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Erection Juice – Delicious Juice For Stronger Erections!

erection juice

Erection Juice – Delicious Juice For Stronger Erections!

Today I am going to talk about a delicious juice recipe to help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. I’m calling this juice appropriately “Erection juice”. The Erection Juice recipe will also be great for lowering estrogen levels and increasing testosterone levels.

This juice will also be great for increasing nitric oxide levels and high in cell repairing antioxidants.

Before we begin, I wish to clarify that it is by far better that you make this one by yourself using a juice extractor (or a food blender and a sieve to remove the pulp) than cheating using juice bought in a supermarket.

You will only be cheating yourself! cheating yourself out of important nutrients as the juice bought in stores have around 50% fewer nutrients than the fruits themselves. Also, they have added sugars or artificial sweeteners that have a negative effect on testosterone levels, which is important in erectile function and sex drive.

Erection juice

Juice bought from the supermarket often has added sugars and preservatives to increase shelf life. Far cheaper and healthier to make your own.

Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat!

Erection Juice – Equipment Needed

There is no real specialist equipment needed other than a sharp knife and chopping board, and a food blender, although a juicer is by far better use for making juice.

If you don’t already have a food blender or a juicer, I recommend that you check out the Montel Williams Healthmaster elite combo juicer, blender and food processor.

A sieve is also needed, but only if you are using a blender to make the juice.

The Ingredients

The ingredients for the erection juice are very easy to find in your local market or supermarket.

It is far better to go organic to get the best quality foods in your diet although this is not an absolute requirement for this recipe.

3 pomegranates, 1/4 of a watermelon and half a bunch of red grapes.

Ingredients Explained

Pomegranates: High in antioxidants to help repair cellular damage, and have been shown to increase and improve blood flow. Slows and reverses arterial plaque. Great for the heart. High in nitric oxide content which helps broaden arteries, making it good for getting and maintaining an erection.

Erection juice

Pomegranate juice awesome for helping sufferers of erectile dysfunction

Watermelon: Described often as nature’s own viagra due to containing the amino acid L-citrulline, which the body converts to another amino acid L-Arginine, which increases blood flow by creating nitric oxide which helps to broaden the blood vessels.

Watermelon is the highest food source of L-citrulline, making it great for cardio health and sufferers of erectile dysfunction.

Erection juice

Watermelon, nature’s own natural Viagra!

Red grapes: No! wine does not count here as the alcohol has a negative effect on erectile function. Red grapes contain resveratrol a phytonutrient that has a double whammy win-win for us men. It raises testosterone levels and lowers estrogen levels.

Erection juice

Red grapes, great for increasing testosterone and lowering estrogen levels. A great addition to erection juice recipe

Any man looking to raise his testosterone levels really ought to consider estrogen blockers as well so that no, or very little of the benefits of increased free testosterone is not bound to excess estrogen in the body. Such a technique will also help prevent what bodybuilders call “bitch tits”.

Such a technique will also help prevent what bodybuilders call “bitch tits”.

Other foods great at lowering estrogen levels are cruciferous vegetables, as they contain the powerful estrogen blocker indole-3-carbinol.  Broccoli is ideal as it helps to raise testosterone levels also.

Worthy of note many of nutrients essential for increasing testosterone levels can be found in the erection juice, in a natural, non-synthetic form.


The method of making erection juice is pretty straight forward.  Simply cut and prepare the pomegranates into small pieces, leaving the juicy membranes and the skin as these contain, and are high in nutrients and place in the chute or food blender and blend.

Now, add in the red juicy part of the watermelon, and put into the chute or blender and blend.  Then cut into small pieces the rind as this is where the highest concentrations of L-citrulline is found, and juice or blend if you are using a blender.

All that is left now is to add in the grapes and you have your erection juice ready to drink.

If you are using a blender, nice, You have a lovely smoothie. To get it to a juice, just sieve out the pulp by passing the smoothie through a sieve.  And voila you are good to go., you have a lovely delicious erection juice.

erection juice.

Erection juice, ready to drink.

A great idea at this point could be to add in horny goat weed to give the juice a more powerful effect in helping with erectile dysfunction as the erection juice is already high in nitric oxide content and nutrients to increase blood flow, a PDE 5 inhibitor like horny goat weed would work brilliantly in conjunction with those qualities.

Erection juice

Horny Goat Weed Reviews

I hope that you enjoy the erection juice and the benefits that it can bring to you. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now,

Talk soon,



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