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Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction – Know Your Choices!

Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction – Know Your Choices!

In this article, therapy for erectile dysfunction I will discuss a variety of options and therapy that you can choose from in order to bring about a cure for your erectile dysfunction. Choose wisely, and choose what is best for you, your needs and your underlying conditions that are causing your sexual dysfunction.

While we discuss therapy for erectile dysfunction it is, above all to leave you knowledgeable that there are options out there outside of those dangerous blue pills that come with a number of potential side effects.

Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction – Sex Therapy

It may surprise you that sex therapy even covers the area of erectile dysfunction. Sex therapy is a short form of counseling that would generally involve taking between 10 to 20 sessions with a recommended sex therapist. Typically you would have one session per week.

During the sessions the sex therapist will give you homework assignments and tasks to do at your home, like reading books on sexuality, practicing better and improving your sexual communication skills, and touching exercises that are specifically designed to reduce performance anxiety during sex.

Sex therapy is a useful therapy for erectile dysfunction if you are otherwise healthy and able to have normal solid erections during your sleep, and blood and physical examinations are normal and you are in good health.

It can be helpful if your ED is stress related resulting from poor sexual communication, relationship conflicts, work worries or financial worries.

Studies have shown that sex therapy is 50%-70% effective and is most effective when your partner participates with you and you complete the treatment. It is unlikely to work if you drop out after just a few sessions or don’t complete the given tasks or assignments.

Acupressure And Acupuncture

Acupressure has been used for around 2 thousand years as a viable alternative therapy, you can consider acupressure as acupuncture without the needles. It targets exact, specific and precise points on your body to release energy and facilitate healing.

In a comprehensive study on acupuncture and ED, 2/3 of men that were treated twice weekly sessions for a period of just over 2 months (10 weeks) reported to having experienced improvements in erection quality and asked for no further sessions or treatment.

Both Acupuncture and acupuncture must be performed by a qualified professional.

Penile Injection Therapy

Those are three cringe and pain inducing words for most men. It is as the name suggests involves the injection of medicine directly to the shaft of the penis or pellets directly in the urethra!

Treatment is very effective and has been around since the mid-1980’s and is an effective therapy for erectile dysfunction, but not one most people are in a rush to try!

Qi Gong

Iron crotch or Man Deer Qi Gong was developed for increasing and enhancing male sexual health. It treats male infertility, erectile dysfunction, lack of morning erections, premature ejaculation. It also improves your overall health.  This can be easily performed and mastered with regular practice.

The video below and link explain very well what you have to do.

Read the article below, it is highly informative.


Meditation is a great option if stress is one of the main causes of your erectile dysfunction. What’s more, meditation has been proven to increase testosterone levels. Which should not come as too much of a surprise, as the stress hormone cortisol rises testosterone lowers.

Meditation and thinking of a particular person, a muse, can induce some seriously strong erections! This is something I have experienced myself!

Meditation can be done at home, but it is best learned in a class. If you live in a major city there really ought to be some form of meditation going on near or around you.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are the exercising of the rather difficult to “work out” muscles in your pelvis. Every single woman on this planet knows exactly what kegel exercises are and how they help her both sexually! and medically!.

Kegel exercises help ladies to get a better and firmer grip on your “pocket rocket”, help her during childbirth and with urinary incontinence. For us men, Kegels it helps us to get stronger better and longer lasting erections and they help with premature ejaculation also! Sounds like a winner all round!

The kegel exercise device for men by manufactured by private gym is most definitely something worth your consideration to help you to manage your erectile dysfunction.


The ancient practice of yoga is known to enhance the flow of blood to your pelvic region and increase testosterone levels and is known as known as a good and effective alternative therapy for erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

It takes practice and patience to get into some of these positions. Do persevere as yoga is great for your general health.


There are a number of herbs that can treat various underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. It is a case of knowing which ones to take for them to be more effective for you as herbs do work. Herbal medicine has been around for over 5 thousand years in China and over 4 thousand years in India.

Here is a list of my top three. (in no particular order)

Horny Goat Weed: Nitric oxide enhancer and works, rather interestingly, in the exact same way as Viagra by blocking the PDE 5 Enzyme. It also mimics testosterone allowing the user to experience the benefits of elevated testosterone levels such as an increased sex drive. For more information about Horny Goat Weed Click Here

Tongkat Ali: Powerful testosterone booster that works with your body to increase testosterone levels, it works by stimulating the appropriate areas to produce more. Also prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen.  Also, burns fat via lipogenesis process. For more information about Tongkat Ali Click Here.

Pine Pollen Tincture: Pine pollen tincture contains actual testosterone and 3 other androgens! it is very much a powerful natural hormone replacement therapy. For more information about  Pine Pollen Tincture Click Here

I wrote a more detailed post regarding and listing more herbs for erectile dysfunction here

Herbs are an effective therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction – Know What To Take

If you have any questions about therapy for erectile dysfunction or wish me to add another (I will be happy to investigate) leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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