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Cures For Erectile Dysfunction – Find A Suitable Cure For Your Sexual Dysfunction!

Cures For Erectile Dysfunction

Cures For Erectile Dysfunction – Find A Suitable Cure For Your Sexual Dysfunction!

In this article, I talk about various cures for erectile dysfunction ranging from daily activities from the far east to modern technological advances in modern medicine and practices. Cures for erectile dysfunction range from “ouch I ain’t trying that!” to “hmm there is something in that – I’ll give it a go” and “what the heck I’ll give a go – what I got to lose?”.

In short, there is something for everyone to try.

Cures For Erectile Dysfunction – Penile Injections!

Hey, I told you there was an ouch factor! Penile injections have been around since the high hair and blue eye shadow days on the 1980’s. The name is blatantly obvious what you have to do! – inject the shaft of your love rod with medication provided by your doctor, alternating sides each time! I can certainly imagine the injections being painful and some patients report penile bruising.

Although you could use a topical anaesthetic cream, but that could rub on in your partner and cause them to become numb inside and find sex much less pleasurable for them.

Another technique for penile injections involves dropping a very fine pellet down the old watering hole!, now what I can attest is that the removal of a catheter from there as not being painful I was asleep and under general anaesthesia when the darn thing was put in! and on morphine based pain killers post operation when it was removed and I still felt a bee-like sting!

Although both are effective treatments they are two cures for erectile dysfunction that I would rather not try! Besides, they are really not a cure but a false cure as this form of treatment does not actually cure the condition or any of the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

Cures For Erectile Dysfunction

Penile injections although effective, not exactly the most tempting of cures for erectile dysfunction!

Cures For Erectile Dysfunction – Medication!

Medication such as Viagra, Cialis, And Levitra are effective in helping with ED. There is absolutely no denying that, But they are not suitable for everyone, especially those with high blood pressure.

Like penile injections, they don’t actually cure anything. They treat the condition of ED and yes, your pocket rocket points to the moon and is ready for launch but they are absolutely not a cure, nor do they address the underlying conditions associated with erectile dysfunction. It is like papering over cracks or putting a band-aid over the problem.

No spontaneous erections will occur and are required to be used prior to any expected sexual activity!

Recent long-term studies have revealed that long term use of Viagra damages the Leydig cells and thus worsens your erectile condition if taken long term.

Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra, one of the so-called cures for erectile dysfunction that actually leads to a worsening of the condition long term!

Priapus Shot

Priapus was the Greek god of fertility and this is where this treatment gets its name from. Some might call it vampire therapy as you are using blood – your own blood plasma. Via a series of 6 injections into a specific area of your manhood your own blood plasma is injected back into your body.

The injections are painless as your star member is numbed using a topical cream based anaesthetic. Those injections assist in restoring the proper blood flow both to and from your penis. The quality of your erections are enhanced by an astonishing 98%! with very little or no side effects.

60% of men who had the treatment noticed a half inch gain in girth and length!

Results typically last for a year.

Typical cost is $1500.

Side Note: Your partner can also get a similar intervention done, called the O shot. And increases her sensitivity and ability to orgasm!

Penile Shock Wave Therapy

This is most certainly one of the cures for erectile dysfunction that I really do understand. It is not as scary as it sounds. It is in fact completely painless. A series of Pulsed Ultra Sonic Sound Waves are administered to 5 different zones of your manhood.

Just two sessions are given per week for a period of 3 weeks, a 3-week rest is given and then a further 2 sessions weekly for 3 weeks are administered.

Treatment lasts for a total of 9 weeks, which is 2 months. Penile Shock wave therapy allows for new veins to form “down there” which improves the blood flow to your penis.

Typical cost $2500+

I had something similar done twice when I broke my femur and it wasn’t fusing together. Instead of a bone graft I was given pulsed ultrasonic waves that provoked micro fractures which caused the bone to regenerate and the broken bone finally fused together.

 Penis Pumps

We have all seem penis pumps on late night TV but would you have thought of it as one of the top long-term cures for erectile dysfunction? Instead of it traditional use of creating a vacuum, drawing blood to the penis and then slipping the ring over the penis and helping to maintain the erection and ready for intercourse.

Medics are already recommending the use of penis pumps as physical therapy devices for your penis as it help to prevent and repair nerve damage to the penis by the drawing of blood to the member and nourishing the area.

This is of particular benefit for those with more severe erectile dysfunction and ED caused by nerve damage and type two diabetes.

Diet And Exercise

It is no big secret that good diet and exercise program can help to improve your health – erectile dysfunction is no different. Men with 42-inch waistline are 50% more likely to suffer from ED than men with a 32-inch waistline.

Also, studies have shown than obese men who lost 20% of their body weight increased their erectile function by 30%.

That is all the motivation you ought to need to lose some weight! lose some excess body fat and get your sex life back!

Click Here for information about My recommended fat loss program that can help you to lose 23lbs (10kilos) of fat in a very short time.

Exercise helps us to get in shape, increase testosterone levels and improve your levels of nitric oxide. Both of which are required for strong erections to occur. No great amount of effort is required, just half an hours brisk walking daily which amount to 2.5 to 3 miles walking (4.2 to 5km).

For those who wish to try getting into shape, the old school new body provides the exact workout that you need to do to get in shape without spending hours in the gym. Ideal for the busy amongst us. Suffice to say that the better shape that you are in, the better you can perform in bed!


