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Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits – Do They Extend To The Bedroom?

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits – Do They Extend To The Bedroom?

In this article, we will discuss the Cistanche Tubulosa benefits and how it can help us and our partners. I will also explain exactly what this peculiar looking herb is exactly and where you can find it.

Cistanche, there are two types of plants in this family Cistanche tubulosa and Cistanche deserticola. Both are beneficial for male yang energy in Chinese herbal medicine. In fact been said to be one of the most powerful yang tonics in Ancient Chinese herbal medicine.

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits – Helps Your Lady Too!

This powerful herb Grows only in China, it’s appearance is, rather like that of male genitalia.  It is a parasitical plant that grows on its host the Tamarix, actually thriving roots on the Tamarix, which can grow up to almost 2 meters tall.

Cistanche has been used in China for almost 1000 years, 80% of its uses were that of helping and managing problems with sexual potency in men and fertility in women as well as being a good hormone regulator, making it great for your nagging wife’s PMT! (haha) and her menopause also.

It is also great for the many of us who find it difficult to maintain a healthy active sex life especially when old grandfather time starts to creep up on us and that dreaded curse of erectile difficulties.

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits

Good for “her indoors” too! (haha)

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits – It Strengthens Your Back And Knees!

Cistanche Tubulosa is a popular and rather helpful herb found in many different formulas, which are designed in order to strengthen the sexual function, back and knees while managing erection problems.

For me, this particularly great due to having smashed my knee, and I mean seriously smashed! (see about me page for my story).  Something herbal that can actually help my knee, boost vitality and help “erect the flagpole” (so to speak!)

This rather unusual herb is also used as the primary ingredients of many sexual enhancement supplements available here in Thailand. It is said to be a great help in dealing erection difficulties.

Also, there was some research conducted about this herb that shows this can support testicular function and the seminal fluid enhancement it could provide, making it great for your swimmers, both in terms of sperm motility and mobility.

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits include being helpful for back and knee problems

Many Positive Health Benefits

Besides from being great potential for helping you get it on and get it up Cistanche Tubulosa has also other positive benefits that can also add to the quality of life. Which may include:

  • Lower cognitive deficits and Alzheimer
  • Anti-fatigue activity (not tonight honey I’m tired..go slip her some!)
  • Learning through increasing the growth factor of nerves
  • Improving memory function (eh, what was your name again?)
  • Anti-ageing (keep pulling them young hotties!)
  • Regulation of hormones (in both sexes) 
  • Stimulation of nitric oxide production (exactly what we need to point north!)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Stimulates ATP
  • Promotion of bone formation
  • Antioxidant

Cistanche Tubulosa has also active components such as:

  • Echinacosides that can improve your naïve T-cell numbers resulting in younger immune system
  • Cistanosides
  • Betaine
  • Acteosides
  • 2 major polysaccharide fractions that may stimulate T & B cell proliferation

You may find Cistanche Tubulosa to have a very high mineral content such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, copper, manganese, boron, and zinc. All of which are winners in the fight against low testosterone and erection difficulties, and help regulate blood pressure amongst other things.

Improves Memory And Vitality

With the components of Cistanche Tubulosa, you will have the chance to maintain a healthier and more active sex life. And with its ability to help improve memory

(you might just remember her name the following morning, making it perhaps ideal for the still single stud muffins amongst us!  haha!)

If you are experiencing fatigue, you can rely on its power to increase your energy and vitality to keep you going while accomplishing all the things you need to do in your day to day activity.

Aside from the pleasure that Cistanche Tubulosa could give you, there are also other potential health benefits that I also experience with this herb, which is well worth sharing with your girlie.

It may sound new to you but it really can change your overall health while improving the quality of your sex life as well as helping your lady friend with her PMT and menopause.

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits

Cistanche tubulosa is great for improving your memory also

If you really have some troubles in the trouser department and want to make steps in a positive direction then try Cistanche Tubulosa – it might have been just what you have been waiting for all this time!

Cistanche Tubulosa benefits

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this article about Cistanche Tubulosa benefits, and found it informative as well as helpful. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now

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