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Sex Smoothies

Sex smoothies

Sex Smoothies

In this article, we are are going to talk about two delicious smoothies that I call Sex smoothies. One will be full of nitrates and folates to help get the blood flowing and the other full of substances to augment your testosterone levels and open your arteries to get the blood flowing. Both will help increase your sex drive and good for combating erectile dysfunction. Both contain estrogen blockers.

Sex Smoothies Number 1, The Nitrate Smoothie

This one is a real male enhancement smoothie, full of folates and nitrates. A rather delicious green smoothie.

Special Equipment Required

No special equipment required, only chopping board, sharp knife and a food blender. Don’t have a blender? check out this highly rated blender/juicer combo unit. 


Arugula lettuce, Spinach, 1 clove of garlic, Broccoli, and Kale. Special herb Horny Goat Weed.

This is one powerful ED busting smoothie!

Arugula Lettuce: No other food source has a higher amount of nitrates than arugula lettuce.  Know for libido enhancement for 2 millennia. Good source of vitamins and minerals. rather fancy looking lettuce that can be easily incorporated into a number of foods. Good source of folates

Spinach:  No other food is higher in nitrates than Spinach other than Arugula Lettuce. This smoothie contians the top two sources of nitrates! Great source of Folates and Vitamin A, for boosting testosterone levels. Good source of Iron and other minerals for increasing testosterone levels. a source of B vitamins for energy.

Sex smoothies

Spinach, awesome Ed busting superfood

Garlic:  A great source of Allicin, a substance that is very healthy for the heart and lowering the bad cholesterol. Hard men have healthy hearts!.

Kale: A super food densely packed in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B for energy. Good source of sperm protecting vitamin C and sperm producing vitamin A.  High in nitrates and folates.

Sex smoothies

kale, packed with all the right nutrients for ED busting sex smoothies

Broccoli: This is added due to having all the right nutrients for increasing our testosterone levels and thus our level of sexual desire and due to containing indole-3-Carbinol is a very powerful estrogen blocker. If you are going to augment your testosterone levels you better make sure you are also lowering your estrogen levels also, as you don’t want all that extra free testosterone being bound to the excess (or any excess) estrogen that you may have.

Horny goat weed: A fabulous testosterone boosting herb that works in the same was as Viagra, by PDE 5 inhibition. Know to boost sexual stamina also!


Mega-easy! Just steam the broccoli and allow it to cool down before you place it in the blender. This is to prevent you having a lumpy smoothie mix. If you have a faster, top quality blender you can skip this step.

Then just cut and chop the vegetables and put them in the blender until you have nice liquid consistency. When you have a nice smooth consistency add in your daily dosage of Horny goat weed then allow it to mix in good and you are ready to go.  Serve and enjoy.

Sex Smoothies Number 2

This one lovely fruit smoothie designed to open the arteries and get the blood flowing as well as augment testosterone levels and combat erectile dysfunction.

As above no special equipment is needed other than a knife, chopping board, and a food blender.

Sex Smoothies Number 2 Ingredients

These ingredients are available everywhere, just some delicious fruit and a special herb, Horny Goat Weed!  Watermelon, Pineapple, Bananas, and red grapes.

Watermelon: A powerful source of ED combating Citrulline and artery-opening L-Arginine. Also a source of ED fighting powerful antioxidant Lycopene.

Pineapple: Absolutely delicious and a great source of many of the testosterone enhancing vitamins and minerals as well as a source of Bromelain, an enzyme that helps to fight erectile dysfunction.

Sex smoothies

A pineapple a day may keep ED away! Integral part of Sex Smoothies number 2

Bananas: Hearty and healthy! and gives you good energy due to the B vitamin content, a source of Bromelain. and Potassium which helps to regulate blood pressure.

Red Grapes: The resveratrol content helps to enhance sperm production, up testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels, a triple winner! win-win-win for busting erectile dysfunction!

Horny Goat Weed: A herb that helps increase testosterone levels via stimulation of the gonads. A herb that works by blocking PDE5, the way in which Viagra works.


Simple! cut and chop the fruit and place into a food blender, then blend them until you have a smooth liquid consistency. Then add in the required about of horny goat weed as desired and you are good to go.

The simply just serve and enjoy your Sex Smoothies!

For more information about Horny Goat Weed simply just click the link  below.

Sex smoothies

Read This Horny Goat Weed Review Before Trying It For Erectile Difficulties

I hope that you enjoy your sex smoothies. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now

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