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Sex Shake

Sex shake

Sex Shake

In this article, I will present you with a delicious Sex shake recipe for you to try it out and shake up your sex life and get it on with the love of your life!  This sex shake will be not only delicious and nutritious also and help provide the essential nutrients to help your male parts stand up in high winds stronger than Jona Lomu (RIP)!.

Sex Shake – Specialist Equipment

No specialist equipment is required other than a sharp knife, chopping board and a food blender.

If you don’t already have a food blender, I recommend the Montel Williams Healthmaster elite combo juicer,blender and food processor.  


This sex shake is very easy to make. All that is required is fresh fruit, chopping them up and whacking them into the blender and adding milk and a lovely herb that will help things along nicely.

Semi Skimmed Milk: Food source of a very useful vitamin for erectile dysfunction, vitamin D. Also contains a little cholesterol, which is the building blocks of testosterone. 12-16 oz (375-500ml) is to be used.

Strawberries: Lovely, nutritious and high in sperm protecting and sperm repairing vitamin C.  Very high in antioxidants. High in energy producing B-complex vitamins and a good quantity of essential minerals that assist in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

Sex shake

“Strawberry fields for ever..” Great for erectile dysfunction..and recanting beetles songs!

Kiwi: Delicious! and a good source of L-Arginine that will get converted to nitric oxide that will help the blood to flow to somewhere special! Also a fruit based source of Omega 3, good for your heart, and what’s good for your heart is good for your…well, that place us men think about a lot!

Good source of vitamin A, which is a testosterone boosting vitamin.

Sex shake

Kiwi – just as hairy as a French woman’s armpits ..and way more delicious!

Pineapple: Good source of the minerals to increase testosterone levels and also contains our friend the ED fighting enzyme bromelain. Has been known as a libido enhancer for centuries in Mexico and all over Central and South America.

Sex shake

Pineapple with some it’s ED busting buddies!

Pine pollen powder: In every sense of the word a true mega food! contains over 200 nutrients, all 18 essential amino acids and 4 different androgens including testosterone it’self. Featured in Tim Ferris book, the 4-hour chef.


Very easy to make, just chop and prepare the fruit and pop them into your blender. Pour in 12-16Oz (375-500ml) of semi-skimmed milk. Then add in 5-10gramms of pine pollen powder blend the mix.

Optional: some ice!

Serve and enjoy!.

I hope that you enjoy your delicious ED busting Sex shake. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

For more information about Pine Pollen powder and where to get the best quality and at the best price click the link or post insert below.

Sex shake

Superman Herbs Pine Pollen Review – Can It Support Testosterone Levels?

Ciao for now,

Remember go organic it’s what your body wants and deserves!

Talk soon



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