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Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction – Viable Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction!

Where Can I Buy Horny Goat Weed

Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction – Viable Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction!

In this article, Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction, I talk about what your options are in terms of a pharmaceutical and traditional modern medicine approach to curing your erectile dysfunction.

Although this approach goes against the ethos of this site and my reasons for creating it. I realise that it is impossible to convince everyone to take the path less trodden and work with nature and all the wonderful natural remedies that mother nature provides us with in respect to curing erectile dysfunction,

You can’t please all of the people all of the time – Famous phrase.

I will, at the end of this article. mention alternative options for those interested in working with nature.

Let’s start with some of the more obvious and famous medicine for erectile dysfunction

Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction – Viagra!

When it comes to medicine for erectile dysfunction surprisingly Viagra was NOT the first one but it is certainly the most famous of them all. As a matter of fact, its discovery was entirely by accident!

Created and developed by the drug company Pfizer for treating and controlling high blood pressure and heart disease. However, during the clinical trials researchers and medics noticed that the compound Sildenafil was having a rather nice effect on men in the trouser department.

Naturally, the trials and research took a new twist and direction and the birth of many similar erectile dysfunction drugs took place.

Despite the many dangerous side effects of viagra such as blued vision, loss of hearing and heart palpitations (which I experienced despite being healthy mid 30’s and with no previous heart problems), Viagra does have many useful medical uses other than treating sexual dysfunction.

It helps babies that are not growing properly in their mother’s womb! It improves the circulation of blood to the expectant mother’s womb and enhances the delivery of nutrients (and blood) to the unborn baby!.

Viagra has proven useful in helping sufferers of Raynaud’s disease by means of enhancing the flow of blood to the hands and feet of sufferers.

Due to potential side effects, this drug ought to be only used when prescribed by your family Doctor.

One missing fact is that with long term use Viagra can actually be detrimental to erectile dysfunction due to damaging the Leydig cells which are located in your testicles and regulate testosterone production.

Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction – Cialis

Not the first nor second medicine for erectile dysfunction to arrive on the market but perhaps the second most used and famous one behind the little blue pills!

Cialis often nicknamed the weekend pill or the weekender because of its effects lasting a prolonged period of time. It works in very much the same way to that of Viagra via the inhibition of an enzyme that attaches to and destroys nitric oxide – the PDE 5 enzyme. The difference being that the half-life of viagra is between 4 to 5 hrs compared to the 16-17 hours of Cialis!

Although very effective, (I got seriously hard with this stuff!), it like viagra does come with more than its fair share of side effects including loss of sight and loss of hearing! – (and the saying goes sex makes you blind!..).

I experienced accelerated heartbeat, and dizziness as well as facial flushes. Not exactly what you would associate with a fit and healthy 36-year-old!

Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

Just some of the unfortunate side effects of Cialis.

Like Viagra, there are legitimate other uses for this drug other than assisting impotent men. One such use is the treatment of an enlarged prostate.


Following the success of Viagra; Levitra was the next oral medicine for erectile dysfunction to hit the market. And like the other two, Viagra and Cialis it works via suppression and inhibition of the PDE 5 enzyme. Although it is more effective in terms of being longer and faster acting lasting than its predecessors, it like the others comes with the same and rather serious side effects.

With Levitra, I can’t give you any foot notes or comments as per my own experience as this is one I have not tried – nor do I tend to after my experiences with Viagra and Cialis.

However, if you have tried Levitra, feel welcome to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

 Herbal Alternatives To Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

Fortunately, there are many herbs that are just as effective as medicine for erectile dysfunction that functions in a very similar way to the aforementioned medicines.

And unlike the pharmaceutical based drugs which does not and can not help you to cure your sexual dysfunction – they only treat the problem/condition and not the symptoms.

Herbs can help you to bring about a cure by treating the underlying causes and symptoms thus helping you to cure your ED if you take them long term!

Sorry, there is no instant fix with herbs, but patience and perseverance can bring back that solid wood and spontaneous erections you had when you were a 20 something! If you are serious about curing your impotence you are in this for the long run and not a quick sprint to the finish line!

In particular, Horny goat weed (epimedium) which like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra is a PDE 5 inhibitor thanks to its active and naturally occurring compound Icariin and its ability to attach to and block the nitric oxide destroying enzyme.

Side note: It is because of Icariin and horny goat weed that Viagra failed to get a patent for PDE 5 inhibition as you can not patent anything that is naturally occurring!

Horny goat weed goes a few steps further along the road to recovering excellent erections that the medicine for erectile dysfunction does not even start on by actually helping and assisting you to improve your nitric oxide levels via the upregulation and rejuvenation the genes connected to and associated with nitric oxide production.

Furthermore and in addition to this it helps to clear clogged and blocked arteries further improving your blood flow.

And does n’t end there this handy herb helps to enhance your sex drive by mimicking testosterone and helping your body to make better use of the testosterone that it already has. This improves your sex drive, libido, sexual performance as well as giving you harder stronger erections – all of which are associated with increased levels of testosterone.

Medicine for erectile dysfunction

Herbal Formulations

Two particular herbal formulations that are bonafide and effective alternatives to medicine for erectile dysfunction are the rather unique and straight to the blood stream delivery of the herbal patch based system, the Proenhance PatchWhich is very well formulated and thought out for long term use and genuinely helping men to cure their impotence.

I recommend that you try this to banish the bedroom blues especially if you are forgetful of taking your daily supplements.

Each water-resistant patch last 72 hours and has to be placed somewhere on your lower abdomen.

Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction

The other herbal formulation that I very much recommend is Vigrx Plus tablets. Which is a formulation of 8 herbs all designed to target specific causes of erectile dysfunction and help you to cure your ED. It also contain bioprene which is a naturally occurring compound that enhances the effectiveness of rhe herbs in the formula.

This and the Proenhance patch are most definitely not a pop-a-pill and you get an instant erection type of thing but a long slow and steady path to spontaneous naturally occurring erections like you had at your sexual peak. These are designed for long term use and you can certainly experience a lot more health benefits that just improving your sex life.

You can experience better circulation, clearer arteries, lower and better-regulated blood pressure, reduced stress as well as improved energy and vigour.

Both Vigrx plus and ProEnhance patch come with  a 67-day full money back guarantee. Such is the respective product owners confidence in their products. Try Vigrx Plus and get on the road to recovering your sex life and getting some excellent erections!

A Vigrx Plus Review

If you have any questions about medicine for erectile dysfunction leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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