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Spices That Increase Testosterone – Spice Up Your Love Life!

Spices That Increase Testosterone

Spices That Increase Testosterone – Spice Up Your Love Life!

In this article, I talk about spices that increase testosterone, in particular, I mention some very nice and common spices that are known to have some amazing and interesting effects on your testosterone levels – which is all the more reason for you to spice up your love life as we all know the effect that testosterone can have on your erectile dysfunction!

Spices That Increase Testosterone

Just like the many herbs mentioned on this site, there are some spices that increase testosterone. By getting a lot more of these spices in your daily diet will not only add that extra tang and zang to your favourite foods but also help to enhance your testosterone and kiss goodbye to your sexual dysfunction.

So go ahead and make it a habit to get those spices in your diet and if you wish to, you could even make a lovely spicy and delicious tea like I do with Tumeric, Ginger and ground pepper!

Spices That Increase Testosterone – Ginger

Ginger – my all time favourite spice and lucky for me it is used in a lot of Asian dishes!. A good excuse to treat your partner to your local Thai, Indian or Malaysian restaurant!

It is very easy to find ginger in an organic powder form. Making ginger tea on its own is one of my daily routines for enhancing my testosterone naturally.

It might be a good idea for you too as studies in Tehran, Iran has proven that ginger elevates testosterone by over 17.5% and the luteinizing hormone, which is associated with elevated testosterone by 43%!.

Ginger contains something called glutathione which is an antioxidant that protects our testosterone producing Leydig cells which are loacted in the gonads! All the more reason for you to get spicy with ginger!

It is fab for your waistline – thanks to gingers ability to help your body to burn excess fat! which ginger a three-way attack on low T levels!.

  1. By actually Enhancing testosterone
  2. By Assisting in the reduction of excess body fat, which can, of course, reduce testosterone
  3. By protecting your testosterone producing Leydig cells.
Spices That Increase Testosterone

Ginger is certainly one of the most delicious and commonly used spices that increase testosterone!

Spices That Increase Testosterone – Turmeric

When is comes to talking about spices that increase testosterone turmeric has a really astounding effect! an impressive 257% boost in testosterone! This is the exact reason as to why I add a teaspoon of turmeric with a heaped tablespoon of ginger in my afternoon herbal tea!

The health and good cholesterol, HDL levels were improved by almost 30%, this is very good as this is the very building blocks for testosterone! what’s more by adding ground pepper, you can improve the rate at which your body absorbs turmeric by and huge factor – by 2000%

Turmeric, which is often used in Indian curries can also help in the prevention of cancer and when you add onions it can help to prevent colon cancer.

That cheeky Indian curry may not be as unhealthy as you first thought after all! (and save you from Doctors poking around your backside!)

Spices That Increase Testosterone

When it comes to spices that increase testosterone very few do the job better that turmeric

Cayenne Pepper and Hot Chillies

If you are overweight and thinking of a diet, then you may be doing your low testosterone level a favour as excess body fat could be one of the causes of your low testosterone. But a calorie deficient diet is most definitely not going to help your testosterone levels.

This is because calorie deficient diets are rather famed testosterone killers! which is kind of ironic as being overweight is also murdering your testosterone levels!

which is ironic if you think about it because being overweight is what could be causing your low testosterone levels!

Stand up Mr Cayenne pepper! and its talents to reduce the effects of your hunger hormone ghrelin, and assisting you to put to one side the testosterone-lowering effects of being on a calorie deficit diet. And it is a big thanks to the high vitamin A content of those hot chillies and Cayenne you could experience an increase in testosterone!

Not – just the name of a testosterone inducing and knicker elastic snapping sports car – it’s one of the spices that increase testosterone!

Spices That Increase Testosterone

Cayanne, one of a few spices that increases testosterone and the only one to have a sports car named after it!


Basil is a spice that has the flavonoid apigenin which is a compound that is also found in garlic and onions and is very well known for its testosterone increasing ability.

A study conducted involving albino rabbits at the Sharma University showed a 500% increase in testosterone levels of the group of albino rabbits that were given basil.

Basil also well known for its ability to reduce stress and restore calm. Both of which is good for increasing testosterone because stress boosts your levels of a testosterone destroying hormone – Show your face Mr cortisol!

Basil, like ginger, is used in a lot in Thai and Asian cuisine.

Spices That Increase Testosterone

With a 500% increase, basil most definitely makes the list of spices that increase testosterone!

Herbs That Increase Testosterone

It is not only spices that increase testosterone, herbs are very effective and extremely well known for increasing testosterone levels. Two particular herbs that are very good at enhancing your testosterone levels that spring to mind are Tongkat Ali and Pine Pollen Tincture.

Both are 100% natural products that can most definitely help you to elevate your testosterone, increase your sex drive and improve your erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali works with your body and stimulates it to produce more free testosterone and helps to maintain the increases by protecting the increased testosterone from being converted to estrogen.

It is also good for burning fat thanks to the lipogenic properties. Give this a go see improvements the in your erectile dysfunction and bedroom performance!

Spices That Increase Testosterone

Pine Pollen Tincture is, a very potent and direct testosterone booster that contains testosterone, DHEA and two more androgens making it a natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy! – And that is definitely something worth trying to improve the quality of your erections and your sexual dysfunction!

Click the link or post insert below for more information about Pine Pollen Tincture!

Spices That Increase Testosterone

Best Pine Pollen Tincture

If you have any questions regarding Spices that increase testosterone leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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