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All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement Review

All natural male enhancement supplement

All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement Review

In this article, I will be reviewing an excellent all natural male enhancement supplement that contains some of the herbs and substances talked about a lot on this site.

So with no further a due, let’s get cracking on with this review and let me tell you about an interesting little product that I found.

All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

List Price: $20.17
Price: $20.17
Guarantee: Yes, 100% money back guarantee.
My Rating: 9.2/10
Best place to buy: Amazon
Good For: Sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction who’s principle cause is low testosterone and                             poor circulation.

Product Overview

All natural male enhancement supplement is as the name suggests, an all natural male enhancement supplement by a company called California products. (Talk about obvious, huh!)

The product strength and contents are indeed very interesting. This product contains Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, pure maca root Panax Ginseng and Zinc as well as their own proprietary blend of herbs.

Let us talk a little about the ingredients in this supplement.

Tongkat Ali: A well-respected testosterone booster that is also known as long jack. An Asian herb is grown in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. A tree, it is the root that is used.

Functions by stimulating the luteinizing hormone release which sets off a mass chain reaction in the Leydig cells in the testes (or Ovaries in women). Each tablet contains 200mg, which is a fair dose.

L-Arginine: Spoken a lot about on this site, helps improve the circulation by helping to open the arteries in the trouser department. Get easily converted to Nitric Oxide. Each tablet contains 125mg

Pure Maca Root: A debutant on this blog! I am quite surprised I have not yet spoken about this adaptogenic herb. Considered as a superfood by many and helps sufferers of erectile dysfunction by helping to regulate hormones (Ladies, this means it can help with your PMS/PMT and menopause!).

Also helps to boost energy levels. Each tablet contains 125mg

Panax Ginseng: Also known as Korean red ginseng or red ginseng. An adaptogenic like pure maca root. You can check this link for further information on Panax ginsengEach tablet contains 62.5mg.

Zinc: Very well known to help boost testosterone and sperm production. An important mineral men’s health in general and erectile health. Each tablet contains 25mg

All natural male enhancement supplement

The Pros And The Cons

I enjoy reviewing products and giving my thoughts, opinions and sharing my knowledge about products that may be of use to my readers.

In order to give a good quality balanced review, I feel that it is important to talk about what I like about a product (the pros) and what I don’t like (the cons).

Let’s start with the negative and talk about the cons and get that out of the way before talking about the positive aspects of all natural male enhancement supplement by California Products.

The Pros

There is a lot about All natural male enhancement supplement by California products that I do like. Principally speaking, it is a natural product and chemical free.

I like the fact that it contains Tongkat Ali at the right strength to be effective. I also like that it contains two adaptogenic herbs that help to regulate hormone levels, which will also help to increase free testosterone levels in men. Those are Pure maca root and Panax ginseng.

The current price is a very nice plus! at $19.54 for one month supply, you should get plenty bang for your buck (pardon the pun!)

Very well rated in amazon with an average rating of 4.2 stars from over 600 reviewers. and a top selling product. Also very well reviewed with lots of happy reviewers who are verified purchasers.

The Cons

I try not to be negative in my life in general so, although there a few cons about this product let’s keep it in an upbeat manner and talk positively about the negative aspects.

Firstly, this product is not for everyone. Personally, I know that it is very difficult and almost impossible to produce a “one for all” herbal product that will help all sufferers of erectile dysfunction.

Even Pfizer, the manufacturers of those little blue pills have failed there (Viagra is NOT recommended for sufferers of erectile dysfunction who’s principle cause is high blood pressure).

Secondly, the strength of the individual ingredients Pure Maca root extract, Panax ginseng, and L-Arginine is not strong enough to have a desirable effect for sufferers of erectile dysfunction.

On a positive note contains the right strength per tablet of the main ingredient Tongkat Ali and Zinc to help mild to moderate sufferers of erectile dysfunction who’s principle cause is low testosterone.

If your erectile dysfunction in more serious than moderate, you could try increasing the dosage to 3 or 4 tablets daily.

Although, not a negative aspect, I feel that the manufacturer would be better off using L-citrulline than L-Arginine, which would give the circulation greater benefit for the body using a more natural substance.

L citrulline is converted into L-Arginine in the body, which in turn gets converted into nitric oxide, which helps open those all-important blood vessels in the male genitalia. Also, L citrulline helps to detox the liver and kidneys.

My Final Verdict

9.2/10 Buy It And Try It! This is a great product with just the right amount and strength of Tongkat Ali to elevate testosterone levels. The real bonus is it contains other herbs to increase and regulate hormone levels and L-Arginine to help with blood flow by opening arteries (Talk about win-win).

It is also a very well thought out product where the manufacturers really have done their homework by including minerals known to increase testosterone levels in their propriety blend.

This product is more of buy buy than a “bye bye” Due to the contents and strength of the testosterone booster. Don’t expect overnight results or results within a few days.

This one is for the long term and regular use. And at only $0.65 per day at the recommended dosage it is very affordable so try it and see the difference that it can make to your sex life!

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That concludes my All natural male enhancement supplement review, I sincerely hope that you found this article informative and above all informative. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Ciao for now

Talk soon.


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