground breaking and quite frankly outstanding and absolutely astounding 365-day no questions asked full money back guarantee….even if you consumed the entire product!

Put simply all you have to do is return the empty bag, bottle or remainder of the product to them within a year if you did not get the results that you expected.

How is that for peace of mind!

He Shou Wu Reviews

Lost Empire Herbs 365-day guarantee is the best in the industry!


A short list, and by no means extensive, of products offered by Lost Empire Herbs that can be beneficial for sufferers of erectile dysfunction.

Pine PollenA powerful adaptogenic supplement that contains over 200+ nutrients including 18 amino acids and all 8 essential amino acids as well as a whole range of Vitamins and Minerals that are great for augmenting testosterone.

It’s an excellent source of Phyto Androgens and is excellent for increasing testosterone levels and boosting sex drive as well as feelings of sexual desire. Good for men and women.

Mucuna Pruriens and He Shou Wu two powerful herbs that are brilliant at increasing dopamine levels and acting as great herbs for mental health problems such as stress and depression as well as enhancing sex drive and overall vitality and energy.

He Shou Wu is particularly good for it’s anti-ageing properties.

Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed Both very effective at treating erectile dysfunction and regulating hormonal imbalances in both men and women, both working in two very different ways. Actually very effective at helping women around that time of the month when she “goes a little crazy!” and with relieving symptoms of the menopause.

Ashwagandhafantastically adaptogenic herb for men’s health and is known as Indian Viagra for a reason! It is quite brilliant for ladies health too and for a number of reasons.

Cistanche Tubulosais one of the very few herbs that is safe to take for sufferers of high blood pressure who are also suffering from male impotence.

like Ashwagandha it is adaptogenic and useful for a number of conditions including issues associated with female health.

Pine Pollen Tincture: A potent tincture that you can consider as nature’s own hormone replacement therapy. Much stronger in its ability to increase testosterone than Pine Pollen Powder, but less nutritional, it has less nutrients but more testosterone.

For more information about the herbs mentioned simply click the highlighted words to be taken to the appropriate page.

Lost Empire Herbs

I hope you are now very familiar with who is Lost Empire Herbs, their fantastic guarantee and what kind of products they have that may be of benefit to you.

If you have any questions simply leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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