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Morning Wood Sex – Top Reasons To Get It On In The Morning!

Morning Wood Sex

Morning Wood and Sex – definitely something that every man suffering with erectile dysfunction ought to keep in their minds simply because the more you use it – yes I am talking about your morning erections and put them to good use the more erections you are going to get.

It truly is a strong case of use it or lose it!.

Morning wood sex is something you ought to enjoy…I blooming well know I do and my girlfriend does too…I mean I enjoy doing it with those rock hard morning boners just as much as she enjoy feeling my seriously stiff AM erection inside her.

You are much more likely to get erections later that same day when you put you enjoy some good old fashioned sex in the morning!..

..This is quite significant as later in the evening is usually when men let alone sufferers of ED have a difficult time pointing their pocket rocket skywards!.

This is due to sexual activity producing positive results in regards to your baseline levels of hormones, including the sex drive and erection hardening testosterone.

Regular sexual activity reduces the stress hormone cortisol and improves your cardiovascular health. A lot of men in the early stages of sexual dysfunction are able to turn around their situation naturally by just fully enjoying their morning glory!.

Morning Wood Sex

The sacral Nerve, which is part of the parasympathetic nervous system and controls your erections. We have two nervous systems in our bodies, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

One of which, the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for our fight or flight response, the other is active while we rest. It is responsible for digestion, eliminating waste and yes..sexual arousal – This system is functional when you are fast asleep and this is why we get erections while we are fast asleep.

Thus the terminology and name Morning wood or Morning glory is inaccurate as we can become fully erect several times while we are out for the count and fast asleep.

Morning Wood Sex

  • Sex In The Morning Makes You Look Younger

This might not be the most VIP thing in regards to morning hard on’s for men but sex can help you to look that little bit more youthful, always a great thing. Even better if you think of it as helping your lovely lady to look a bit younger.

The reason behind this is the discovery that having sex regularly stimulates the production of HGH (the human growth hormone) which is great for your skin when it comes to making it look younger,  HGH is also good for your hair (if you have any left!!) and nails.

Doctor Weeks of The Royal Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, discovered that frequent and regular love making helps people to look on average 5 to 7 years younger.

The endorphins released by your body due to good morning sex session helps you to a healthier cardiovascular system, improved circulation, better sleep quality and less anxious.

When it is put that way, it is of no surprise that those who are at more frequently, particularly in the mornings look younger!.

  • Morning Sex Reduces Stress Hormones And Stress Levels

No shit Sherrif!.

If sex is stressing you out you are not doing it right!

Plain and simple!

And surprisingly there are studies to back that up

One particular study that researched what is not so romantically named as Penile Vaginal Intercourse (PVI for short) – I’m guessing there are many different kinds of sex these days…I’ll stick with PVI..thank you!…This study, found that those that participated in PVI regularly had lower baseline levels of stress hormones [1].

Now, these findings are not exactly rocket science as far as I am concerned but what is pretty interesting is

  • Other non PVI sexual activity or “solo sex” did not have the same effect of baseline stress hormone levels.

There are more similar studies whose results support the findings. One of which did discover that sexual activity does indeed cause a spike in stress hormones, the more frequently you have sex the more these spikes are ironed out and smaller they become.

A study on rodents discovered that sex promotes cellular growth the part of the brain associated with managing stress.

Another study discovered that any fun activity, including getting horizontal..if you catch my drift…reduced stress. Essentially speaking sex functions incredibly well at naturally unwinding you. If you start each and everyday in that unwound state and fully relaxed you will be overall less stressed.

And the less stressed that you are, the more enjoyable your sex life is and thus creating a positive feedback loop naturally. So get it on in the morning with your morning wood!.

Morning Wood sex

Morning sex can destress you – no shit sheriff!..and to think my tax $$$ paid for some of those studies!

  • Sex In The Morning Increases Your Testosterone Levels

Having already established the fact that a good morning shagging session has the effect of setting you up rather nicely for the day with reduced stress hormone levels. This in itself due to the see-saw relationship that stress hormones have with testosterone is alone enough to suggest that a morning love in can spike your testosterone levels.

Now, add to that there is sufficient scientific data.

The US based newspaper New York Times published an article about scientists that make the comparison between testosterone level at a sex club in Las Vegas. From the saliva samples of 44 men it was discovered that those that went on and have sex had testosterone levels that increased by 72% compared to the voyeurs that only experienced a 11% increase.

Conclusion: If you F more you will Get More T!, If you want more T ya gotta F more…

This has been confirmed by other research also. In this research paper on the ejaculatory process, the researchers documented that the hormone testosterone reduces the barrier for your desire to have sexual intercourse [2].

It creates a beautiful cycle – you have a higher amount of testosterone in the morning, which in itself increases your desire for morning sex, and that sex increases your T levels and, you guessed it, makes you want to have even more of it!.

Kickstarting your day with some good old fashioned AM sex! and keep your testosterone boosting cycle going.

  • Your Hormones Are At Their Peak in the Morning

Further emphasizing the above two points and drilling the point home. Your hormones are at their peak early in the morning. Testosterone, that erection hardening and sex drive boosting hormone is at its peak in the morning upon waking.

This pretty much means that it is easier to hard and horny in the mornings and with enough motivation to use it!

Unlike women, who have their hormones on a 28 day cycle our’s are on a 24 hour cycle. Also, understand we have on average 10 times the amount of testosterone as our female counterparts do, understanding our hormone cycle is about understanding testosterone and when it is high and when it is low.

As a short guide, it is in the morning when we wake up out testosterone levels are at their highest, we have more energy, Vitality more focused and more virile.

As our day continues our testosterone levels decline slowly and the sensation of being less motivated, inspired less horny and not-so-rigid-as-they-can-be erections.

At night time, well you got it…your T levels are at their trough! lowest point.

Hormonally speaking, this is a darn good vote to putting your morning wood to proper good use and enjoying sex upon waking.

Also, it is a proper good reason not take your testosterone supplements in the morning and take them in the afternoon and evening instead. I tend to take my testosterone boosters around 2pm and 8pm if I have have had a siesta – I mean proper deep sleep siesta here not light sleep.

If I enjoy a siesta I skip my afternoon T booster….and if possible enjoy some sex instead!.

  • Morning “Boom Boom” Improves Your Heart Health

Yep, as a very famous comedian Woody Alen put it, “sex without love is darn good exercise.”

It really does not take lab coats and researchers to understand that any form of a darn good work out is great for your health and your heart health too. And sex is no exception.

A study of more than 1,000 men discovered that men who had gone for a horizontal jog 2x per week were far less likely (45% less) to suffer from heart disease compared to those that went for a “horizontal stroll” once per month.

Here are some facts and conclusions:

  • Sex is a physical exercise – and a darn good one if done right!.
  • Sex is actually good cardio workout
  • Sex reduces stress, something that puts a strain on the heart.
  • Sex reduces hypertension due to the reduction in stress
  • Sex reduces bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol levels
  • Sex has been documented to ward off infections that are known to damage blood vessels

All of this adds up to sex being darn good for your heart health. Sor the sake of your hormones, hard on’s and your heart health go get some nookie more often!.

Morning Wood Sex

Morning Wood Sex – The Conclusion

Sex at absolutely any time of the day is good for you but morning sex is best for due to above mentioned reasons and particularly those related to both reducing stress and improving testosterone levels – not to mention the heart health benefits of good morning sex and a bit of early morning exercise in this way.

If you ever need a good excuse for morning session of loving! you have plenty right here in this article.



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