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Can High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction

Can High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Hi, there my friends, in this article I’ll be asking (and answering) the question “can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction?”

As you are well aware by now the name of the game on this site is to cure erectile dysfunction so that you my dear readers do not have a quick fix temporary solution.

In order to do that, we have to look at the causes of erectile dysfunction and address the underlying causes. By addressing the underlying causes we can make and take the correct steps and positive action to finding an actual cure to what may be causing your sexual dysfunction.

What Is High Blood Pressure?

Measuring blood pressure is about the top and bottom numbers which are systolic (the top number) and diastolic (the bottom number).

Normal healthy blood pressure is defined as less than 120/80 (120 over 80).

Early high blood pressure (prehypertension) range is defined as 120-139/80-89

Stage 1 one hypertension is defined as 140-159/90-99

Stage 2 hypertension is defined as 160+/100+ if Aged 60+ 150+/90+

Can you see how these numbers are rising?, well your D*ck won’t be! get it fixed lads! 

Perhaps of interest, omron 10 series home blood pressure monitoring equipment a fab blood pressure monitoring equipment I reviewed with a funky app that tracks your blood pressure over a period of time, perhaps save you expensive trips to your Doctor to get your blood pressure taken.

Can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction

Quick test my dear readers, where does this reading fall in the blood pressure rating range? (comment below with your answer!)

Can High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

In a word, yes, high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction. This is simply because elevated blood pressure can lead to and cause arterial damage.

Think of high blood pressure (or hypertension as it is often referred to) like using a common garden hose but applying the same kind of water pressure that firefighters would use to put out an office building that is on fire. At some point, your garden hose is going to give out and become damaged (and perhaps leak water!). 

Also, proper, adequate and sufficient blood flow is needed through-out the veins and arteries in order to get and maintain a good solid erection. Anything that impairs or restricts the blood flow will cause a loss of the quality of erection that you can get.

Many of the medical issues and causes of erectile dysfunction are indeed problems with and related to the arterial system. 

Worthy of noting here that high blood pressure can damage the whole vascular system!

So guys, do get this addressed and fixed (and do consult with your family Doctor), not just for the sake of fixing your trouser snake but for the benefit of your entire vascular health as high blood pressure (HBP for short) can lead to some serious health consequences, even death!

High Blood Pressure And Erectile Function

High blood pressure prevents the  arteries in your..male parts  from opening in the way in which they should and because of this it this stops the smooth muscle in your genitalia from relaxing, and as a result proper blood flow does not make it “down there” (i.e, not enough blood flows to that department!)  equating to no or a low-quality erection.

Many men who suffer from elevated blood pressure may also suffer from low testosterone, (Note: “may” and not “all”).  Testosterone, an essential hormone for sexual arousal and libido in men (and women too) is very much a requirement for us “hunky and spunky man-beasts” to get “hot ‘n’ horny” and as hard as nails!

Causes Of High Blood Pressure

The main causes of high blood pressure are as follows.

  • Being obese or overweight
  • high salt (sodium) intake in your diet (including hidden salts like MSG (mono SODIUM glutamate)
  • Smoking
  • high alcohol consumption (2+ drinks per day)
  • Stress, mental and physical strain
  • Genetics, Family history of HBP
  • Old age.
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Chronic kidney disease and thyroid and adrenal disorders
  • poor diet, not enough potassium, calcium or magnesium.

Treating High Blood Pressure

The great news is, high blood pressure is easily treated with means of diet, herbs, good nutrition and medication giving you many options in choosing potential solutions.

Do look at what may be causing your hypertension. Is stress? (if so, what is causing the stress take action from there)

Worthy of making a side note here to any of luvlie lady readers, don’t stress your bloke out if he “ain’t pointing north on demand” like he once used to.

And you should n’t stress either! he has n’t gone off you or is any less attracted to you or thinks of you as any less attractive than before. There are, and maybe a serious underlying medical reason for your partner’s erectile dysfunction.

He probably does still think of you as a “sexy lil’ minx”, perhaps he would jump at the chance of a “roll in the hay” with you…3 times a day if he could!

You’ve  been told ..stop nagging him! 

Perhaps a nice article to read is this one How to Cope with erectile dysfunction.

Can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction

A nagging wife! not going to help much!

Herbal Supplementation To Help HBP

Fortunately, there are healthy and natural ways to treat high blood pressure, as I say go with nature. Often is really amazes me as to how mother nature provides all that we need in order to cure many ailments.

Cistanche tubulosa is one of those really difficult to find herbs that can treat hypertension due to containing potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

It is a herb that is also beneficial for erectile dysfunction as it helps to regulate hormone levels, redressing any imbalances that you have (low testosterone, for example). Can help to restore vitality and energy levels.

Also helps to improve memory function and, good for the ladies also, (for PMT/PMS and menopause)

Worthy of mentioning here that is you have HBP your family doctor will probably not prescribe you any of the ED drugs currently on the market. So don’t go buying them online (or elsewhere) as they have a negative effect on HBP medications.

Oh. unless you are one that one special medication that works fine with HBP meds, but I pretty sure you don’t want to be putting (inserting!)  an al prostadil pellet in the tip of your penis!

For more information about Cistanche Tubulosa click the link or post insert below!

Can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction

Cistanche Tubulosa Benefits – Do They Extend To The Bedroom?

I hope that I have sufficiently answered the question posed “Can high blood pressure cause erectile dysfunction?” for you and that you have enjoyed reading it, just as much as I have writing it for you.

if you have any questions,  leave a comment belowand I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon



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