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Erection Shakes – Get Excellent Erections With Delicious Homemade Shakes!

Erection shakes

Erection Shakes – Get Excellent Erections With Delicious Homemade Shakes!

In this short but sweet post, I will be giving you two recipes for you to make your own delicious erection shakes. These erection shakes will make a great addition to the smoothies and juices mentioned on this site.

Erection Shakes – Special Equipment Required

Everything is nice and simple here. Zero special equipment is required other than what you may already have in your kitchen. Just a sharp knife and a chopping board as well as a food blender.

If you don’t already have a food blender or juicer, I highly recommend the Montel Williams Healthmaster elite combo juicer,blender and food processor,

Erection Shake Recipe #1

Delicious, nutritious and ultra simple and mega easy to make. Energy boosting and full of the enzyme bromelain, great is you are ready for some boom boom!


The ingredients for this delicious shake are readily available everywhere.

Skimmed Milk: 12-16oz (375-500ml) is required. A natural food source of Vitamin D, which has testosterone and ED fighting qualities.

Pineapple: Contains a lot of the micronutrients required for boosting testosterone levels and more importantly a great and delicious source of the Erectile dysfunction combating enzyme bromelain, which might go a long way in explaining why I tend to get a hard on after eating pineapple!

Erection Shakes

Few things in life scream out summer than a delicious fresh pineapple

Bananas: Not only nutritious but a great source of Vitamin B complex vitamins that help to boost energy. Also contains bromelain, which may go a long way in explaining why every time I visit the zoo the darn monkeys are, well… putting on a public display of their famous “monkey love”. Also, contains potassium which is great at regulating blood pressure.

Erection shakes

Banana defying gravity, may help your ..”ahem”..defy gravity!

Tongkat Ali: An Asian super herb for enhancing libido in both sexes and helping a man get hard! They say here in Asia, that if you take Tongkat Ali, afterwards you can hang a towel from it!


So easy! Even a sex crazed horny caveman that has never seen a kitchen in his life can put this one together!

So go for it! You unfrozen caveman! (haha!)

Simply just chop the fruit and place them in the blender, pour in the milk and sprinkle in some Tongkat Ali and let the mixture blend until you have the right consistency for a delicious shake. Serve and enjoy.

Optional, add in some ice cubes if you like it cold. Just remember to crush the ice beforehand as it may break your blender.

Erection shakes Recipe #2

As per recipe #1 above, no specialist equipment is required and is just as simple and easy to make.


Papaya: Delicious and the most powerful natural food source of Vitamin C. Contains a powerful antioxidant Lycopene that is said to be great for helping men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Also high in nitric oxide that helps to open up the veins and arteries to help the blood to flow.

Erection Shakes

Watermelon: One of our best friends in the arsenal of fruits to help us to beat erectile dysfunction. Very high in Lycopene as well as amino acid L-citrulline, which helps blood to flow down there. It’s a process of conversion. L-Citruline –>L-Arginine–>Nitric Oxide.

 It is the white part attached to the rind that contains the highest concentrations of L-citrulline, so either scrape it out with a potato peeler or something similar or chop it up and use the rind. It is Entirely up to you

Erection shakes

Watermelon, just as effective at getting “it” up as her fine pear..I mean pair!

Tongkat Ali:  A great natural herb to add to this shake to give it some aphrodisiac and testosterone boosting qualities. Also, helps to give you that extra energy and vitality to get through the day or to do the dirty deed!

As with Erection shake#1 above 12-16 Oz (375-500ml) of skimmed fresh milk is required for this shake.


Again, mega simple and super easy. Just cut and chop the fruit and place in the blender not forgetting to add in the white part of the watermelon or the rind as mentioned above.

Then pour in the 12-16 Oz (375-500ml) of milk, sprinkle in someTongkat Ali powder and blend until you have a lovely liquid consistency ready to drink.

Optional, add in some ice for a cool mixture, not forgetting to crush the ice first.

For more information about Tongkat Ali click the link or post insert below.

Erection shakes

Tongkat Ali Review – Does It Work?

Did you try those erection shakes? which one did you prefer, #1 or #2?

Got any questions or suggestions? leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon


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