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Erectile Dysfunction Facts!

Erectile Dysfunction Facts

Erectile Dysfunction Facts!

In this article, Erectile Dysfunction Facts, I talk about a few well known facts about erectile dysfunction and present it in a FAQ format. If you have your own questions regarding erectile dysfunction, leave a comment at the end of this article.

Erectile Dysfunction Facts

Let’s get straight into some commonly asked questions and separate fact from fiction!

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

It is the lack of ability to get or maintain a good strong erection that is rigid enough for penetration. Also, erectile dysfunction can be considered as the reduced time between erections during love making.

How Many Men, In Real Terms, Are Affected By ED?

Erectile dysfunction affects 52% of men according to a study by the Cleveland clinic, with 40% of men aged 40 and 70% of men that are 70 years old.

Men suffering from heart problems, circulatory problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, alcoholism, heavy smokers, lead a stressful and/or a sedentary lifestyle are at greatest risk of suffering a sexual dysfunction before the age of 40.

100% of our partners that suffer from ED suffer also due to a lack of intimacy and diminished sex life. We must not forget about them and how male sexual dysfunctions affect women!

What Is The Principle Cause Of  Erectile Dysfunction?

Reduce circulation. When an insufficient amount of blood flows to your manhood you won’t be able to get a good quality erection.

There are a number of different reason as to why someone can suffer from poor circulation. The main causes of poor circulation are high blood pressure, stress, and atherosclerosis.

Can Tight Underwear Cause ED?

No! But tight underwear can lead to a reduced sperm count.

Erectile Dysfunction Facts

Erectile Dysfunction Facts – Tight underwear, or jeans for that matter, are not going to stop your cod piece from rising! (Best leave them to sexy women and….Ricky Martin!)

What Is The Average Of Men That Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual Dysfunction gradually increases as men hit middle age. A sharp rise in sexual dysfunctions is shown after the age of 45.

What Is The Principal Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction In Older Men?

The vast majority of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by poor circulation and/or low testosterone in men of all ages. You can improve your sexual function significantly by targeting the causes of these two principal causes of ED.

Is Erectile Dysfunction A Disease?

No, but you can consider erectile dysfunction as an early warning sign or early detection for possible heart disease.

Erectile Dysfunction Facts

Erectile dysfunction facts: ED is an early warning sign for possible future heart problems.

Can Tiredness Cause ED?

Yes, fatigue can be a contributing factor towards ED and premature ejaculation also.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable?

Most certainly! I have experienced that myself personally. By treating and targeting the underlying causes of your dysfunction you can make great leaps forwards in curing your impotence also.

Can Excess Testosterone Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Absolutely! Excessively high testosterone can cause impotence just as much as low testosterone. Excessive testosterone leads to a narrowing of blood vessels resulting in poor erection quality.

Peak testosterone is the name of the game here! elevating testosterone but not to excessive amounts. This is where herbs win out vs pharmaceutical testosterone therapy, especially when we combine our herbs with hormone regulators.

Is ED Psychological?

Yes, it can be psychological as issues such as stress, anxiety and depression can lead to poor sex drive and ED. Performance anxiety and nervousness as be other psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. These only relate to approximately 15% of cases though and are treatable.

Erectile Dysfunction Facts

Psychological issues can cause sexual dysfunctions including ED and premature ejaculation.

Can Caffeine Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Worry not! Caffeine actually helps to improve your blood flow and helps the arteries in your manhood to relax and allow more blood in, but before you reach for that 50th Cuppa Joe or caffeine tablets, excessive caffeine can lead to stress and anxiety which can cause ED.

Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction – Know What Is Available To You!

If you have any question regarding erectile dysfunction facts or indeed your own question leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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