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Category Archives for "Smoothies, Shakes & Juices"

Smoothie Recipe For High Blood Pressure

Smoothie Recipe For High Blood Pressure In today’s, delicious article we will be talking about a very nutritious smoothie recipe for high blood pressure. With the nutrients in this smoothie, your blood pressure should start to lower. Probably you will know by now that smoothies are my preferred way of delivering a high amount of […]

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Smoothie For High Blood Pressure

Smoothie For High Blood Pressure As a regular reader, you will know of my love for smoothies, and this article is exactly that a smoothie for high blood pressure recipe. I love smoothies due the ability to deliver a lot of quality nutrients that the body requires easily and, to be quite frank and honest, […]

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Sex Shake

Sex shake

Sex Shake In this article, I will present you with a delicious Sex shake recipe for you to try it out and shake up your sex life and get it on with the love of your life!  This sex shake will be not only delicious and nutritious also and help provide the essential nutrients to […]

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Montel Williams Healthmaster Elite Reviews

Montel Williams Healthmaster elite reviews

Montel Williams Healthmaster Elite Reviews In this article Montel Williams Healthmaster elite reviews, I will be reviewing a food blender that doubles up as a juicer and may be a great addition to your kitchen to help you make some of my delicious erection smoothies, erection shakes, and erection juices. Montel Williams Healthmaster Elite HealthMaster Elite […]

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Erection Juice – Delicious Juice For Stronger Erections!

erection juice

Erection Juice – Delicious Juice For Stronger Erections! Today I am going to talk about a delicious juice recipe to help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. I’m calling this juice appropriately “Erection juice”. The Erection Juice recipe will also be great for lowering estrogen levels and increasing testosterone levels. This juice will also be […]

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Libido Smoothies

Libido smoothies

Libido Smoothies In this article I will be discussing two awesome smoothies for enhancing testosterone levels and thus your libido at the same time, I am calling these libido smoothies, appropriately! Libido Smoothies Recipe Number 1 Healthy and hearty, and will make rather hardy! It is a fact what is good for your heart is […]

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Sex Smoothies

Sex smoothies

Sex Smoothies In this article, we are are going to talk about two delicious smoothies that I call Sex smoothies. One will be full of nitrates and folates to help get the blood flowing and the other full of substances to augment your testosterone levels and open your arteries to get the blood flowing. Both […]

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Male Enhancement Smoothie

Male enhancement smoothie

Male Enhancement Smoothie In this article, I will be giving you a delicious and highly nutritious recipe for a male enhancement smoothie that will get you all the right nutrients to take charge of your sex life once again. Something that will benefit sufferers of erectile dysfunction and their partners also. Special Equipment None at […]

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