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Libido Smoothies

Libido smoothies

Libido Smoothies

In this article I will be discussing two awesome smoothies for enhancing testosterone levels and thus your libido at the same time, I am calling these libido smoothies, appropriately!

Libido Smoothies Recipe Number 1

Healthy and hearty, and will make rather hardy! It is a fact what is good for your heart is good for your..ummm…you know, what, your boy parts!

Equipment Required

None at all my friends, zero! just sharp knife, chopping board and a food blender. If you don’t already have a food blender at home then I highly recommend that you check out this juicer/blender combo unit.


Now let’ s get this going, great early morning or lunch time, light delicious and very filling. Tomatoes, Garlic, Onion, Kale. Broccoli and Special Ingredient Tongkat Ali. 

Tomatoes: Awesome and ultra healthy for the heart. A source of ED busting Lycopene, and many vitamins associated with augmenting testosterone levels. Know for being very good for your heart. What good for your heart is good for your boy parts!

Garlic:  Just a clove or two is enough, raw garlic  is known for preventing heart disease due to Allicin content, which helps thin the blood and improve circulation.

Onions:  As well as containing Allicin onions also contain quercetin and apigenin. which are natural testosterone boosters, studies in rats showed a three-fold increase in free testosterone levels after been given onions as part of their daily diet.

Kale: Superfood packed with vitamins and minerals, more importantly, nitrates and folate and B vitamins to help make this smoothie more complete. The nitrates and folate will help your “pocket rocket” to point skywards, the B-vitamins, well, they will give you energy for something “fun”.

Broccoli: This is something I have been doing a lot lately, consume estrogen blockers with my T-boosters. Broccoli can boost your Testosterone levels, help get your blood flowing and indeed help to lower you estrogen levels due to the indole 3 carbinol content.

Tongkat Ali: Libido enhancer, T-booster and known aphrodisiac. Regular use of Tongkat Ali and a good diet and you will be packing wood in no time!

Libido smoothies

Tongkat Ali will have your pocket rocket pointing skywards in no time!


Steam the Broccoli, then allow it to cool ,only if you have a slower blender. If you have a faster high-speed blender you skip this step. This step is to  simply prevent your smoothie mix being lumpy.

Rest is easy, just chop the vegetable and put them in the blender untile you have a nice liquid consistency and then add in your daily dosage of Tongkat Ali.  Then simply serve and enjoy.

Libido Smoothies Number 2

This one is again a Simple as easy to make. Again from healthy and hearty Tomato base, and a very nice start to the day, or can be enjoyed as a nice afternoon or evening drink.


Only a sharp knife, chopping board and a food blender are required.


As stated before, tomato base, so tomatoes, Ginger, Spinach, Onion carrots. A lot of common vegetables in this one so very easy to find at your local greengrocers, markets and supermarkets.

Tomatoes: Delicious, and very nutritious. Great source of vitamins A and C as well as containing ED fighting lycopene. Great for improving one’s erectile dysfunction.

Carrots: Very high in carotenoids like vitamin A, which is A for awesome! Awesome at amping up your testosterone levels. Know, alongside Tomatoes to be very good at helping to cure erectile dysfunction.

Libido smoothies

Carrots, very high in vitamin A, which is awesome for boosting testosterone levels and thus increasing libido.

Onion: Contain 3 nutrients that help with erectile dysfunction, blood thinner Allicin, which also helps to lower our bad cholesterol also has quercetin and apigenin which help boost testosterone levels, which in turn helps increase sexual desire.

Spinach: An ED busting superfood by its self, high in nitrates, folate and Iron. Also a great source of testosterone boosting vitamins and minerals. Also a source of Important Lutein which helps clear up clogged arteries and get the blood flowing and Indole-3 carbinol.

Ginger: Actually a very good spicy for spicing up your love life. now I know why the Thai word of Spicy is common street slang for horny! zingiberene, gingerol and shogaol are the active ingredients in ginger that helps improve blood flow.

Ginger is used in Chinese medicine to treat male impotence and sexual dysfunction! Natural ginger is more effective.

Tongkat Ali: Powerful testosterone booster and libido enhancer. Really good solution to erectile dysfunction as sworn by many Asians, in fact in the Philippines they say you can hang a towel from it after taking Tongkat Ali.


Super easy, just cut and chop the ingredients and place in the food blender and blend them until you have lovely smooth liquid consistency. Then add in some ground natural ginger as required and your daily amount of Tongkat Ali. then serve and enjoy.

This one I actually love to enjoy in an 8oz (250ml) glass, chilled around lunch time to maintain my testosterone levels that may be dropping around that time after their early morning peak.

For more information about Tongkat Ali click the link Below

Libido Smoothies

Tongkat Ali Reviews

I hope that you enjoyed this article Libido Smoothies and put them to good use to improve your libido, sex life and help cure your erectile dysfunction.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now

Remember hard men have healthy hearts!

Talk soon,



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