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Super Man Herbs

Super man herbs

Super Man Herbs

In this article, I am going to talk about an awesome place where you can get your difficult to find herbs. That company is awesomely, and aptly named Super man herbs!

By the end of this article, you will know exactly what super man herbs is, who is behind the company and what they stand for, as well as why they exist.

About Super Man Herbs

This is a family run business based in California, in the United States of America. It in fact run by 3 brothers and their wives, who occasionally help out with administrative tasks and graphic design work.

They specialise in herbs that are difficult to find and ones that most people have not heard of such as Pine Pollen, Horney Goat Weed,  and Tongkat Ali to name a few.

They are a rather unusual and rare business where they are genuinely dedicated to helping people. While that statement is very generalised and somewhat vague, they don’t want to just “sell” you herbs or supplements but wish to bring you better health, more energy and vitality, greater performance, more clarity and greater sex!

This statement of intent is backed by their outstanding 365-day money back guarantee. A Guarantee where, if you consumed the entire product and did not get or experience the effect that you desire and of course, deserve they will refund your money in its entirety.

That’s a 365-day, a whole year, money back guarantee – even if you consumed the entire product simply because you did not experience the results that you desired!

That in a word is AWESOME!

Super Man Herbs – Trackable Objectives

Super man herbs have set the trackable objective and goal of helping ten thousand people to “change their lives for the better”

It does not get any more awesome than that!

That’s like changing the lives of an entire small town!

Super man herbs

Super man herbs awesome mission statement.

Who Is Behind Super Man Herbs?

This is a business with a heart and dedication to helping people as mentioned above, but who is behind such an awesome mission statement?

The three brothers. or the three Christophers as I call them are the ones behind the family run business. They are, and in no particular order,  Logan Christopher, Zane Christopher, and Cloud Christopher.

About Logan Christopher

Logan Christopher is a fully qualified Neurolinguistic Programming Trainer (NLP Trainer), certified in Eden energy medicine, currently studying to become an energy psychology practitioner and is a graduate of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism where he studied under the world most respected experts in Chinese Tonic Herbalism, Ron Teeguarden, and Sajah Popham.

Logan is also the creator of many video programs and books that help people to improve their health, mental performance, strength, and skills.

About Cloud Christopher

A former truckie, a long haul truck driver and for 4 years of his life a member fo the US Army where he was stationed in the coldest of climates in Alaska.

As truckie, rather than fuel those long interstate drives with coffee and monster energy drinks he would be taking Shilajit resin which would result in him being healthier and slimmer when returning home from the long drives.

His Daughter, Violet is the original Pine Pollen baby, having improved his erectile health and function with a combination on Pine Pollen, Cistanche Tubulosa, and Tongkat Ali.

Cloud handles customer service as well as being responsible for the production and overseeing of suppliers. His wife Ari handles the graphic design aspect of the business.

About Zane Christopher

Zane Christopher and his studies in Natural philosophy lead him into a lifestyle that brought him more in tune with nature and our natural surroundings. He found that medicinal herbs and mushrooms as a way to get closer to our original humanity and origin of being.

Zane has ran many marathons barefoot and is the marketing manager of Super man Herbs. He handles promotional events and bulk and wholesale orders.

Super Man Herbs

The three brothers behind Super man herbs, from left to right Zane, Cloud and Logan

My Experience With Super Man Herbs.

I have purchased a few products from them in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I regularly buy horny goat weed, pine pollen and from time to time Tongkat Ali from them.

Living close to Malaysia and spending approximately 3 months of the year there Tongkat Ali is rather easy for me to get my hands on without needing to order online.

Their products arrive promptly via (international)  mail and are well packaged for freshness and discreetly at that.

From time to time I consult with Logan about which herbs are best for me and I do find him to be professional and deeply knowledgeable about the subject and very understanding when asking about herbs for healthy erectile function and older males.

I have had numerous communications with Clouds wife Ari and find her to be very polite courteous and very professional.

I am very proud to recommend Super Man Herbs as the place for my readers to purchase any herbs that they may need.

I would not recommend a company that I have not tried their products and service from or an organisation I don’t trust or are unsure about as it is my own reputation and the legitimacy of this blog that is on the line.

Super man herbs

Super man herbs and their astounding 365-day money back guarantee

For more information about the herbs on offer by super man herbs, click the link below! 

Super Man Herbs

The 3 brothers, Logan, Zane and Cloud, have offered a 15% off discount on your first order!.

Update: Super man herbs are now trading as lost empire herbs due to trade mark implications involving DC Comics. The same quality of customer service, products and industry unique 365-day guaranee exist.

That concludes this article about a fantastic supplier of herbs. I hope that you enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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