Meditation can most certainly be one of the most unlikely cures for erectile dysfunction, especially if your dysfunction is stress related. Also, tests have shown a relationship between meditating regularly and testosterone levels.

Regular meditation can not only calm your mind and help you to deal with stress better, it helps to increase testosterone levels.

Meditation is by far best learned when you join a class. It is really easy to do. Patchman in the video below explains quite brilliantly the counting technique.

Despite being one of the unlikeliest cures for erectile dysfunction you can increase its power by focusing on your muse when meditating and letting your mind run wild!

(That worked fairly awesomely for me! – and she was a gold medalist in the bedroom olympics that were going on in my mind!)


Yoga and some well-known poses can help you to not only increase the blood flow to the pelvis but strengthen certain muscles down there and is well known to assist with both ED and premature ejaculation!

You can practice yoga at home or better still have the joy and fun of being the only male at your local yoga class and be surrounded by hot fit females! who knows you might find a new muse there to meditate on (haha!)

Yoga, in unfortunately out of bounds for me due to seriously damaging my knee. If any of you guys do give it a shot, please do let me know how you got on with it in regards to your ED by commenting below.

Qi Gong

Now this is one that I have tried and is very powerful in conjunction with meditation. I do both meditation and Qi Gong for an hour daily. The effect is very good! Very, very good!

Like meditation, it is best practised when in a group or in class and then at home. The Iron Crotch or Man Dear technique is best left for the privacy of your own home!

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are the exercising of those muscles in your pelvis which are quite difficult to exercise. Absolutely every single female knows exactly what these exercises are and how kegel exercises can assist her both medically… and sexually!.

Kegel exercises help our lovely ladies to obtain a much firmer and better grip on your “boy parts”, help her during chile dirth and with urinary incontinence.

For men suffering from sexual dysfunction, Kegels help to get stronger better, more rigid and longer lasting erections…and they help with premature ejaculation too! Sounds like an all round winner to me!

The kegel exercise device for men by produced by private gym is most definitely something you should consideration to help you to manage your erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Acupuncture and Acupressure

You can think of Acupressure as acupuncture without the needles. Once you know the pressure points and how to perform acupressure you can have your partner perform it on you. It is far more effective when performed by a qualified professional.

Acupuncture has to be performed by a professional. During clinical trials lasting 10 weeks, just over 2 months and with 20 sessions performed during that period 67% of men who received the treatment reported an improvement in erectile rigidity and function and did not ask for either further treatment or medication!

Definitely something worth trying.

Acupuncture does not need to be expensive either! Consider the endless health benefits of unlimited acupuncture therapy sessions at home with a very unique at home acupuncture device and you could very easily use it 3 times per week (50% more than the clinical trial mentioned above) and for an unlimited amount of time until you are a super solid stud between the sheets!


Research has proven that there are some reflex points that are directly connected to our reproductive zones. Applying pressure to those points can stimulate our sexual organs. Reflexology practitioners recommend this as a natural treatment for men who suffer from stress related erectile dysfunction.


Most definitely one of the most common and most heard of natural cures for erectile dysfunction and perhaps the oldest! Herbs have been used for thousands of years to cure all kinds of ailments as well as sexual dysfunction and loss of libido for thousands of years in both Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal medicine systems.

They are still used to great effect today!

And the fact that herbs are still used to great effect as one of the most effective cures for erectile dysfunction today stands as testimony to their effect, power and potency.

The top 4 herbs that I recommend are Tongkat Ali, Pine Pollen Tincture, Horny Goat Weed and Shilajit Resin.

Tongkat Ali is natural herb from Malaysia that works with your body and stimulates it to produce more testosterone and blocks its conversion to estrogen via the aromatization process. It is also an effective fat burner thanks to its lipogenic properties. Pine Pollen Tincture is very much a natural hormone replacement therapy that is provided by mother nature as it, pine pollen, contains testosterone and 3 other androgens.

Horny Goat Weed, on the other hand, is a natural testosterone mimicker and works in the exact same was as Viagra, which is by means of PDE 5 inhibition, meaning it inhibits an enzyme that blocks and destroys nitric oxide.

Shilajit Resin, a nutrient rich and dense compound of over 85+ minerals in their organic state. Particularly good for those that need to improve the nutritional content of their diet and chelate toxic non-organic heavy metals and minerals from their body. Can enhance testosterone by 20% if taken for 3 months or more.

Two herbal products that I recommend are both compounds of herbs that are well-respected cures for erectile dysfunction and the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Those two products are very different from each other in both their formulation and the way in which they work and are taken. Vigrx Plus is a concentrated tablet that is made from a formulation of 9 different herbs designed to address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

It, Vigrx Plus, is designed for long-term use and to help you get natural spontaneous erections and not a pill to take immediately before sex. It is designed to help you to cure ED. Pills have to be taken daily, even if no sexual activity is expected to occur.

The other product that I highly recommend is ProEnhance Patch, which is very well thought out herbal formulation that is delivered directly to your blood stream directly thanks to the transdermal delivery method of using a herbal patch. Each patch lasts 10 days, and like Vigrx plus it is designed for long term use. Some users have claimed that it helps to increase the size of their manhood. It is particularly good for those who forget or may forget to take their herbs on a daily basis.

For more information regarding Proenhance patch and Vigrx Plus click the link or post insert below!

Cures For Erectile Dysfunction

A Vigrx Plus Review

If you have any questions about cures for erectile dysfunction, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

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