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Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction – Know What Is Available To You!

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction – Know What Is Available To You!

In this article, I talk about treatments for erectile dysfunction. Once you know what treatments are possible you can check their availability in your town and city and get right on with curing what is most men’s worse nightmare – erectile dysfunction.

Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

There are a wide variety of treatments for erectile dysfunction, some naturally will work better than others and what is suitable for John may not be suitable for James. What is available in Tom’s city may not be readily available in Terry’s.

Do chose your treatment wisely, feel free to research this site as a resource as I now have a few hundred articles published on the topic of erectile dysfunction all aimed at helping you to find a natural cure. Helping you to achieve natural spontaneously occurring erections.

Please do consult with your general practitioner also.

The Little Blue Pills

Although I really don’t recommend them for two main reasons – they are not natural, don’t help you to produce naturally occurring erections and they don’t cure anything, a meager temporary solution. A third I could add are the various side effects but the first two reason cover the ethos of this blog and my reason for creating it.

However, there is no denying that they do help and are effective and getting you “pointing north” and are worthy of mentioning.

During this blog post, we will be delving deeper into other treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

Those little blue pills are only one of a number of treatments for erectile dysfunction available to you – and it is not the best of treatments for the reasons explained above.


It is well established and researched that the Eastern practice of Yoga can help to increase testosterone levels and improve blood flow to the pelvis area. Certain Yoga poses can help to improve erectile strength and sexual performance also. I, would not just dismiss it as a girlie thing.

Need motivation or inspiration to go try it out? Just think of all the hot fit women that regularly attend yoga classes!

Most large cities and town will have some kind of yoga going on. If not, you practice on your own in the peace and tranquillity of your own home.

Unfortunately for me. Yoga is one of the treatments for erectile dysfunction that is very much out of bounds for me due to my seriously bust knee and hip. If you guys are going to try it out, please do report back in the comments section!

Qi Gong

Another great practice from the East that is an effective treatment, and is one of the treatments for erectile dysfunction that I can personally testify to as being effective, especially when mixed with meditation. No instant fix, keep practising and rebalancing your Qi and it will happen.

I practice Qi Gong daily for one hour in the mornings and meditate also mid afternoon.

Iron Crotch is definitely a powerful technique. This Article and the video below are two great resources.


Meditation is effective at increasing testosterone levels and calming the mind. If low testosterone and/or stress are the cause of your erectile dysfunction some simple daily meditations can most definitely help you. There is no need for prolonged hour long meditations, 20 minutes daily is enough.

If you want to be much more effective meditate with an image of your muse and let your mind run wild and sexual – whatever turns you on! Let your mind go wild!

Mixing meditation with Qi Gong I can vouch for it being particularly powerful.

Learning to meditate is much more powerful and effective if you join a class. If none is available, let patch man teach you! (this is how I initially learned)

Acupuncture And Acupressure

Both acupuncture and acupressure are known to be effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. A group of impotent men underwent clinical trials to study the effectiveness of the treatments for erectile dysfunction, 67% some 2 out of 3 who received 20 acupuncture treatments twice weekly for a period of 10 weeks reported improvements in their erections and did not ask for more sessions or medication to help with their erections.

I would call those pretty good results. I do wonder what the effectiveness is if the number of weekly sessions is increased to 3 and treatment extended to 15 or 20 weeks. I might just give that a try myself!

Great news is you can try it at home with a very effective acupuncture device (And no, there’s no needles put in your manhood!)

Penile Injections

You read that right! One of the original treatments of erectile dysfunction discovered hay back in the 1980’s was to inject the shaft of the penis with medication using a very fine needle! Another involved dropping very fine pellet down the “watering hole”. Both methods are still practised but understandable they are not as popular as they once were.

A lot of users found the injections awkward and left bruising down there after the injections. Personally, there is not a single medic in the planet that could convince me to inject down there, no matter how fine the gauge of the needle is, or indeed drop a tiny pellet down my bell end! – It just ain’t happening!

Penis Pumps

A decades-old treatment and is still effective and used today. Pumps draw blood into your penis and cause an erection to occur and then a ring is attached or slipped off to be more accurate to maintain the erection.

More recently penis pumps are being used as a rehabilitation device, think physical therapy for your manhood. As blood is drawn into the penis, the blood nourishes your manhood and helps aid the regeneration process.

