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Libido Smoothie

Libido smoothie

Libido Smoothie

In this article, I am going to talk about a delicious and very nutritious vegetable-based smoothie that can enhance your libido, which is why I am calling it the Libido Smoothie!

Talk about obvious, huh!

I just love giving you, my readers lovely smoothie recipes as smoothies, and shakes also, are great ways of getting your nutritional requirement on a daily basis. And your herbs too!

Getting your herbs in this way is a great way of forming a new habit of making sure that you are taking them. Almost in a passive way where you don’t have to think about taking them.It is the same with your fruit and vegetables.

Special Equipment Needed For The Libido Smoothie

Zero, zip, nada. No special equipment is required other than a blender, a sharp chopping knife and a chopping board.


The main ingredients in the libido smoothie you will find in your local supermarket easily. Just Spinach, Broccoli and Arugula lettuce and our special ingredient Pine Pollen.

Broccoli: Known the world over as the sex vegetable. High in Zinc which in great for sperm production and motility. Broccoli is also a good source of fiber, protein, vitamins A, C, and K.

Broccoli also has the ability to improve the bodies ability to absorb vitamin D. And it is thanks to the lutein contained within it also helps to keep our arteries open and the blood flowing.

The potassium content helps to regulate our blood pressure. An all round winner I am sure you can agree.

Libido smoothie

Broccoli, really great for combating erectile dysfunction

Spinach: A great source of folate which helps the blood to flow, and all the right micronutrients to enhance testosterone production. High in iron, and more notably nitrates which help us to get an erection.  This leafy vegetable is a must have in any erectile dysfunction destroying diet.

Arugula lettuce:  full of the essential nutrients required by any sufferer of erectile dysfunction and high in cell repairing antioxidants.  Arugula lettuce has been known as a libido enhancer and aphrodisiac since Roman times.

Libido smoothie

With 2 thousand years of history behind it as a male libido enhancer  arugula lettuce just has to make it into the libido smoothie

Pine Pollen:  a wonderful herb that has been used since the beginning of mankind and in Chinese herbal medicine to help a whole host of ailments with promoting good male sexual health and function being just one of them.

Pine Pollen could help you to optimise healthy testosterone levels due to containing 4 different phyto-androgens including testosterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA for short.

Libido smoothie

Pine Pollen, a winner, winner, winner! With 200+ nutrients including all essential amino acids and 4 different phyto-androgens!

The Method

Broccoli can be a little bit awkward when it comes to smoothies often it can depend on the quality and speed of your blender. as slower blenders may leave the broccoli rather thick and lumpy.

Using the stalk of the broccoli can release its bitterness. So it is up to you if you use the stalk or just the florets. As far as I am concerned it is “waste not want not” You can always sweeten up the taste by adding in sweet fruits like bananas.

Optional also is to steam the broccoli beforehand and then allow the broccoli to cool, this would be better done if you have a slower or lesser quality blender as it helps to soften the broccoli.

The rest of the method is easy peasy lemon squeezy just chop the spinach and arugula lettuce and add to the blender.

Once your smoothie mix is just about ready, add in the required amount of pine pollen that you need, which should be around 5-10grammes, and let it mix in the blender for about one minute to allow for it to be well mixed in with your smoothie and viola you have your libido smoothie ready to serve and drink.

I hope that you really enjoy your libido smoothie and the enhanced libido that goes with it.

If you would like further information about pine pollen I wrote a short article reviewing it from the aspect of how it can help promote healthy erectile function. To access and read that article just click the link or the post insert below.

Libido smoothie

Superman Herbs Pine Pollen Review – Can It Support Testosterone Levels?

That concludes this article about how to make a libido smoothie. I hope that you enjoyed reading it, and if you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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