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Sex Smoothie

Sex Smoothie

Sex Smoothie

In this article,  I will be giving you an awesome sex smoothie recipe to help you get it up and get it on! and, of course, to get better sex with your lovely lady.

You can tell I love my smoothies, huh! The reason for my smoothie love is really quite simple. They are a very easy way to get plenty fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. Personally, I’d find eating 5 vegetables and 5 fruit a day rather filling and to be honest..boring! and that is not to mention I would feel rather bloated as that is a lot of food and quite filling.

Smoothies make getting your five a day* !rather easy, delicious and very light.

*I like to say 5+5 a day, 5 fruit and 5 vegetables.

Smoothies (and shakes, too) are also a great way to take your herbs.

Sex Smoothie, The Special Equipment Required

This smooth is rather easy to make and requires no special equipment as such other than the obvious sharp knife, chopping board and a food blender.

If you have all of those you are good to go!

The Ingredients

Always use fresh produce and when you can go organic. As my mother likes to say “if it’s organic there’s no need to panic”.

The ingredients are Broccoli, Spinach, Kale and Banana. Plus a special herb, Horny goat weed

Spinach: Full of blood flowing folate, high in Iron and nitrates! in fact only arugula lettuce has more! And nitrates are very important for getting an erection. Also, helps to lower blood pressure.

Sex Smoothie

Spinach included in the sex smoothie for being an ED destroying super food

Broccoli:  If you want to cum by the bucket load, Broccoli is your vegetable. High in sperm-producing Zinc. Contains lutein which helps to open our arteries open and folate to keep the blood flowing! And is high in fiber that helps to lower blood sugar levels and a source of potassium.

Bananas: The source of monkey love it’self! high in Bromelain which helps to fight erectile dysfunction and a great source of potassium which will help keep your blood pressure under control. Great source of vitamins and minerals and considered to be one of the world’s healthiest foods. Enjoyed by endurance athletes as a source of energy.

Sex Smoothie

Banana, a great source of energy. Endurance athletes favourite source of you know why it is included in the sex smoothie!

Kale: Another dark leafy green high in nitrates. A great source of vitamins and minerals and they are absolutely packed with nutrients, actually very high in vitamin A, vitamin C and B complex vitamins. As well as being an unusual source of Omega 3.

Horny goat weed: A libido enhancer an erection booster thanks to the active ingredient Icariin, Which in a PDE5 inhibitor, exactly how Viagra works! Horny goat weed also helps in nitric oxide production, hence why I have added foods high in nitric content in the sex smoothie.

Notice, how all these ingredients are healthy for your heart!

The Method

Super simple, just cut and chop the veggies and put them into the blender. I advice steaming the broccoli and then allowing it to cool down beforehand to soften it down a little. Unless of course, you have a top quality high-speed blender.

Once you have a nice and desired liquid consistency just add in your daily dose of horny goat weed and let it spin around and mix well in the blender for just a minute.

Viola, you have your sex smoothie!

Optional:  add in greek yoghurt. I prefer not to, but that is just my own choice.

For more information about Horny goat weed, click the link or the post insert below. 

Organic Horny Goat Weed – Can It Help Your Erectile Difficulties?

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article “Sex Smoothie” and fully enjoy what is a delicious and very healthy smoothie. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can

Ciao for now,

Remember, hard men have a healthy heart

Talk soon



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