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Herbs That Lower Cholesterol – Lower Your Cholesterol And Improve Your ED!

Herbs That Lower Cholesterol

Herbs That Lower Cholesterol – Lower Your Cholesterol And Improve Your ED!

In life, it is not all that often we do actually get to kill the proverbial “two birds with one stone” but when it comes to lowering your cholesterol and improving your erectile dysfunction you get exactly that! a Sweet 2 for 1 offer! and when it comes to herbs that lower cholesterol we get much more benefits than that.

Herbs are healthy and multifunctional unlike the pharmaceutical alternatives, statins that come with all kinds of side effects and really at the crux of the matter unifunctional!

So, let’s get on with that list of herbs that lower cholesterol and help improve your erectile dysfunction!

Herbs That Lower Cholesterol

When it comes to lists I am not a huge fan of putting them in a ranking order. This is because simply because everybody’s body is different and, taking heed from a Doctor, who I had many conversations with during my rehabilitation from the road accident that left me disabled. And I quote verbatim (Translated – I was living in Spain at the time).

Nothing is easy in medicine, not even prescribing paracetamol or aspirin. A patient could be allergic to either or both or none at all!.

So rather than express my opinion and view of what works rather excellently for me, which only relates to my body and my experience I will list the herbs that lower cholesterol and help your ED in an “as is” format.

What is at the top is not necessarily better than those below it, similarly those lower down on the list are not any less effective at reducing your cholesterol and helping with your sexual dysfunction than those above them.

Herbs That Lower Cholesterol

It is a diet like that that could be killing your hard erection. Luckily there are herbs that lower cholesterol that can also help your erectile dysfunction – but do yourself and your sex life/future sex life a favour and cut the cholesterol!

Herbs That Lower Cholesterol And Help Your ED

  • Garlic

This is one that I take daily, but not any old garlic, actually, that is exactly what it is old garlic. Old garlic is simply garlic that has aged 6 months. Old garlic is sharper, spicier and more importantly has more polysulfides which help to lower cholesterol.

The Polysulphides also stimulate synthesis of hydrogen sulphide which enhances nitric oxide production which helps to regulate high blood pressure and increase blood flow – and rather conveniently relax the smooth muscle in your penis allowing it to fill with blood! [1].

The hypoglycemic effect that garlic has, has been proven clinically during research studies. It can keep your blood sugar levels in control and prevent diabetes from causing erectile dysfunction [2].

Garlic also helps us to increase levels of your erection enhancing hormone testosterone [3]. Long-term use of garlic has been proven to clear your arteries of the build of the waxy plaques that restrict blood flow [4]

You can see exactly why I love garlic and recommend it highly for helping to treat and reverse erectile dysfunction. Personally, I eat at least 6 raw cloves daily. Best practice is to chop them and let them sit for 10 minutes so that the enzymes can work their magic, this is the same for cooking garlic. I crush mine and have it in a tea with hot water!

If you don’t want or are worried about stinky breath, suck on and eat a mouth full or two of raw grated parsley, which is a natural breath freshener and is actually very good for erectile dysfunction due to being high in nitrates, which help improve your circulation.

Alternatively, you can buy BRI Nutrition Garlic Extra strength soft gels that are designed and made to be completely odourless and help you get all the sexual and health benefits of taking garlic without the pungent breath burning your mouth due to its spicy flavour.

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  • Ginger

Ginger is another very interesting and rather helpful spice when it comes to helping with erectile dysfunction as it does increase testosterone by 17.7% and functions by protecting the testes from damage by free radicles [5]. The same study also indicated ginger to be particularly excellent for enhancing male fertility.

And it most certainly has its rightful place on any list of herbs that lower cholesterol as it significantly reduces both VLDL, LDL cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels significantly [6]. and like garlic, above it can also help to regulate blood sugar levels and that is a good thing as sugar reduces testosterone levels!.

All of this is solid reason and evidence as why you ought to buy organic ginger powder and add the spice to your food or as I do, gulp down a daily hot ginger tea!

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  • Turmeric

This something I have tried to take as a tea, it is not quite to my taste or liking. It is actually ok taste wise when added to ginger but personally,  I really don’t like the strong yellow stain that it gives my favourite clay mug.

However, not to worry, turmeric can be used in cooking. It is what gives curries its instinctive colour and taste. There are alternative ways to get this substance into our bodies in an easy effective way and straight to the blood stream! (see product below)

In terms of helping to reduce your cholesterol and help you with your erectile dysfunction, turmeric assists in the prevention of the oxidation and circulation of the bad LDL cholesterol.

It helps the liver to metabolise the Low Density Liprotein cholesterol thus reducing further levels of LDL and inhibits the build up of cholesterol in your blood cells [7].

Now when it comes to testosterone enhancement Turmeric is off the scale! in a 30-day clinical study Turmeric Vs the control group resulted in a 257% increase in levels of the sex drive and erection enhancing male sex hormone! [8].

Given that it is good for improving your circulation also. It works rather well with garlic or Ginkgo Biloba, with garlic and Ginkgo Biloba doing just about the one thing turmeric is missing – clearing your arteries of the waxy-fatty plaque build up!

Despite turmeric being very poorly absorbed by your body if you add black pepper absorption is increased 20x that’s an impressive 2000% increase of absorption of the active compounds!

Still don’t discount Turmeric as it is something you ought to pay attention to and perhaps try it in order to reduce your cholesterol and seriously spike your testosterone levels, which could lead you to some titillating times between the sheets!

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  • Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a traditional herb used to support men’s sexual function. It has demonstrated great benefits for improving sexual health and performance in men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Ginkgo Biloba is most certainly one of the herbs that lower cholesterol and vastly help your sexual dysfunction as it is also a vasodilator. Both the effects of lowering cholesterol [9] and vasodilation that Ginkgo Biloba has helps to increase the blood flow into your penis, thus producing a direct benefit during sexual activity [10]

It is also said to be a natural aphrodisiac and able to increases the sexual desire for us men. The result is a sufficient sexual arousal before the main activity and of course enhanced sexual pleasure.

This is another herb that I experimented with and after a months use, I got seriously hard…I mean H-A-R-D! Perhaps you can too. You never know unless you try it!

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  • Cayenne Pepper

Probably not something you would expect to see or mentioned on a list of herbs that lower cholesterol and help you with your horizontal mojo, but it most certainly has its’ rightful place on the list!

This is something that I am very eager to try long term (read: Habitually). For its ability, in particular, to return my veins and arteries to the flexibility and clarity they had during my teenage years!

This spicy pepper helps to lower both the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides which is essential for preventing the fatty build up on the walls of your arteries and veins inhibiting blood flow.

What more it is great for reducing high blood pressure and improving circulation. And long term it has excellent effects at removing the build up of the plaques on the walls of your arteries and can even help you in weight loss thanks to its lipogenic capabilities and hunger suppressing talents.

Being a great source of Vitamin A it most certainly will help your testosterone levels.

Not everyone is daring to have a tea that is made with a tablespoon of hot spicy peppers. Dr Christopher, who is also known as Dr Cayenne has very potent, non spicy tincture that you place under your tongue and get the active compounds right into your blood stream.

If you seriously want to improve your cholesterol levels and heart health as well as spice up your sex life then go ahead and give it ago!

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If you have any questions regarding herbs that lower cholesterol, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,



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