This, in particular, is very good for those that have a more severe form of erectile dysfunction (i.e zero erection at all, no nocturnal hard on’s or morning wood). It is also good for milder forms of ED also.

Penile Shock Wave Therapy

This is one of the treatments for erectile dysfunction that I can truly comprehend. A series of pulsed ultrasonic sound waves are given to 5 different areas of your penis, which are totally painless. Two sessions are given per week for a period of 3 weeks, followed by a 3-week rest and then repeated.

The treatment allows for new veins to form which improves blood circulation down there.

My comprehension of this type of treatment comes from having something similar done when my broken femur was not regenerating and fusing back together. Instead of a bone graft, I was given treatment using ultrasonic sound waves to cause micro fractures on either side of the broken bone to cause it to regenerate.

Although it looks like an awesome treatment, the cost is currently over $2000!

Priapus Shot

The name of this particular treatment comes from the Greek God of fertility. It is a series of 6 injections to your manhood using your own blood plasma. Those injections help to restore the proper blood flow to and from your penis and enhances the quality of your erections by an astounding 98% with little or no side effects!

60% of men notice a half inch gain in width (girth) and length of their manhood.

The entire process in painless as your star member is numbed with a cream prior to the injections. It takes between one week and three weeks to see results, of which typically last for a year.

Typical cost is $1500.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises involve the exercising of the difficult to exercise muscles in your pelvic region. Every single female alive knows exactly what kegel exercises are and how they can assist her both sexually! and medically!.

Kegel exercises help women to get a much firmer, stronger and better grasp of your manhood, help her with urinary incontinence and during labour also. For men, Kegels help us to get a stronger better, more rigid and longer lasting erection.. and they help us with premature ejaculation too! Sounds like an all round winner to me!

For men suffering from dreaded sexual dysfunction like ED and PE, Kegels help to get a better, more rigid, stronger and longer lasting erection.. and they help with premature ejaculation too!

Sounds like an all round winner to me!

The kegel exercise device for men by produced by private gym is most definitely something worth your consideration to help you to manage your erectile dysfunction. No need for soft ones or quick ones with the private gym kegel exercise device for men!


Herbs have been used to treat all sorts of ailments and conditions and is, in fact, the original form of medicine before chemical alternative took over.

There are a whole variety of herbal treatments for erectile dysfunction that treat the sexual dysfunction directly as well as the underlying causes such as low testosterone, poor circulation, high blood pressure, excess body fat, hormonal imbalance to name a few.

Herbs are known to be very helpful for erectile dysfunction and all sorts of sexual dysfunction as well as restoration of sexuality for both men and women for over a thousand years.

The most effective herbs I often mention on this site, are Pine Pollen Tincture, Horny Goat Weed, and Tongkat Ali

Pine pollen tincture is very much a natural hormone replacement therapy that is effective for treating the andropause and erectile dysfunction. This potent tincture contains testosterone and 3 other androgens.

While Pine pollen tincture contains actual testosterone, Tongkat Ali stimulates your body into producing more. It also helps to burn fat via the lipogenic effect and also inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Very powerful herb with many uses.

Horny Goat Weed enhances nitric oxide levels by blocking the PDE 5 enzyme, which is the same way in which Viagra work, and also mimics testosterone allowing you have all the benefits of increased testosterone levels as if your testosterone was actually augmented.

For more information about these particular herbs click the highlighted texts. A more comprehensive list of herbs for erectile dysfunction can be found here.

Two particular herbal treatments for erectile dysfunction that I really do like are herbal formulas in Vigrx Plus and Proenhance patch. Both are very well formulated and aimed at both treating and curing erectile dysfunction long term, thus best results come with long term use.

The Vigrx plus is in easy to swallow tablet form. The Proenhance patch is a transdermal herbal delivery system – a genius way to get the herbs direct to your blood stream. Each patch you apply to your lower stomach area, lasts for 3 days and is entirely waterproof. This patch based system is ideal for those that forget to take their herbs or medicine.

For more information about Vigrx Plus click the link below for more information about Proenhance patch click the post insert below!  

Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Proenhance Patch Review – Penis Patch Enhancement System

If you have any questions about treatments for erectile dysfunction leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can with a reply.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,


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